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Weird indeed.

[Image: piMi3Gs.png]

Weird Seance marks both our first furry porn entry into the garrison, and also our first piece of genuine animated content. I'm not talking like, some Source Filmmaker shit either, this is actually frame-by-frame animated too, which is much more effort than I'd expect from something like this. I don't really know WHAT I expected but usually when I think of "animated porn" I think of either Meet and Fuck tier Newgrounds bullshit (RIP Flash), bad 3D animations that move like they have no actual body structure and are actually composed of colored gelatin laid over a skeleton and emote in a quality along those same, cold, dead lines.

But Weird Seance is... well, I won't call it great or anything. It is a bit choppy and stiff, worse than almost all TV cartoons or the higher-end of fluidity in indie animation like that Hazbin Hotel thing that people jerk off ceaselessly over for some reason. It does look better though than the contemporary animated porn variants listed in the last paragraph, as well as better than shit like Johnny Test. Most stills look simplistic, but there's a good variety of shots and it is generally well composed. It definitely looks like a product of tumblr (or probably ex-tumblr now) though, that much can't be denied.


This is "Dusk", according to the credits which have her portrait listed along that name. I do not know what sort of animal she is supposed to be, perhaps some kind of dog? A lizard? Kangaroo? Fox??? I don't know. What I do know is that she is reading a book called "Demonic Summons 101".

A very engaging read, but I thought the first 100 books in the series were better, myself.

At first I feared that this would be foot porn when it opened on this shot. I prepared myself to send it over to Jetamo as it seemed as though it would be up his alley for that reason, but I realized eventually that would not be the case. Regardless, after looking at a photo of two big-dicked succubus women (not again...) she gets up and starts drawing a summoning circle on the ground with some chalk.


I thought to myself that the plot was going to be clear. She was going to summon some kind of big dicked-demon woman and fuck it, that would be the plot of this video and the demon would look like the big animal woman in the title card. Easy, right?

Well, not exactly. My expectations were subverted, which must mean that this is considered a good movie in the world of cinema.


This large, horse-cocked woman in demon dominatrix cosplay walks into the room and stands on her summoning circle before she can complete it. Dick move honestly. This character's species is also pretty ambiguous, a donkey maybe? According to the credits, her name is "Sunny", and like... really? Surely THIS would be the character you name Dusk, right? Maybe that's the joke I suppose. No wonder there's no furry comedians.

At this point I began wondering, are these characters from something? Creator OCs with lore? Surely there's some backstory here otherwise why wouldn't they have just had her summon a horsecocked demon instead? This is the part where someone would say they went digging, but I do not care that much so I didn't bother. Maybe @Yrrzy can tell us, as the submitter of this film. Also, I can't tell if the horsecock is supposed to be a strap-on or just an actual horsecock. It's the same tone as her body, but she clearly has some kind of underwear on. Perhaps @Yrrzy can tell us this, as well.


They flirt and roleplay a bit, and it is very awkward. That's probably the point, going for realism or something and making it relatable, but it's really hindered here by the fact that the voice acting sucks. The short chick sounds way too hard like she's trying to sound cute and comes off like a weird bootleg Princess Peach with a bit of a sore throat, or one of those annoying egirls who pitches their voices up. Her voice would probably be okay without the exaggerated pitch, which is unfortunate. The horsecock girl meanwhile just sounds like she really wants to go home.

Me too, horsecock. Me too.

Eventually, horsecock takes the initiative and pushes the lizard-y dog thing onto the bed, pulling off her underwear revealing in what appears to be a trend in this garrison, that they both have dicks. Though, this raises some interesting and frankly disturbing questions because the small girl's dick is the size and shape of a human being's, whereas the horsecocked one is... Well, you know.


They begin to fuck, which lasts for most of the rest of the video. Unlike in Cherry Pink, the only real thing that happens is consistent anal sex, though the camera does change positions semi-often, so there are several varied shots of the deed in question. There's also music in the background that sounds... odd. It isn't the usual "porno music" you'd hear, which is a good thing, but it also does not at all fit the demon theme of this pornography. It sounds like Animal Crossing music, or something you'd hear while on hold at the doctor's office.

This all culminates in a large supply of cum launching from the small lizard dog kobold thing's dick and all over her, to which the horsecocked girl responds by licking some of it off of her and cuddling with her until the lizard thing suggests they go use the summoning circle for real and summon a demon and "show them how it's done." It ends here, and the credits begin.


So, Weird Seance heavily disappoints me, namely because there was no actual seance! What the fuck? They drew like, a demon summoning circle (which is NOT a seance by the way! A seance is when you try to speak to the dead!) and then they didn't even fuck the actual demon? Not to mention, what's the story here? Who ARE these characters? At least Cherry Pink bothered to establish their relationship even slightly, this just totally leaves you in the dark unless you already have knowledge of furry porn OCs. Is that even a real horsecock or is it a strapon? The horsecock never cums, so I can't be sure.

That was a sentence I never thought I'd say.

Anyway, if there's credit I have to give Weird Seance, it's definitely the animation. Looking fairly good most of the time, it's a cut above in that regard and objectively is of a high quality on that front. However, the plot and characters leave much to be desired, and the title card and name of this thing are very misleading. It very obviously sounds like it's going to be about ghost sex, but then it starts and it seems to be about DEMON sex, and THEN it turns out to actually just be NORMAL SEX. It's all very confusing really. If this is part of a franchise, it's clearly a poor entry point

But seriously though, why does one have a horsecock when the other has a normal human penis?
El Negro
thanks for the semen warning was about to bust a nut til I saw that
[Image: z839mDR.png]
real talk if i was hoping for demon porn and i got furry futanari non-demonic porn my dick would go gummy worm flaccid
El Negro
(Jan 3, 2021 at 3:46 AM)Aidan Wrote: gummy worm flaccid

does this mean a gummy worm erect exists
[Image: z839mDR.png]
(Jan 3, 2021 at 3:48 AM)El Negro Wrote:
(Jan 3, 2021 at 3:46 AM)Aidan Wrote: gummy worm flaccid

does this mean a gummy worm erect exists

Shonen Zelma
Very interesting. Not into futa shit but the fact that it's all animated seemingly without being traced is impressive.
You win this one furry friends.
i have no idea of the answer to any of the questions tbh, but the summoning circle answered my own question of what to send you for this garrison
from her heart and from her hand why don't people understand- oh wait weird SEANCE
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