Hey all! Happy Holiday season!

I happened to notice that there's been talk lately about changing our beloved MinusWorld logo from this

[Image: mw-default.svg]

to this

[Image: good-sh-tting-grin.png]

I gotta say, this has already had some resounding repercussions.
Even MW-chan has been affected!

This does not look good for those dakimakuras you all have been putting orders in for!
Although @EH2 and @Mario have already got theirs, and they seem to like it better this way.

[Image: DakiSudo.png]
what if mw-chan and grin-kun forbidden love.....
I logged back in exclusively to cast this. Congrats.
John Wick's Dog
ancaca can i bite teh pillow
[Image: y4uTVCG.png]
canceling my pre orders on all dakis ive purchased so far, sorry

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