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Nozokimi is a @"Zelma"-recommended supernatural short hentai manga that tells a traditional tale of someone who fucks something he should not have and has some pretty obvious warning signs to avoid that he does not. Unlike Weird Seance, this one both does not have furry cock and actually does have a ghost, which already gives it a leg up on the competition in that regard.

[Image: k9M3nc9.png]

Clocking in at only 20 pages long, Nozokimi starts with the proclamation that this is a true story, at least in the universe of the manga, and shows the narrator as a teenage boy, exploring a haunted abandoned building. He wander around for a while, taking note of how derelict and shitty this building is and occasionally finding a door luckily unlocked so he can continue to explore the haunted abandoned building.

Now, it is never stated if he knows the building is haunted, but only that he is here to do some urban exploration, which is pretty cool. He starts hearing a noise and goes to check it out, which is a terrible idea when urban exploring because nine times out of ten you're just going to find some homeless guy and he will probably have a knife. Instead, he finds a peephole and looks through it, seeing two people having sex.


This goes on for a couple panels as the main character decides to whip his cock out and start jerking it then and there like a complete and utter loser. Any sympathy I had for this guy is gone at this point, which is just as well, because he immediately jizzes all over the wall and runs outside in a panic to his friend, telling them that they have to leave now and seeming really scared.

I mean I guess that makes sense, I'd be scared too if I thought two homeless people might chase me down because they noticed I was jacking off to them. He and his friend get away though, completely scott-free.


The guy keeps coming back day after day, so starved of any kind of fap material that he thinks it is at all a good idea to watch people fuck through a hole in the wall every day and publicly masturbate to it. He notes with mild suspicion and confusion though, that it is a different man that she is sleeping with every day. Now, part of me wonders if this would realistically confuse teenager who already knows about stuff like urban exploration. I imagine I'd probably think she was just a prostitute using this abandoned building as a place to fuck her clients or something before I really would think it was strange.

At this point I'm going to talk about the art, and I can't say I'm that fond of it compared to the other hentai manga I have looked at thus far, Cherry Pink. The art there was somewhat dynamic and fun, but here it is lacking in interesting composition and at points almost looks traced or something. I imagine in part it genuinely might have been in order to save on time, but that's not that strange in the medium. It feels like it sort of tries to go for something a bit uncanny with its heavy use of black and frequent closeups on eyes and faces, like a Junji Ito knockoff, but it just comes off as looking a bit lazy instead.


One day, he goes back only to find that the sex house is devoid of its most notable resident: the sex. Confused, our protagonist points this lack of sex out as a girl looms menacingly behind him. He lets out a shriek of surprise, presumably noticing her.


This is our "love interest" in this hentai, and at this point the main character has been spying on her fucking random men in this creepy abandoned building for god knows how long. At this point, he has every reason to not only believe that she would be extremely upset with him, but he also has every reason to believe that she is very likely an illegal prostitute who could very likely sic her yakuza pimp on his Shinji Ikari ass.

Also, her design is flat-out boring. Very basic and forgettable, doesn't really stand out at all. Not like protagonist-kun is any better though, looking about as unique as a slice of bread.


Instead of running away, crying, or begging her not to sic her yakuza pimp on his Shinji Ikari ass, he instead sits down and has a conversation with her over two cans of what I assume is either an energy drink or canned coffee. Either way, he is remarkably calm in this situation, which is a testament to the fucking massive (non-futanari) balls this kid must have.


She eventually pushes the talk towards sex, unzipping his pants, grabbing his dick, and asking him to fuck. Oh, and fuck they do.

But again, is this guy for real? Dude, you've been watching man after man have sex with this woman in an old creepy building, a different man EVERY DAY, no condom, you're really gonna hit that? Not even I'm that desperate, jesus christ.


They fuck for what seems like hours upon hours, in all sorts of different positions. However, it is all very bog-standard, with little in the way of unique elements. Not many interesting angles and the panel setup never really goes much beyond the square and rectangular framing of each scene. The angular panels in Cherry Pink were one of its better elements, but in comparison this one is very flat, not at all helped by the mediocre art style.

Eventually however, the guy grows tired of fucking, and they both lie down on the mat on the floor.


As is evident though, she is not satisfied. She demands more.

[Image: A30IArH.png]


He is found a while later in the middle of a cum coma by a security guard who happens to be on property, who brings the protagonist to the hospital. The story ends with the protagonist explaining as he tells the story that he lost the ability to walk as a result of the incident, though he admits he does not know why, which is pretty cheap. Also the building was destroyed, so no one else will learn more about the ghost.

And that's Nozokimi.

I don't really think its great, despite my love for ghost stories. This one has the dumbest protagonist I've ever met, and beyond the one cool panel in the entire manga that I posted above, the supernatural really doesn't come much into play here nor does it attempt to be in any way scary. It's very basic sex until that point, and sex with very little variance outside of basic position at that. There's no real dynamic at play here, nor is the scenario believable even once you know she IS a ghost.

You might be able to blame the protagonist's dumb fucking behavior on the ghost influencing him to claim a victim, which is fine, but in that case a little more ghost lore would be nice, to at least touch on this. The fact that the nature of the girl is left a bit of a mystery could be conceptually nice and ambiguous, but instead just kind of feels half baked and it ends rather poorly. On my original reading of this yesterday, I actually thought the WE'RE GONNA FUCK UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD panel was the last one, and I actually liked that way more. It was much more of an "oh shit" ending and I thought it was cool.

I suppose that wouldn't have worked with the initial framing of it being something that happened to the narrator, but I'd rather they have just cut that part out and let the main character just die. Would have been much better.

Gotta say though, at least this one actually had a ghost. One more subversion of my expectations and I would have sworn I was watching The Last Jedi and not, in fact, reading pornography on my computer.
Shonen Zelma
It never once occurred to me how creepy and weird it is that he keeps coming back to the hole instead of just loading up pornhub like everyone else.
What a dork.
Good review. I left more woke than I was.
El Negro
I read "Nozokimi is a @Zelma-recommended supernatural short hentai manga that tells a traditional tale of someone who fucks something he should not have" and prepared for something pretty cool about, I dunno, ghosts or aliens and shit.

Needless to say I'm pretty dissapointed. But not dissapointed in you.

oh just saw the guy dying bit yeah that's pretty cool, makes the story better
[Image: z839mDR.png]
holy fuck this one is actually hilarious. thank you zelma
cant believe im the first fucking person to react with mwghost though. shame on all of you
i'm pissed at zelma because everything he reads involves someone jerking off to other people having sex and he's a big cuck
BUT i'm more pissed at despair because this was by far the most tame story he got, looking at the tags
this one was:

>big breasts, sole female, sole male, schoolgirl uniform, virginity, voyeurism, ghost

if mw was a hentai it would have all of those tags and like 40 more. compare this other one:

>big breasts, group, anal, nakadashi, blowjob, rape, bondage, tankoubon, double penetration, defloration, dilf, cheating, lactation, story arc, mmf threesome, ponytail, twintails, gender bender, double vaginal, facial hair, kunoichi

that's fucking creative. some of these i don't even know what they are and apparently most of them are happening to a ninja. that sounds sick
anyway time to actually read the thread

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