[NSFW] Me Stepmum's Too Fuckin' Hot, Mate!

Fun With Despair
Have you ever stared deep into the abyss, only to have it loudly and violently shitpost back at you? That is the experience I had with this particular entry, submitted by @El Negro, who I hate very much, just for clarification. This may come as a surprise to some of you, who will look at this conceptually and think of mfan. Regardless, I figured I would clear the air before diving deeper into this work of... art?

Me Stepmum's Too Fuckin' Hot, Mate! is probably literally exactly what you'd expect by the name, so I probably won't spend too much time with this one. Think of the most generic stepmom hentai you possibly can, then translate it into an extreme example of an Australian accent, and you pretty much have exactly what this is.


Our main characters this time are Kyo, a horny teenager, and his stepmom Kasumi, known for being a particularly tight looking slut. Most of this 30 page manga consists of the main character drooling over his stepmom's fat tits like he's Stir or something, and if that's what you came into this expecting, then congratulations it's your lucky day.

They also both talk like Australian stereotypes, which is probably the only reason to engage with this on any level. If someone is looking for porn, they can probably find better than this if they're really trying, and that's even with specifically stepmom porn included as it seems to be a particularly popular genre for some reason.

Anyway, his dad's dead I guess and his stepmom is hot, so you can take a wild guess where this is going. He laments his lack of stepmom sex, then eventually finds some of her panties in the bathroom, pathetically jerking off about the thought of her wearing them while he's at school in the bathroom. One time in highschool I actually heard some guy jerking off in the stall when I was in the bathroom. I banged on his stall door and he got so scared he even lifted his legs off the ground to avoid being identified by his shoes. Good times.


So, consumed by the thought of his stepmom and her underwear, he decides to raid her underwear drawer when he gets home. Unfortunately for our hero, he gets caught pretty quickly by his stepmom, who calls him a dopey cunt. She mocks him for being horny, and then begins to make out with him after acknowledging that he's "about that age."


As much as I hate to admit it, the art in this comic is actually kind of amusing to me. The lineart at points reminds me of an MS Paint comic and it is very expressive. It's not the best in the world, but it does have a bit of a style to it, which makes me like it more than the last one in that regard. It's a bit unique to look at, which is nice.

At this point, this manga is not even halfway finished and the writing style has already gotten very old. To be honest, what was funny at first is now simply obnoxious and miserable. This is fitting, as it matches Black's sense of humor in this regard. He remains consistent to his brand, and I respect that.


Now, at this point she starts sucking his dick, and the manga devolves hard into even more generic hentai scribbled over in the ramblings of an Australian nutjob. So far, most of these have had something in the way of a unique plot element, or at least a hook, but there's really nothing here unless you think it's funny. It's just porn from this point on, and not really any of substance.


The art slowly becomes more and more sketchy and exaggerated as they fuck, again another hentai custom. This one shows some restraint though, as usually when this sort of thing happens it just renders the art completely unreadable. Here, it stays mostly readable and I feel like that matters more than anyth- you know what actually just fuck this manga.

When I said I didn't want meme shit, this is what I meant! How am I supposed to talk about this? It's barely even porn it's just the most generic forgettable garbage you can think of with a vaguely amusing word filter pasted over it. Fuck you, Black. Remove the meme translation and you've got trash, and not even the kind that can wind up being another man's treasure. SPEAKING of the meme translation, even that's hard to really joke about in any capacity because it's just not that interesting of a gimmick once the initial shock value wears off.

I am genuinely looking at this thing and finding next to no reasonable jokes I can even make without just quoting the fucking thing, so I'll end this with just posting a compilation of various phrases that slither out of these characters' throats over the course of this fucking waste of time.


never speak to me again black
absolutely abysmal
El Negro
El Negro
but to be fair I sent many submissions and this one is the one fwd chose to review so who really is at fault here
[Image: z839mDR.png]
i am terrified by the idea of a universe identical to ours, except Japanese is drunk asshole Australian English
Shonen Zelma
I was just punching myself in the face for not submitting this when all the sudden Black comes in and saves the day.
Thank you Black.
This was very bad.
But a glorious kind of bad that I would still fap to.
El Negro
(Jan 6, 2021 at 5:42 PM)Zelma Wrote: But a glorious kind of bad that I would still fap to.

[Image: z839mDR.png]
ah yes the infamous doujin that somebody commissioned specifically a bogan translation for
Someone Wrote:The more disturbing thing is that you know this doujin well enough to know its development backstory

just how much hentai do you read

it was widely spread around the net as a funny thing which is why lots of people know about this

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