I really want to have a manageable, organized collection of things that need to get done. The current Bug Thread hasn't had its OP updated in months, and many of the reported issues have either been incidentally solved, or are no longer relevant.

To help prevent this, I'd like to create a predictable protocol for reporting both bugs and proposed feature enhancements.

## How to report an issue
By far the best way to report bugs or suggest enhancements is to use the Minus World GitHub. While we don't keep the actual site code here (that's on GitLab), GitHub has a superior issue tracker, so we're using it for that alone. The only caveat to the GitHub issue tracker is that you'll need a GitHub account to submit or comment on issues. For more information you can check out this GitHub article on opening new issues.

If creating a GitHub account is not something that interests you, you can report issues on MW itself (although I highly recommend the alternative). Just start a new thread in the Meta Form, tagging it with "bug" or "suggestion".

If the bug you want to report is extremely minor, AND you don't want to create a GitHub account, just go ahead and reply to this thread describing the issue.

## How to make suggestions
Old MW had a dedicated Suggestions forum, but we've kind of deemed it unnecessary, as the Meta Forum covers all sorts of MW-related discussion. If you have a feature suggestion that will benefit from prolonged discussion between users, you should open a new thread in the Meta Forum prefaced with a "Suggestion:" label. Suggestions can also be made on GitHub, but this makes it a bit difficult for every user to weigh in on them. For that reason, far-reaching or potentially controversial suggestions should definitely be given their own dedicated threads in the Meta Forum.

## How to help improve MW
MW is a site built by the community, for the community. It is highly modified from the MyBB source code, and there's always maintenance to be done and improvements to be made. If you are familiar with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, or Javascript/jQuery, we'd be thrilled to have you help out. Just contact either myself, @Yoshin, or @"wtl" explaining how you can help. You will need to have an understanding of version control using Git, along with an understanding of the feature branch workflow (make a branch from 'master', do your work on the new branch, then submit a pull request back into 'master').
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I'm unpinning this thread since it's out of date. We can make a more up to date one if necessary.

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