Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling One Point Nine: Intro

RFVFRW Announcer
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Welcome, wrassle fans, to another exciting instalment of Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling!

When the commish's commission for our latest exhibition match came through, we at RFVFRW (est. 1883) were chomping at the bit to get started, preparing our wrestlers for a no-holds-barred, teeth clenching showdown. But we ran into a problem, a small snag, a tiny catch, a hitch.

Just who is Mfan?

Despite our best efforts to get in contact with the elusive ahoge expert, we quite simply haven't been able to find him. As you may be able to guess, booking tickets for a literally one-sided exhibition match is beyond the pale for us here at RFVFRW. So, as always in times of strife, we reached out to Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling's founder, spiritual advisor, and very much still in jail Chuck Wellon for an answer. And while he was as stummoxed by the problem as us, he quickly came to a solution;

"Just drag in any old schmuck from the streets, and give him a job. Give him the right outfit and anyone'd believe he's this Mamafan or whoever the f*ck you said."

Five minutes later after a quick trip to Detroit, and our prospective "Mfan" was hired. And here's where we at RFVFRW need your help.

Help us design a prospective outfit/look for Mfan's wrestler.

Just a general concept/idea will help. The more the merrier - although there is only so much our tailors can do - a three-year old wrestling game can only handle so much.

Oh, and for reference, here's what our prospective hire looks like to begin with.
[Image: FIfIwv5.jpg]
well there you have it
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
[Image: jDudb5E.jpg]

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