What's up, gamers? I definitely did NOT need to sleep off a whole ton of alcohol for 12 hours, which is obviously not why this first post is late!

Now, I'm sure those of you who weren't around for the last time there was a Dating World garrison are wondering what exactly you're getting yourselves into. For this first event, we're going to keep things relatively simple.

Imagine this hypothetical, if you will: earlier this week, over the Minus World dating app (or whatever some of you use for dating... not sure what that caveman is about but he probably found some cans and string or something), you asked me out for a date for Friday, but I had to close at my job that day, so I was unavailable. I asked if you were available for Saturday, but that was the day that you had to take a family member to get their vaccine. You ask if it's okay for us to go out on Sunday, and I'm a little surprised, but I say it should be fine and there wouldn't be anything weird about it. However, you realize after I log off that Sunday is VALENTINE'S DAY and you're having your first date with someone you just met!

So, here are my three questions for all of you to answer:

1. What kind of low-pressure date do you pick? The date has to be safe, aka not somewhere with a lot of people, but still not super intimate, because it would make things weird, especially since it's Valentine's Day and you don't want to come off too strong.

2. What are the kind of things you would say about yourself on the date? What are your accomplishments? What are you proud of? Can you bench press a small Toyota? A larger Toyota? Be creative.

3. You decide that you need something to break the tension and keep the conversation flowing. Being someone associated with Minus World, you decide your best option is to bring a meme to show me. What meme do you bring?

Currently, the plan is to close submissions, grade these, and put up the next thread around 6 AM PST on Tuesday, February 16th. I won't be drinking the night before, so it should be on time, but if people end up needing more time, then we can probably work something out. Good luck!
I would take date to Russian military parade. Now you might ask, why proud American taking date to Russian military parade? Well, knowing about overwhelming power of enemy Russian military is very important for culture, and date might be impressed by immense display of strength and public gulag convictions.

I am proud leader of nation, there is nothing needed to be bragging about, it speaks for itself. Which nation? Why AMERICA of course, as I am proud patriot who would never betray free capitalist country. I can also show you many AMERICAN tanks, which I am understanding that women love. Please ignore Russian writing on the sides, as it was meant to blend in with enemy, yes.

Meme? Is simple! In Soviet Russia, you take ME on date! Then we laugh and organize second date with location and activities planned by you. Is very clever, yes.
1. Aye, a nice stroll down the beach to taste the salty sea air, the taste of seamen. Relaxed but still a bit intaemate.

2. Sailed the seven seas, but a toyoter? I barely know yer.

3. A bit of the old spiderman web shooter, the lil one that be somewhat micro

4. ah, no four i see
1) I think a nature stroll would be a good start! I like hiking, but if that's a little intense we could just do a walk in the park. I know some nice trails that other people seem to avoid for some reason.

2) If it's not obvious already, I'm a bit of an outdoorsman. I'm self-sufficient, I've got top notch survival skills, and I'm pretty strong too. I don't mean to brag, but I've wrestled bears. A lot.

3) haha
hi its me goku
1. I'd say the best place to stop would be a high-view place with access to what's outside. A cliff, for example, or perhaps a bridge walkway. The perfect place for romantic sunset views, long views of the horizon, and hurling unacceptable dates over the edge.

2. I'm incredibly strong, I've never been convicted or caught for any crime, I survived multiple death arenas, and I know just how to impress. Watch me flex!

3. For a meme, I bring... a knife covered in piss. We'll both laugh hard at the legendary Piss Knife.
Grungo not understand big words
Grungo hope answer correct
Grungo take see big rock. Everyone like big rock
Grungo proud of strength. Grungo lift many rock and fight dinosaur
Little brother anger mean dino. Grungo teach him lesson. Will do same for you
Grungo confused. Grungo bring funny dino tools carving hope it make laugh
Sue here!
1. I would take us trampolining, as I am frequently invited to do so and trampolines are safely socially distanced
2. We would likely talk at lengths about my giant breasts and the numerous awards they have won for their great heft and volume
3. My favouite meme of course! It's the one about the cat, I'm sure you're aware of it.
1. we go to the zoo to check out some modern dinos!
2. I go into detail about my favorie things and how my hobbies give me life and then say "HBU?" as my greatest enjoyment in life is listening to others
3. to match the occasion, I unleash one of my many feathered dino memes
now you too are having fun with dinos
I'm probably getting this in late, but this thread sounds oddly specific.
1-Mall date. There's something there for everyone, so we can get a read on each other by what stores and food court places we choose from.
2-I don't need to talk about myself. I already know I'm great and you should too just by being around me.
Hi, Kazuki here!

1.: I usually avoid places without too many witnesses anyway, but I think the manga store would be just the perfect place for this. Hopefully she would be okay with my slightly degenerate tastes, eheh!

2. Uwa, this is a tough one...well, for one thing, you'd be surprised at how quiet my footsteps are! I wouldn't go so far as to say I can bench press, but don't let my nimble build fool you, because I have quite the firm chokehold! Oh, and I happen to be the best Guilty Gear player in my district, been that way for 4 years!

3. Memes, huh...hopes she likes 2chan!
Looks like we are only short one entrant. And yes, submissions have been extended to whenever I get home tonight at 6ish PM pacific.
I am Seal btw (for real)
Alright, I'm closing it. I only count nine submissions, so whoever #10 is, you can submit late, but you only get one more late submission after this before you forfeit and LOSE just like how Draku just LOST the GAME. Grades are going up soon, followed by the next Event. Stay tuned...!!!!
I SHOULD CLARIFY, the tenth submitter who has not yet submitted. Post #10 is just fine. Sorry for the confusion!!!

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