[Speedrun] Part 1.5: The horrors of planning a garrison involving buying things on eB


Good news: I got the carts. Bad news: After two days of scrubbing the fuck out of the contacts and also every cart's circuitry with isopropyl alcohol and a qtip (also used a toothbrush that i guess i wont use ever again after this), DKC 2 and 3 are dead. I only have DKC 1 working, which sucks. I'll try to get 'em fixed, but for now, I'll be ordering another copy of DKC2 from someone close to me. It's 1.0 because apparently the 1.1 version just doesn't exist in the marketplace. It's that popular of a speedrun.

If you haven't followed the discord, I've been lamenting about how nothing is working and also at some point the circuit board was sticky but I think that's just a thing with circuit boards. I don't know, I didn't study circuitry and electricity and whatnot.

Other bad news: My bit about me saying about how zsnes destroyed my computer is ruined so now, by Mario's request, I'm obliged to say that zsnes killed my carts, too. Boo.

So instead, let's talk about how speedrunning games can be quite fucking expensive!

Well, it was expensive at some point, depending on the game.

On the first update, I talked about how some speedruns require a specific version of the game and, if you're going to play an old one, that means you need to find a copy with the right version. Speedrunners and collectors alike won't skip those details when trying to order a game they want to speedrun, so if you're looking to get a copy from somewhere, shit can be tough! eBay is usually your go-to to find that specific copy, with many trusted sellers (yes, I've been sold two duds, but I don't think it was the seller's intent to scam me) to sweep some money out of your pocket, which has a hole now, inconveniently.

Par exemple: Metroid Prime!

Metroid Prime is a very popular and also good game and nobody will change my mind on that. The speedruns for it involve a loooot of OoB (Out of Bounds) tricks. How do you perform OoB tricks? Well, first, you must purchase the correct version of the game, then, launch it, then you do a bunch of tricks that I don't know how to do because I never bothered to learn it. Anyways, that version of Metroid Prime you're gonna see the most is this one.

[Image: FpOjntT.png]

This motherfucker right here. The yellow bar that will taunt you with its yellowness. The text telling you that people WILL choose this game, but it's a ploy to sell you the inferior version. Well, superior, if you're going to think about version increments, but it's INFERIOR cause it doesn't have the part where you can decide to leave existence to go meet up Ridley at Disneyland in an hour. If you see the box art with that piece of shit caution tape lookin' ass bar, you're going to play the game casually. Up to you, after all, it's your choice. The player's choice. Or you could choose to buy the older, non-pissed on edition for a higher price. The box looks better, so fork it up.

Another choice you could have is to just play it on emulator, but no speedrunner will approve of you.

Anyways, I couldn't find a copy of DKC2 v1.1. Fortunately, that version is mainly used for Wrong Warps. The category I want to play does not involve wrong warps, or at least, I don't think it does. The only downside to getting v1.0 of the Japanese version of DKC2 is that a boss fight is slower. Ultimately, getting a 1.0 cart isn't a bad idea if you want to learn to speedrun this game.

Or you could always use a flash cart. Those exist, but they're expensive. Maybe another time.

Next time, I will hopefully obtain a working copy of the game and then go on a quest to kill zsnes' creator.

Until next time!
if only every game was minecraft with its version reversion
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
if you want to get hardcore you could probably replace the rom data on the cart with the 1.1 rom data - https://voultar.com/index.php?route=prod...duct_id=82 this process would be the same (idk if hed accept an ips patch for 1.0 -> 1.1 though lol) but you can buy the hardware and do it yourself (he has a good youtube video on that page with the whole process)
A learning session will be done on the discord's voice chat tomorrow. I'll be streaming it for whoever wants to watch.

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