Sorry for the delay, everyone! I just had to sleep off this high, but I'm here now! It's time for MORE OF THE GARRISON!

Today we're going to explore some slightly more abstract hypothetical questions so that I can learn more about all of you. Like last time, I like it when you go into detail, and as I've demonstrated, I WILL read all of your responses so go nuts, but don't feel obligated to write an essay as long as you get the point across. The next event will be something a little different, but I liked the responses to the first night so much I wanted to do a few more questions. Now, let's go.

1. If your house or place of living caught on fire, and your family and pets were all safe and evacuated, and you could only rush in to save one thing, what would it be, and why?

2. Have you ever had a premonition that came true?

3. Do you believe in love at first sight or do you think it needs time to grow?

4. If you were the dictator of a small country, what crazy dictator things would you do?

Now, because I was dealing with the sickest marijuana bender you'll ever imagine, I'm going to leave submissions this one up until 12 PM on Saturday, February 20th, and if people end up needing more time from there, it's no problem. Like I've said, if you have any questions or need some extra time, don't hesitate to contact me via messaging Draku or posting in this thread.
1. I would make sure to save my precious collection of rare books. Valuable, too! I accumulated it over years. If I could only pick one, my inscribed original copy of The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

2. I often have reason to believe that people will soon die, and then later those people perish in a variety of ways. Does that count?

3. I think it needs time to grow. You have to spend time with someone and really get to know them if you want to build a healthy, sustainable relationship. Honestly, you're better off seeking friendship with someone as a baseline and THEN trying to pursue romance; the "friendzone" is a concept that devalues the importance of friendship. If you only want to jump someone's bones, what happens if you get tired of jumping said bones? Does your relationship have any substance to it? Love at first sight is, frankly, infatuation. Love requires knowledge, care, and something more beyond sexual attraction.

4. I would probably lock several people in a confined space and require them to kill each other so that only one of them can survive, and then repeat this on a regular basis for my own entertainment. That, or outlaw grapefruit.
1. Arr, me marine figurine. A scale of beauty that one, a fine anchor and a set of sail upon which da sweet wind may blow. Ive not much time on the vee-tubers but a lass of the sea, formed into a fine sculpture is a fine trinket.

2. Aye. Once I dreamt me knackers were alight with the pinch of crustaceans. Once feel ahsleep in the holding pen, a drink or two yae, and me dreams came true then some.

3. Sight be for sirens but blood be thicker than water.

4. Eh, we'll ave a festival were we see whos cookin can (or cant) baet me cookin. I'll win o course, no breathin mortal sack of meat could beat me. And if yae aint made yer weekly quota of feet pictograms, into the tickle dungeon ye go.
Grungo live in cave. Cave not catch fire
But if Grungo have pick choose it be special rock little brother carve. It remind me of him
Grungo not think of future much. Like present. Easier that way
Grungo think simple but love anything but simple. Take time
Grungo make everyone accommodate big rock visit. No other visitor and lot of food for us
Ah shit I forgot to mention in the OP. Please include your psuedonyms in your answer posts. I can figure out the people who have already posted from their answers, but going forward please do that to save Draku the time hunting down post IDs. Thanks.
Sue Bazooms:
1. I would save my house, I think, it seems like the most obvious thing to save.
2. I have never once thought about the future, I find it easier to live in the moment or reminisce on the past.
3. I definitely believe in love at first sight for some people, many people have become infatuated with me from one look at my gigantic breasts.
4. I like to believe I would serve the people better than previous governments and I would do that by letting the people gaze upon my massive honkers at all times. Maybe I would outlaw shirts entirely.
Fun with Dinos here!

1.Hmm this is tough, it depends on what I'd consider valuable when the situation comes, but I'd probably recover my pc as it contains the most things that are important to me , like my collection of dino research, in the least amount of space at this point in time.

2.Not quite a premonition but I've had dreams in which a very specific sequence of mundane things happen in a short span of time, then a year later I experience that exact same sequence and recall said dream vividly.

3.Can't say I believe in TRUE love at first sight. I think a very deep attraction can be present at such a stage but it won't really grow into love without getting to know the person at least somewhat.

4.If I was the dictator of a small country, I would probably give the homeless shelter and jobs enact psuedo slave-labor through evil projects wa-ha-ha!
Konichiwa, Kazuki here!

1. Wait, I'm confused. If there's a fire in my house, why would I want to take people out of it? That's just counterintuitive, silly! Regardless, I would probably take a bunch of small personal mementos that mean a lot to me. Would be pretty embarrassing if anyone else found them, eheheh!

2. Actually, I did have this weird premonition one time....I had a vision that this cute albeit slightly rude girl was going to die at my house during a date in 2 days, and that actually came true! It was terrible, I can't imagine what it's like to accidentally strangle yourself with a clothesline...

3. Yeah, I think I would need to wait a while before I'm ready to give my girlfriend a good time. There's a lot of things I'd like to know about her first: her hobbies, weak points (physically and mentally), whether she likes anime, if her parents have a good knife collection, her hobbies....whoops, I said that twice!

4. If I had my own country, hm...I would probably have free, uncensored internet for all of my citizens, then turn it off once they get used to it after 2 or 3 months. It would be fun to watch them panic!
Hi, this is Grizz.

1) Oh man, forest fires are the worst. I don't have a lot of material possessions, but it would be terrible if I lost all of my stored food. So I guess I'd grab some grub to go.

2) Premonition? Like seeing the future? I wouldn't say I've had anything specific like that, but I can usually smell danger coming from miles away.

3) I don't fully understand the emotion that humans call love yet, but I don't think it's the same thing as mating. If you can claim you love someone at first sight, you're probably just looking for a mate. Anyone can find a mate, but not everyone finds love.

4) I'd turn the entire country into one big national park. I would also order my generals to fetch my honey, then laugh at their struggle to decide if I mean you or my lunch.
About 24 hours left!
Okay! Submissions are officially closed, and grades will be going up tonight! If you didn't submit tonight, I will still accept late submissions!

I also can't help but notice that the two people that did not submit this round were people that received F's on the first night. (I checked, and Anthony Fauci never balanced a spoon on his nose.) I've decided that the most equitable way to let those two players back in the race while also offering something helpful to the people who are still in it is that I will ignore everyone's lowest letter grade one time (except for the final!).

Also, having thought on it, I have decided to simplify the rules for late submissions to just docking points if you submit late more than 2 times, but otherwise you won't get DQ'd for submitting late too many times (except for the last night, when it's all over). Sorry to be all over the place with the rules; I'm kind of figuring them out as we go! I'll put these in the post later today when I put the grading thread up.

1-My Gamecube memory cards. I spent way too much time on some of those save files.

3-I predicted that I would get this in late. Sorry about that. I'll accept the loss if it's too late for a late entry.

3-I think love needs to grow, like a rose. Careful of the thorns. All relationships have them.

4-I'm not much of a leader, so I'd hire people I think know how to run a government. Oh, and ban Mormonism. Fuck you, Zelma.
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