Showing off some of my (and Reiji's) OCs (because seal asked)

El Negro
This is actually a pretty difficult thread to make for me.

Whenever I talk about my OCs, I always think that people are just not going to care or ignore me, which is honestly fine but... a lot of the time, it just gets on your mind a little too much, it drags you down and shit.

To be honest... I'm pretty ambitious myself. I'm one of those people that are constantly thinking "yeah, this would make for a good game" when in reality, all I can do well is writing and character designing. That's about it. Writing, Characters, and... not much more.

But... since @sealelement (not saying this is a bad thing) wanted to know a bit more about them, I'll make this thread and visit it every five seconds or so.

I won't put down EVERY character, of course. Since writing requires you to add, and add, and add characters that aren't really important.

As of right now, I have two separate stories I'm working on, focusing on the latter but also constantly thinking of the former (working on the latter's easier).

Former's supposed to be some kind of platforming game which I'll never do (because I can't code) and the other one's supposed to be a visual novel (which is way more simple and doable for a coding nut like me!). Like I said, I only write and design. If I focus on anything else, it'll drag me down.

Anyway, I'll hide a relatively quick summary of the stories and some of its characters under spoiler boxes.

I've been working on these for too long now, and yet... it's still just a story.

UPDATE: Due to this post already having a lot of info, I'm probably going to get into detail about the Visual Novel some other time.


Side 1 - ???

Still no name for it, despite having most of it written up in my head.


Main characters:

(Sin) Bosses:

Other (important) characters:
Pandora & Hantu:
Lucy & Karakasa:
Chroma & Alice:

Other mentioned characters:

Overall, I really like what I've come up with so far and I wish to move further with it at some point. Sure, it'd be a lot of work, but I'd probably want to have some help or... save up to hire someone, I guess. It all started really long ago, so I can't really back down no matter what I do.

If you've not read any of it, that's fine, I won't force you to. I just wanted to share some of the things that usually plague my mind and talk about to @Reiji like... every day. He's helped me a lot with this, and a lot of the time I'm usually afraid of feedback (but it's not like I get that much of it anyway, so).

Again, it's all just characters and story for now, all of what's meant to be the 'gameplay' is... unfortunately, only some words that've been written down.

Working on both the story and characters of this and my visual novel often turns out to be pretty difficult, honestly.

If you did read through all or even some of it, thank you. I appreciate it, even if you don't say anything at all.

Eventually, I'll write some things down about my visual novel too, since that's something I'm really proud of.

this took ages to write and i'm still anxious

Showing my OCs always feels stressful for some reason, so I hope you liked any of them.
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i had to read this a couple of times to really get what was going on here, and its honestly pretty neat. why don't you just write it all out and start making the VN?
El Negro
(Nov 21, 2020 at 7:43 PM)sealelement Wrote: i had to read this a couple of times to really get what was going on here, and its honestly pretty neat. why don't you just write it all out and start making the VN?

I've written some of it down, it's just that I've tried to focus more on the -other- project of mine since it's just... faster. It really is just easier to make a VN than, well, these ideas for a game that I wrote down and thought about for a while.

Sorry if it's confusing by the way, I'm... bad at explaining things, it's natural. Glad you think it's neat though, means a lot.

I don't think this would -work- as a VN, but I mean, could try at some point.
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i think if you just made a VN that at least focused on a couple of the characters or some aspect of the story instead of just doing the story you want to save for the actual action game, it'd be a good exercise that would help you develop the world some more that you could use for that main project. so why not?
El Negro
You do have a point, maybe I should try that out, yeah. Thanks for the feedback \o/
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Fun With Despair
making a prequel or side story type thing that involves a few of the characters is a good idea for something like this, it allows you to basically build up the main story through vague references or foreshadowing and garner interest for the big project while putting something out in the meantime that might attract people willing to work on the big project too
El Negro
Yeah, that sounds like it could work. There -are- more than enough characters to make it work, and while it wouldn't need to be crazy long or short in length it sounds like a cool idea to try.
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