Ram Ranch awakens in his bedroom. He takes his bedsheet and cuts holes in it, fashioning a low quality ghost costume. He takes his bucket helmet off and puts the ghost costume on.

Superchao awakens in his bedroom. His broken arms hang limply at his sides. He struggles a bit to open his nightstand where he retrieves yet another shirt. With some effort he manages to put it on.

Fun with Despair awakens in his bedroom. His stomach grumbles. "I hope Bubsy shows up soon, I really have to take a shit" he remarks. He climbs out of bed and begins waiting with his makeshift diaper still filled with shit from the night prior.

Two_Finger awakens in his bedroom. He rushes out through the Dankey Stable and gets to the MGS3 Ladder. He bends down and kisses Kramer's corpse. He feels his cooking skills awaken within him. He then begins to climb the ladder.

Ram Ranch heads into the Dairy Farm. He reaches into his bucket of milk and retrieves three bomb detonators.

Superchao heads to Fun with Despair's bedroom. As he walks his feet make sloshing noises. "Bubsy, is that you?" Fun with Despair asks. "No, it is me, Superchao," Superchao responds. The two of them set out for the Man Cave. They take a roundabout way up through the Donkey Stable and the Bomb Room.

Two_Finger continues to climb the ladder. He pees his pants a little.

Ram Ranch passes through the KFC. He notices that the clerk has performed a no-call, no-show and will be getting fired.

Ram Ranch reaches the Man Cave where he finds a pair of cool sunglasses. He puts them on. He starts ruffling through the bookshelves looking for something. Superchao and Fun with Despair enter. Fun with Despair walks over to a boombox. He takes out his portable CD player, removes the CD, and then puts it into the boombox. He turns it on and begins blasting For Me, It's You by Train. Ram Ranch finally finds what he was looking for. He pulls out a cleverly hidden porn magazine called Foot Freaks. On the cover is a detailed photograph of a very sexy woman's foot.

Fun with Despair puts the boombox right up to his ear to make sure he can clearly hear the music. He can. He then drops his diaper and shits on the floor then begins dancing like emo Peter Parker all of the way to the MGS3 Ladder. Superchao quickly cleans up the mess of shit using the dirty makeshift diaper. He and Ram Ranch then follow. Along the way Superchao drops the dirty diaper into the washing machine.

Two_Finger reaches the top of the ladder. He reaches into his pockets and takes out a miniature cooking set. He gets to work cooking some liquid Ketamine.

Fun with Despair removes Superchao's shirt. Ram Ranch looks on approvingly from the opposite side of the room as Kramer's corpse. Fun with Despair fashions the shirt into a sling and ties Superchao to his back. Ram Ranch then announces loudly, "I WILL BOMB ANYONE WHO TRIES TO KILL ME AND WE SHOULD ALL ESCAPE TOGETHER". Fun with Despair and Superchao say okay, then ask who should start climbing first. They decide on rock paper scissors. Ram Ranch throws rock. Fun with Despair throws paper. "So, uh, Bubsy what did you throw?" Ram Ranch realizes his arm is underneath the makeshift ghost costume. "Scissors" he answers.

The helicopter arrives and lands on the helipad. Two_Finger goes up and knocks on the pilot's window. He rolls it down and directs Two_Finger to get into the back. Two_Finger gives the pilot a shot of Ketamine. "Hot damn, I feel great. How can I get some more of this stuff" the pilot asks. Two_Finger tells the pilot to make sure not to leave without him. Once they finally get to safety he can cook all the Ketamine he wants. Two_Finger then climbs into the back seat.

Ram Ranch begins climbing the ladder. Fun with Despair puts the boombox in his teeth and then drops it because it's too heavy to carry in your teeth. Fun with Despair begins climbing the ladder, leaving the boombox behind.

Ram Ranch continues climbing the ladder. Fun with Despair continues climbing the ladder. Superchao blasts his rocket fists upwards at Ram Ranch. One of the fists strikes Ram Ranch right in the bum. He gets knocked off the ladder. Fun with Despair continues climbing the ladder. Ram Ranch falls. "I just thought it would be funny if Ram Ranch got rammed." Superchao says. Ram Ranch hits the ground with a splat.

@Ram Ranch Redemption has died. They were the Ultimate Evil Cross [Garbage]
-Not allowed to use guns
-Poor eyesight, prone to typos
-Must sing a musical number each night
-If another player is interaction with you through action or speech you are required to to remain present until they finish
-Bright lights stun/blind you
-Forbidden action: Getting your hands bloody
-Can never be knocked out or sleep outside of room in consequence of death

"Close your eyes" Fun with Despair says to Superchao. Fun with Despair then releases his bowels once more. The shit particles fall painting the sides of the ladder room and coating Ram Ranch's corpse at the foot of the ladder.

Fun with Despair reaches the top of the ladder. He unstraps Superchao and tells him he can open his eyes. The pilot looks over at them and then begins tapping his watch, signalling them to hurry the fuck up. He then starts up the engine. Superchao runs over and climbs inside. Fun with Despair waits a second for the helicopter to start leaving the ground. He runs up and jumps, performing a flip and landing in the final seat.

The pilot continues the ascend and the four of them fly off into the night. I take out a jewel case for the album For Me, It's You by Train and place it next to what remains of Ram Ranch's corpse.

@Two_Finger has escaped. They were the Ultimate Frivolous Horse [Garbage]
-Each night you must deliver a food item to 1 player and watch them eat it
-If you see another player's bare feet, you MUST take an extended, close up look at them and ask for feet pics. If you have a camera, you MUST take a picture
+You can cook Ketamine that you can get other players addicted to, forcing them to perform actions or co-operate with you for as long as you have control over their Ketamine supply. However, after a few nights or after giving them too many actions to help you with, they stop listening to you.
-You must kiss a dead body to activate your powers (doesn't have to be on the lips that would be weird)
+If you are killed on the first night, return the following night with all postive role attributes removed for the rest of the game.
-You randomly pee your pants a little.
-You lose all of your role positives if you're shaved bald

@Fun With Despair has escaped. They were the Ultimate Sleepy Increase [Garbage]
-You will always become visibly aroused if you hear a Rich Evans laugh. If you hear multiple Rich Evans laughs at once, you will have multiple orgasms corresponding to the number of Rich Evans laughs over one.
-When you are coated with urine, you are filled with intense rage at whoevers' urine you are covered in, and you are less calm and less in control of your actions. This effect is strongest if you have just one player's urine on you, but weakens with more players' urine drenching you you sick fuck
-Every night a piece of evidence will be fabricated and made to point towards you as suspicious. Revealing this - is immediate death.
+Once per night, you can not be killed if you are listening to any song by the band Train
-Everyone looks like bubsy to you
-You have a bad case of diarrhea
-You have to perform a flip every time you jump

@Superchao has escaped. They were the Ultimate Unnatural King [Garbage]
-Extreme spaghetti arms, anything physically heavy with them breaks them
-A random action of yours will be changed to masturbation
+You have rocket fists.
-You can never enter the same room twice in a night. Own room and rooms adjacent to it excluded.
-Forced to clean up any and all messes you see
-Your shoes are wet and will never dry. They make sloshing noises as you walk.
-You must attempt every night

Randomizer KG3 has ended
Thank you for playing. It's time for me to go re-balance the Ketamine role.
Fun With Despair
THIS was the game I won???
who died
is it too late to join

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