personally i don't really see the point in enforcing this on every member when black's been the only person going overboard on this. moreover, the majority of my dupes have either been used for a kg or will eventually be used for one eventually while so far half of black's 30 dupes are more or less throwaways, so not everyone just constantly churns out dupes for the sake of it

if there has to be an action resulting from this (which i'm not really concerned about considering it's not harming anyone), i would say black should delete any of his dupes that have very little posts to their name
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what are your reasons for wanting a limit
(Jan 6, 2021 at 10:33 PM)Pedigree Wrote:
(Jan 6, 2021 at 10:31 PM)rtsmarty Wrote: what are your reasons for wanting a limit
black has almost 30 dupes and I'd like to read some threads that aren't just him talking to himself.

do you have any examples of this happening?

meanwhile, from zelma with his well-under-your-arbitrary-limit dupe count:

yeah black needs to calm down with it probably
however i would like an option to orphan dupes where they don't show up on your selector but do still link back to your account for people reading posts from the far past, that would be genuinely useful
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