Next up on the list is McDonald's. Now, out of all the fast food restaurants out there McDonald's is probably the biggest. As a result, pretty much everyone has eaten there so by now their entire menu has become mundane. And despite being run by a clown, they're too safe unlike the psychopaths at Taco Bell that decided to create the BellGrande. So, in order to mix things up I decided to visit during breakfast hours.

[Image: ReOwlsy.jpg]
I got the Big Breakfast® with Hotcakes that includes a biscuit, scrambled eggs, a sausage patty (hidden under the eggs), three pancakes, and a hashbrown. I also got an apple fritter, which is the brown thing in the upper middle and a cinnamon bun.

Big Breakfast® with Hotcakes
No second picture because it would be basically the same thing as the first. This meal wasn't bad, it's hard to mess up breakfast. The biscuit was very dry, even after i applied one of the butter packets to it. In hindsight, I should have used the biscuit to make a sandwich using the sausage patty and eggs. Oh well. The eggs and pancakes were fine, nothing special but nothing wrong either. The sausage patty was quite greasy.
[Image: Dcg9OrG.jpg]
I did appreciate that McDonald's was using BiPlate technology to make sure that the food was healthy! I needed it after yesterday's mistake. The final item in the set was the hashbrown. There was also nothing special about this one. They give you it in a package that makes it seem like you're supposed to eat it with your hands. I tried doing this and it tasted like nothing much so I tossed it in with the remaining eggs.

It's hard to ruin breakfast.

Apple Fritter
It's a poorly kept secret that I, Satan, has a bit of a sweet tooth. And I don't really have much to say about this one. It doesn't look too appealing in the picture above but it was actually good.


Cinnamon Roll
[Image: JOhK4C5.jpg]
I took a nice close up image so you could see how jizz covered this thing is. It's absolutely encrusted with the shit. It's leaking alone the bottom left there too. Now, with all of this icing you might expect the cinnamon roll to be nice and moist. However, the exact opposite is true. It is extremely dry. I had to force it down with an entire glass of water.

Dry and disappointing.

I don't know which item is to blame here but I was gassy for the remainder of the day. It might have also been the Taco Bell, but who knows.
[Image: ipfvir.png]
I am 100% sure that McDonald's pancakes are styrofoam stage props doused in syrup and there's no way anyone can convince me otherwise
what the shit is wrong with that cinnamon roll??? that thing is doused like the employee mistook the glaze on it for mayonnaise or something

i think mcds breakfast is pretty passable but as you said, the items in question are kind of hard to fuck up. i do like their hash browns unlike how the post states but they are not a particularly special variety
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
is this what you get when you ask for the fortnite burger?

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