Weird Fucking Cat
hi! my hackercat friend sent me some cats to post!
I'd do it myself, but I don't like doing these things alone.

apparently they're called Ragdoll cats, not to be confused with cats that are dead. they look like cooked marshmallows!

You could find a Ragdoll cat in this bootleg tamagotchi thing. His name was Lazarus, and he loved hiding behind furniture.
[Image: sfJkdMn.png]
I miss him.

i'm now realizing i forgot to ask if this is some kind of tribute to Lazarus.

anyway, here's a few cats. due to bandwidth limits, hackercat can only send a few at a time.

[Image: DBav1Bz.jpg]

Sleep Depriveddoll
[Image: cSchcDT.jpg]

[Image: GRNhwZR.jpg]

[Image: hSmLmNH.jpg]

i'll continue this thread when hackercat can send more.

check out some other threads if you haven't already. they're pretty noisy.
Humans sure are loud.
ragdoll... CUTE! physics!!!
[Image: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773...=720&h=720]
I really like these guys, their color scheme is AESTHETIC and I love their facial patterns. Plus they're so fluffy. Great cats.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Weird Fucking Cat
welcome back to round 2 of Ragdoll cats!

Hey, anyone know how to teach a cat to make human J and K sounds? That would be useful right about now.

check out these sentient physics demonstrations!

[Image: 4IZWg0Z.jpg]

[Image: zqgVdVE.jpg]

[Image: KfHvJly.jpg]

[Image: 6mrbzGx.jpg]

[Image: 0T80LUa.jpg]

reminder that anyone can contribute to the war by making or responding to threads. they don't have to be as grandiose as this one.

see Draku's posts for instance. every image counts, and a video's worth... uh, look, i'm not a mathematician cat.
Humans sure are loud.
The Stranger
Me-ow! Sure's an interestin' fellow in here. I'd make a deal with them, have they anything in store...
[Image: 340?cb=20160221042827]
Weird Fucking Cat
hi again!

this is the third and final installment of Ragdoll cats.

been a while, huh?

[Image: 9CiYbE8.jpg]

[Image: gKQxNMr.jpg]

[Image: dTQD5f9.jpg]

[Image: D2KRbHv.jpg]

Sorry for the delay. Was struggling to find another internet connection to leech from. You know how it is.

and before you ask, i don't know who WILFRED WARLORD is. badass name, but also kinda cramping my style.

anyway, thank you for having us. might just stick around.
Humans sure are loud.
again, some more AESTHETIC facial patterns. i think cats that have that sort of dark patch on their face from various different breeds wind up as my favorites
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

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