[Speedrun] Part 2.5: Equipment Obtained Promptly and Games Done Quick

Hey, just wanted to update to say that I finally got a super famicom that can boot DKC2. I am finally ready to have everything set up and willing to get on with the project.

Since I need a bit more time to dole out another update on the game, let's talk about GDQ, which has started... just today! What a coincidence.

I've talked about GDQ and how I wasted half my time playing a food mascot game, effectively losing control of my life, but what about the event that you can see 10% of at the comfort of your own house... or hotel room, if you're there. No, I'm not kidding, the hotel has a channel dedicated to the stream so you can just watch it while you're waking up or if you're the harbinger of con crud. It's awesome.

Donkey Kong Country 2 isn't the only game to speedrun, obviously. With that said, perhaps you're interested in looking at other runs. With the advent of twitch being really shitty with promoting smaller time streamers, perhaps it's hard for you to find people who are playing a game really quickly in real time. Games Done Quick, however, is too huge for any of you to not know of. Why talk about it, then? Well, I need to put out some content for this garrison somehow, so let me have this moment.

I'd like to share some of my favorite runs of GDQs past. Before that, I will also link to the GDQ stream now.


On to the suggested runs to look at.

The main attraction of Games Done Quick is, in fact, speedruns, shown to a live audience. If you got an audience, you got to entertain them. How do you entertain them? Play video games quickly and, to maybe some people's surprise, commentate while doing so.

This is, I think, the first ever run of bloodborne at a gdq. I remember watching it when it was live and loved the runner and his commentary. This sort of charisma can greatly elevate the speedrun watching experience, and it shows. The tech might not be optimized on this run, but if you're entertained, the goal has been met.

Another type of run you'll see is the race, where more than one speedrunner are pitted against each other in a fight to see who beats a game more quickly. The winner gets a 1 next to their name, it's exhilarating. In this case, I suggest the half-life 1 race.

Speaking of, there'll be a run of Half-Life 1... the WON version. What's that, you say? It's the sierra version, the closer-to-launch-date one. It's gonna be amazing. I'm excited for it and you should be, too.

Other things to be excited about are speedruns of games that absolutely suck, they just fucking suck. However, by speedrunning the sucky games, you get fun times, instead, cause you can easily abuse them to your advantage and get something worthwhile out of it. I have a bunch of them to suggest in a row. You should watch them.

Urban Yeti is a bad GBA game that makes you scream every time you see his face.

This is megaman, don't worry about it. Just watch.

If you want to marvel at what technology can do to your brain (melt it), watch this powerpoint presentation.

The holy grail of shitty games. Arabian Nights can spawn so many memes if only more people watched this. Also, the MC is a himbo.

I'll end it there. Go check out gamesdonequick's channel if you're interested in seeing a run of a game you like. Chances are, the game's been run in a previous event before.

Until then, I'll go figure out how to word the next proper update!
obligatory owen wilson post

gdq might've gotten a bit less fun in recent years but its still good shit to watch that i tune into every time. looking forward to what's coming up this year as well, not THE most intriguing game lineup this time but a lot of good ones i'm interested in
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