Totally Legit and Not Fake at All Game Awards 2020

It is I, Dimentio! I am here to host the Totally Legit and Not Fake at All Game Awards. Not sponsored by Playstation, or anyone really! Let's kick things off!

The In Your Face Award is a category for games that are forcefed to you as content that gamers SHOULD love but don't actually love.
The nominees are:

-The Last of Us Part II
-Cyberpunk 2077
-Any EA game.

and the winner is...

Fortnite! Congratulations! The train wreck that is this game's dying popularity is pretty fun to watch at the very least.

Nominees for Best Game Direction are:

-Final Fantasy 7 Remake
-Ghost of Tsushima
-Half-Life: Alyx
-The Last of Us Part II

and the winner is...

Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Congratulations! To take an old game and rewrite a small portion of the game without pissing all of its fans off is no small feat. I think we owe a lot to the game direction here for expanding Midgar in just the right way to maintain the balance of fanservice and actually fantastic gameplay.

The Create a Search and Rescue Party Award is reserved for games who are eagerly anticipated, but haven't been seen since their announcement. The nominees are:

-Pikmin 4
-Bayonetta 3
-Elder Scrolls VI
-Metroid Prime 4

Some really tough competition, but the winner for Create a Search and Rescue Party Award is...

Pikmin 4! Who could have seen that coming? Congratulations! People still debate to this day whether or not Miyamoto actually said Pikmin 4 is on its way, isn't that funny?

Best Multiplayer Award goes to any Jackbox Party Pack. Congratulations, and well deserved! There are no other worthy nominees. I'm being told that Among Us and Fall Guys should have been considered, but I couldn't care less!

The Best Mobile Game Award is reserved for ANY GACHA GAME DRAKU PLAYS NONSTOP! Congratulations! Now can someone check on him and make sure he hasn't sold all his possessions to win some cute anime magic girl?

The Most Anticipated Game Movie Award has a really low bar. Just make a good movie that can stand on its own without making a laughing stock of the game it comes from. Should be easy right? The nominees are:

-Sonic the Hedgehog 2
-Illumination's Super Mario Bros.
-Metal Gear Solid
-The Last of Us

and the winner is...

Metal Gear Solid! No! It didn't just win because everyone likes to stare at Snake's ass. That's just a bonus perk!

To cap it off, our most prestigious award. The Game of the Year nominees are:

-Crash 4: It's About Time
-Fall Guys (Fine, whatever sudo.)
-Doom Eternal
-Final Fantasy VII Remake
-The Last of Us Part II

and the winner is...

[livestream ends abruptly]
Any complaints that the award show is rigged may be filed into this totally innocent and not threatening at all portal I have set up in this peaceful void over there.
fortnite at least has a demographic that enjoys it a lot. last of us part II is pure 100% shilling nonstop even after EVERYONE disowned it and it wound up in bargain bins.


There's only one of those so congratulations FGO! Deserved.

I'm not sure if the FF7R part is entirely sarcasm or not but other than a few things I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next part. I genuinely do think it fleshed things out a lot more and it felt like the FF7 everyone had told me they played since the actual FF7 feels like you are reading a wiki summary at times with how blistering the pacing is compared to how much everyone builds up characters and elements that are barely in the game at all.
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congratulations last of us part 2 for funding the game awards via sony
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