Fun With Despair
Courtesy of Zelma, today we have the hentai that not only "made him cry", but "fucked him up" and "made him stop fapping for two years." What kind of horrible, depraved shit could have done this to him? Well, I had my speculations, you see, that he stumbled upon this mysterious Cherry Pink when he was like 13 and it traumatized him through some kind of awful imagery.

I expected it to contain any combination of...

-Old Man
-Foreverially Delitized All Tied Up
-Anal Prolapse
-A Complete Let's Play of Croc 2

...Or even all of them to be honest, but what I did not expect was probably one of the most vanilla of our submissions in terms of pure subject matter. Surprisingly, this actually makes Cherry Pink stand out, especially compared to the last submission.


This is Yagami, the guy who looks like me if I started going to Toad to get my hair done. He is not the most interesting protagonist, but he is a frustrated virgin loser who is also the school's top student. I of course can relate with neither of these as my sexual prowess is unparalleled and also I did quite bad in school, or at least Math class. I was alright in English I think. It's been a while.


This is never relevant but apparently he can whip out his dick in an anime pose and cum on command, shooting a stream of semen directly onto his mushroom hair. The attention to detail here is excellent, as realistically, shooting a stream of semen upwards would probably land square on his stupid fucking haircut. The physics here are truly groundbreaking indeed.


He's approached by this anime girl, who says she's sick and tired of failing her grade over and over because she put all her talent points into looking cool. They bond for a while over some stuff they do together, like studying or playing sports or just kind of hanging out, and eventually they decide to go for dinner, which seems like a rational conclusion.

Except that doesn't happen, instead they end up at a love hotel, supposedly run by her uncle.


There is no transition or explanation as to how they got there, and mushroom boy seems to be quite surprised himself at the sudden teleportation act that has left him standing alone in a hotel room with a cool eyepatch. There's an info bomb dropped here about her having run away from home but it's never brought up either before this or after this, which is quite strange. Are these characters perhaps from something else and I'm missing some lore here?

Regardless, she reveals that she is a virgin as well and genuinely likes this mushroom headed cuck and wants to fuck him, so the sex kicks in about now.


First, we have this slightly awkward blowjob, which gives me ample time to talk about the art here. Overall, the art in this manga is quite pleasant to look at, with the character designs being distinct and interesting, if pretty stupid on the guy's part. Still, they play it up and have fun with his design being like that, so I'm not even going to critique it. Eyepatch girl is quite a nice design as well obviously, and makes for a decent subversion of the usual tropes you would expect from a character that looks like this.

Normally, she would be some kind of "school slut" or a "bad girl" but here she's pretty chill and while she can be kind of brash throughout this story's short 18 page run, she is pleasant enough and genuinely likes the dorky ass MC despite him being a total nerd and talking like a Naruto villain of the week.


The panel angles give this manga a nice, dynamic feel, something that is helped along quite well by the equally dynamic thickness of the lines. It's got a nice style to it, and while its nothing extraordinarily unique visually, there is certainly more care put in here to make it expressive and stylistic without delving into absurdity like hentai tends to do with its character expressions and art style.


Wait a fucking minute.




...Ahem. Anyway, they finish fucking and it hard cuts to what I assume is a timeskip of a short while where we finally get to learn why she has an eyepatch.


Turns out, she has a condition that slowly makes her eyes degrade, and she is now rendered blind. I have a feeling this is meant to be some kind of big, depressing twist but at only 18 pages we simply do not get enough time with these characters to really make this hit home. There's little foreshadowing at all and her eyepatch isn't even brought up at all beforehand. As a result, its effectiveness as a plot device is somewhat diminished here and it makes this feel a little cheap.


And we're left with a bittersweet but ultimately wholesome ending for our happy couple, how nice.

Well, overall I think this is one of the better works I have seen. It is not the most detailed, or the most character driven, but it does do what it sets out to do and is relatively charming in its own way. Between little gags like the mushroom guy's cum getting into his hair and a surprising instance of the woman actually taking the sexual initiative in what I assumed from the first page would be some weird incel rape story, I am pleasantly surprised by the plot and artwork both. The ending is cheap, true, but it's only 18 pages long and even with a cheap ending is probably still better written than any singular page of Homestuck, for example.

All-in-all, if you are into a story about a funny-talking smug weirdo and Lightning from Final Fantasy 13, Cherry Pink is not the worst you can do, and the art takes a nice break from the genre's usual hyper-detailed but equally hyper-exaggerated art to bring you something simple but visually memorable. I'm not going to give these number rankings, but if I were to do so, this one would be on the higher end, at least above a six.

Just remember, look before you cum. Especially if your hair looks like a bad Kaiba wig,
El Negro
did he cum into her eye
[Image: z839mDR.png]
Shonen Zelma
Yo, I'm going to be honest I didn't make the lightning connection until right now.
Still glad you seemingly didn't mind it. The ending definitely feels a little cheap looking back but I still think it's effective enough to matter. Maybe that's just 13-14 year old me standing up for it again.

Looking forward to the next one
she wanted to see a cock at least once in her life...
what a terrible goal. cocks are gross.
follow your dreams, get better grades, suck a dude's dick til you go blind.
there's some surprisingly good comic book storytelling in this stupid sex book in addition to quality art. i hope this artist does stuff that isn't made to get coated in a thick layer of hot glue
i absolutely hate this guy's design

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