Day 7 - Wendy's + Final Tier List

Well, we made it to the end of the week. I awoke to find that a snowstorm was expected to arrive again this afternoon, so I made the decision to make this into another breakfast episode. I hopped in my car and set out to our final destination for this garrison, Wendy's. Now, I actually like Wendy's. I would rank it the highest out of all the fast food joints I have been to. Nothing gets my heart racing like a good Baconator.

[Image: 7nHAkvi.jpg]
Jesus fucking christ look at that grease.

Breakfast Baconator
[Image: KnLB3DS.jpg]
The Breakfast Baconator, much like its daytime counterpart, is a heart attack just waiting to happen. Instead of a beef patty you have a sausage, bacon, cheese sauce, more cheese, and a fried egg. It's kind of hard to see in the photo above but on the left is the top half of the bun with the egg on it. Under the egg is even more bacon. How does it taste? It's actually pretty decent. The sausage patty was spicier than I expected, but that's not a complaint.

Tastes good at the cost of your arteries.

Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit
[Image: 5ju17oz.jpg]
That shine you see is what is supposed to be the honey butter. However, it is not really honey butter, it appears to just be honey. The biscuit is unfortunately crumbly and dry. The chicken piece itself is fine, the honey slathered over it adds a bit of sweetness to it but it's nothing too strong. Honestly I'm struggling to even remember much of it, that's how boring it was.

Just okay.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. I will now lie dormant to sleep off the calories until next year.

A Rank: Wendy's (3.5)
B Rank: McDonald's (3)
C Rank: Domino's (2.67), Burger King (2.5)
D Rank: Taco Bell (2), Kentucky Fried Chicken (2),
F Rank: Duchess (0.67)
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Quote:Nothing gets my heart racing like a good Baconator.
that's a heart attack
I forgot Wendy's HAD a breakfast menu. Breakfast "burgers" are somewhat of an enigma to me but that one looks like it could actually be pretty nice. I kinda one one of those chicken biscuits just for the idea but you make it sound pretty shitty and somehow I have a feeling CFA's variant on the idea, which is downright excellent, is the better pick every time.

I'm sorry for your demonic health, Satan. But I applaud you for fulfilling this garrison entirely, unlike many others.
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somebody get satan a truckload of lipitor

thank you satan for finally reviewing all of the fast foods. you've done the community a great service in exposing yourself not just to this baconator breakfast, but in every other review, finally showing the people of the minus world the best fast food joints in the area near your apartment. i salute you and the 10 pounds you gained in this garrison... so please just spend a week eating vegetables and health foods
El Negro
yummy yummy in my tummy
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