Killing Game 8 Sign-Ups ~ Welcome to Nadare

Nadare Medical Facility
[Image: 7pGIl3v.png]

Hello, and welcome to Nadare, the latest in the world of luxury healthcare. Outfitted with everything from state-of-the-art resources and equipment to the finest in entertainment and leisure options.

Located in a remote corner of the Japanese Alps and powered entirely by a geothermal reactor, Nadare is the result of over four years of medical advancement and international negotiation. As a result, the care that can be provided at Nadare will be far beyond conventional healthcare centers, at least in part due to the dedication of hospital manager Dr. Morgan Pierce, who brings years of experience in the field of research and team management.

Now, in this February of 2025, Nadare will be opening its doors for the first time. Ordinarily, fees would be proportionate to the services provided, however to celebrate the grand opening of such a monumental step in medical progress, a certain amount of patients will be allowed in for no charge as a facility trial run.

Additionally, Nadare is still seeking several staff members, as well as participants in our Special Ability Research Program. Even if you are not currently suffering from any medical affliction, should you wish for a spot on our staffing team, or should you be in possession of any sort of unexplainable, supernatural power, your application may still be accepted under those grounds.

Thank you for showing interest in our facility. We hope to see you soon.

Remember, whether you’re taking a stroll through our snow-dusted courtyard, enjoying yourself in the lounge, or relaxing in our natural mountain hot springs, here at Nadare, you’ll be taken care of.

[Image: CZYyxfB.png]

As the 8th “installment” of the Minus World Killing Game, this game follows much of the same rules as previous games.

During the “Night Phase”, you will be allowed to submit a set of actions in private to the host using the map, your role power, and any objects you may currently possess. There will be several incentives encouraging you to commit murder during the night, which will eliminate another player should you succeed in your plan. If you are new to the game, then a basic set of murder submission actions may look like this, for reference:


You do not have to commit murder during the night, and can instead choose to simply do whatever you want, including explore, try to solve puzzles, investigate something weird you found the previous night, hang out with an NPC, or just be a douchebag and go around knocking people out with a large pipe.

During the “Day Phase”, you will be investigating a murder that occurs during the night. Only one murder will happen per night unless otherwise stated. The post announcing the murder will contain a small number of clues in the “case file”, which can be used as a springboard for investigation. In the Day Thread, you may post investigation questions, for example:

-”I investigate the area around the body”
-”I stab the body in the thigh with a steak knife, does it look like the wound in their chest?”
-”I investigate the Surgical Ward, are any tools missing?”
-”I hop on the lawnmower and ride across the courtyard. Does it take me approximately as long as watching one episode of hit TV show GhostQuest?”

You can also use the day phase to investigate various other mysteries around the map and attempt to solve the real mystery behind the Killing Game, though you may only be able to make some discoveries during your Night Phase actions.

Partway through the Day Phase, you will have an opportunity to vote in the Trial Thread. Whoever has the most votes is executed, and it will be revealed at that point whether they truly were guilty, or whether they were innocent.

[Image: qI2oRFH.png]

Each player in the game will have a special Role. In this case, roles will be divided into three primary categories, namely Patients, Staff, and participants in the Special Ability Research Program, labeled Experiments for ease. It will be public as to which player is in which role group, to aid in solving crimes that heavily revolve around a role power rather than use of the map or items found on it.

The Patients will primarily have roles based around disease, and similar afflictions. While certainly not always the case, some Patients may even be able to infect other players with status conditions. Patient powers may be difficult to identify, and not obviously apparent at first.

The Staff will utilize more practical abilities and skills, typically relevant to the setting in question. While it may be obvious as to what a staff member’s power may be compared to a Patient or Experiment, Staff will typically have greater privileges from the start of the game in the facility.

The Experiments will rely on traditional Killing Game role powers as seen in past games. There is little rhyme or reason to this group, which allows for much stronger powers at the cost of potentially being much more suspicious should something out of the ordinary occur in the game.

[Image: Xyi4wOv.png]

Your roles will be marked down on your e-Pass, which acts as a combination rolecard and keycard. Attempting to steal and view the e-Pass of a living player will result in you being tazed into unconsciousness by the advanced security of the e-Pass system. The exception being if your role or another element of the game explicitly allows you to do this.

Each role in the game will possess its own Facility Access level, which will be marked on your e-Pass. Your Access Level allows you to freely open certain doors that others may not. With a large group of players, this should ideally help make cases less obnoxious to solve by restricting who can go where, at least initially.

You may be able to find alternate paths or brute force your way into certain Access Level locked rooms, however, and players will have many opportunities to raise their Access Level through incentives and exploration.

Finally, each Role Category will have its own Dormitory, where you must begin and end each night unless otherwise stated. Ending your night outside your assigned Dorm will result in a heavy debuff for the next night, and it will be publicly stated in the case files that you did not return that night.

Your night begins outside your Dorm, and you will not be able to commit murder inside.

[Image: zJmVnrB.png]

The game will feature several NPCs, each with a role in the game and its story. They function much like a player, but with a few differences and their own unique agendas.

Each NPC can commit murder, as well as be murdered and be lynched for a murder just like a player. This can occur under several circumstances, such as in a situation where no one else has committed a murder. There will however, be a heavy penalty for lynching an innocent NPC, to offset the player count not going down due to a player being eliminated. This penalty will not be something like a random death, so don’t worry too much.

NPCs will each have an account of their events that night that you can ask them for, though if they are hiding something they may lie or mislead you. Each NPC will also have an ability that can potentially aid in investigation somewhat, so keeping them alive vs. killing them is a delicate balance depending on whether your goal is to commit murder or not.

Finally, during your night actions you may elect to spend time with an NPC. This will take a large amount of time and will mean that you will be able to do far fewer night actions, but doing so will increase your Bond Level. Bond Levels increase on a scale from 1 to 5, by 1 point each night. The higher your Bond Level with an NPC, the more benefits you will receive, such as their willingness to lie for you, special items they may give you, or even small additional bonuses or role powers. You may also learn something new about the game, who knows.

[Image: K6tWq68.png]

The NPCs will be introduced over the next several days until the game goes live.

[Image: fiHgQHp.png]

This is obviously a game about murder, and some deaths may be fairly brutal. If being horribly murdered isn’t your speed, you may not wish to sign up. Also this game is quite a large time investment on active days of investigation, and while you won’t be expected to constantly post, making sure to at least post about what you did that night is a good idea to keep people from thinking you are being intentionally obtuse.

It is encouraged to try to roleplay a character, even an absurd one, though you are allowed to sign up as yourself and not do that. It’s just for fun and not required.

DO NOT copy and paste the account you are sent of what occurred during your night. This will result in instant death.

To sign up for the Killing Game, simply make a post below saying you would like to. This works if you do it with either your roleplay character OR your main account, though for personal purposes I would like to know the character you are using.

Remember to join the Discord, as much discussion will take place there. Here is the link:

Finally, if you would like to request some sort of role ability, DM me about it and I will see what I can do. These are not all guaranteed to be granted.

Sign-ups close… whenever I feel like there’s enough people I guess. No hard limit or cutoff date, though the game will begin around the end of the month to VERY early March depending how many people join, and signups will be cut off before then.

Remember to have fun, don’t get too mad, and happy murdering.


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