All right, all you would-be suitors! This round, it's time to bust out those artistic skills. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to draw me a belated Valentine's Day card. Any medium is acceptable as long as it results in a visible image of some kind. I will not be grading solely on your artistic talents (although having those will be a plus!), so feel free to do whatever gets how you feel across and/or makes me laugh.

Submissions close on Wednesday, February 24th, at 6 PM Pacific Time. Because this is an artistic project, though, I'll extend the deadline if you guys need it. See you all then! Please remember to include your name in your submission post.
You know what? Wednesday is too soon for an art project. I'll be really nice and give you guys until Sunday at Noon Pacific. Don't disappoint me!
Grungo confuse why stop visitor interrupting romantic big rock visit bad
Grungo think Seal misunderstand. Grungo meant only while at big rock stop crowd
Everyone welcome in Grungo land but not when it ruin nice moment with Seal
Hope that okay

[Image: NQ09T6t.png]

Grungo carve seal Grungo familiar with for Seal
Might not be seal you know but Grungo think it nice
[Image: unknown.png]
Luckily I am a natural artist!

-Sue Bazooms
Why you gotta play me like this, Minus World? 13 hours left and only two submissions?
[Image: wslvLsF.png]

Grizz here. Sorry for the wait! I think everybody likes cards with cute animals on them. Also puns.
[Image: card.png]
-regards, Fun With Dinos
[Image: sneebvM.png]
[Image: OaNHjHI.png]
Submissions are closed, grades going up tonight!
The Garrison is not cancelled I just keep forgetting to finish up the grades post! It's coming I promise!

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