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Whoops, sorry this took so long, I had to get the booze and cigarette stank off my breath! First things first, I have a few minor rules revisions. I'm putting these in the main thread later, too.

1. I'll drop one lowest grade for the finals grading. This feels like the most equitable way to let people back in if they got an F on the first night. (In hindsight, giving an F on the first night wasn't the best idea, especially since you guys did actually submit. Sorry, gang!)

2. For late submissions, I won't DQ you if you're late, I'll just dock points if you submit late more than 2 times. But please have everything submitted by the final, or you really will get F's for whatever you're missing.

Now, let's get started. This week's questions were sort of standard hypothetical fare but I think we all had fun with them! For the sake of making this post less of a fucking mess than the first one, I've put everyone's submissions and my responses and grades under the spoilers. Let's get started!

First off, we have Seaman from Maryland.

Next up is Sue Bazooms!

uh... uhh... uhh... cheetos? idk, please submit!

And next we have Kazuki Yoshimitsu!

And now it's The Big Man!

Next.......... GRUNGO

Now it's time for the defending Rose Ceremony winner Fun With Dinos!

And now, Grizz! I'm running out of interesting ways to type out people's names, but I want it to be more interesting than just listing off their name, y'know?

Troy Aikman was the first overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft and played with the Dallas Cowboys through the 1990's, during which he brought the team to its most dominant period in franchise history, and arguably one of the most dominant periods for any team in NFL history. That has absolutely nothing to do with BTGGF, though, unless BTGGF is actually Troy Aikman, and I don't really think that's the case.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin-Peters, I'm sorry for telling you to compromise America's vaccination strategy for a Minus World Garrison! Please come back, baby!

Goku, you could submit if you wanted, but I think everyone knows what grade you would get either way.

Today's ROSE CEREMONY was honestly a little trickier, but it'll have to go to THE BIG MAN for his interesting and surprisingly well thought out answers. I don't want to award the roses exclusively to the players with the highest grades or longest answers every night, but I felt the Big Man had some good shit in his submission that I had to recognize. I did like everyone's answers this round, though, and I am looking forward to more! But first, here's the Big Man's rose!

[Image: 8lmjkaa.jpg]

The next thread will be going up tonight! I'm pretty sure, at least! I'll keep submissions for it open until Wednesday the 24th at 6 PM Pacific. As always, reach out via Anon World or messaging Draku if you have any questions or concerns!

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