The Other Monokuma
[Image: bQYhpjf.png]

Alright you lousy detectives, I know where this is going!

[Image: sYoo34k.png]

You're going to team up on me, and get out of this place! Six survivors, wouldn't that be swell!

[Image: 0Lc9gVO.png]

Well, how's about this for an incentive.

[Image: MJxo3k1.png]

If you attempt tonight, (on another player, wiseguys) you'll be guaranteed to survive the night.

[Image: 91NSYtP.png]

Unless you all jump at the chance and all attempt at once, that is. Come on, don't be shy!

[Image: UTvVU1Y.png]

And for tomorrow's successful killer. If they survive without getting caught... they win.

[Image: b9FwYp5.png]

That's right, winner takes all! We won't even have a NIGHT 8. I'll just execute you sorry lot!

[Image: j0pB6GL.png]

Perfect time for a SUICIDE, by the way. I won't stop you from ending your own life, that clause up there only protects other people from killin' ya.

[Image: zKx6Lrr.png]


[Image: 5aEqu05.png]


[Image: g9jzf9O.png]


[Image: IKzbdIS.png]


[Image: 2BQRUAM.png]

You're really cute, you know that?


[Image: gWSc3Hb.png]
[Image: AE9ypsq.png]
[Image: hj5VntF.png]
[Image: XL1VYf3.png]

Participants are listed with their BEDROOM number, because I know it's kind of hard to read.

7: @Rubber Duck
9: @Totally Regular Guy
11: @Demopan
14: @Hideo Kojima
16: @Stuart Little
18: @Ram Ranch

@The Other Monokuma
@The Other Monodam

The end of SUNDAY would be nice. But these are just suggestions to you guys.
Hideo Kojima
You see, I could co-operate. But who's to say one of you won't decide to stab me (or one of the others) in the back? Should I not try to defend myself? And then there's this motive - if I'm the only one to attempt, I'm almost definitely going to be lynched. Whichever action I take, someone is still likely to die. It's a bit of a prisoner's dilemma. Although, I tend to personally think of it more like this;

[Image: EFDK47b.png]

So here's my offer.

I will be waiting in the Entrance Hall. There I will offer the keys to our escape to whoever shows up. I will not attempt, or try to defend myself.

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