Here in Hell we have the following fast food locations:

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Burger King
Taco Bell

you can suggest items from any of these locations
[Image: ipfvir.png]
KFC double down
Taco Bell Dorito taco
Duchess water
El Negro
McDonald's super big mac
[Image: z839mDR.png]
drive to the nearest raising canes
mcdonald's hashbrowns
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
please understand that I cannot time travel
[Image: ipfvir.png]
El Negro
Burger King's Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Burger King's Impossible Whooper
[Image: z839mDR.png]
i love you, colonel sanders: a finger lickin' good dating simulator
couch delivery man
Burger king Big Fish but ask for 3 fish patties
Any item with cheese, without cheese
[Image: w3tTaLP.png]
i googled duchess to find out what kind of ohio trash it is

jesus christ this looks fucking nasty. the chili dog looks like a turd in a bun. this would give me indigestion, gas, and the shits for days

fucking review it first
where is the review, satan?
idk what duchess is so go there and get whatever item you deem the horniest, and provide your reasoning in the review
my suggestion for duchess is the #7 chili cheeseburger combo because that looks like the most nauseating thing and i want satan to die.
I have constructed a list of suggestions with more detail to help with the Garrison, in addition to the one for Duchess I made above. My thinking here is to suggest items that I was previously not aware of or that I felt would otherwise be interesting when reviewed by Satan.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: I went on their menu on their website, and saw they had a Pot Pie meal. I immediately figured that a Pot Pie from KFC is probably disgusting and loaded with carbs, so that's my suggestion.

Wendy's: Apparently Wendy's does breakfasts now, and the first thing I was bombarded with when I visited their website to see their menu was for a Breakfast Baconator that's a baconator with sausage and egg thrown in. I never realized they could make that sandwich even more unhealthy. You have to try it, Satan.

Taco Bell: By this point, I've fully committed to finding the least appetizing things that aren't like obvious torture. So Taco Bell has what they call a Bacon Club Chalupa, which seems to be like a Bacon Club Sandwich but in Taco form. It sounds fucking horrible. You have to find out for us, Satan.

Dunkin': Satan doesn't drink coffee, so I don't know what to really tell him here. But they do have a Matcha Latte and a Multigrain Thin that would be things I would actually purchase, so actually, could you review those?

Burger King: So I saw an ad the other day for Burger King; they're apparently doing in-house delivery with a $1 delivery fee promotion. So I'd like for Satan to try out their delivery service and grade how good it is. As for the food I'd suggest, I would like to hear Satan's opinion on the Impossible Whopper, but I would also like him to suffer, so I'd like for him to try out their god-awful looking tacos.

McDonalds: They don't change their menu too much, but I did see an ad the other day for new bakery items like Cinnamon Rolls and Apple Fritters. You could try those.

Dominos: They don't change their menu too much either, so I would suggest the Spinach & Feta specialty pizza, because I know this isn't the kind of Pizza that Satan usually orders and I feel it would be funny.
See if it's possible to re-create the double down with the crispy colonel sandwich

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