Wow... looks like people are starting to drop like this is a Killing Game! I might end up shortening the Garrison to only 6 events at this rate. But everyone who submitted, thank you! The cards were great!

I think tonight I'm going to keep things simple; as a bit of a follow up to the first night, I'd like everyone to explain a more elaborate date. For THIS one, assume that COVID isn't a thing, that we know each other well enough, and you're basically allowed to go for whatever as long as it isn't killing me. What kind of romantic evening will you fine players subject me to?

Please remember to submit with your psuedonym. I'll take answers through Monday, March 8th at 6PM PST, but if everyone answers before then I'll close up sooner. Please remember that if you haven't submitted on previous nights, you can still submit!
The Big Man here. First, let me apologize for my previous absence. I work by commission, and I had a high-priority client with a tight schedule. On the plus side, the view from an 80th story open window is a fantastic sight, and it would be my second choice for an elaborate date.

Now, onto my first choice. I've always felt the best atmosphere is one of privacy. The kind of evening where it's just the two of you, alone in the world... where nobody else could possibly know what would happen. Where no sounds are overheard or sights overseen until you leave satisfied with a job well done.

Thus, I would suggest a two-part date. First, we would go to the park, late in the evening when people have cleared out. It's soothing, to get away from nature. The sights and sounds of the concrete jungle are omnipresent, yes, but when surrounded by trees and greenery, they allow one to relax. My idea here is that we would get into personal conversation. Past loves, future goals, small topics, personal stories... this would be the chance to really get to know each other.

After the park, we'd head for a reserved booth in a fancy restaurant. Tucked in the back, striking the right balance between dim enough to create atmosphere and bright enough to actually see our food, we'd ideally be able to call the waiter over when needed rather than waiting for them to come around. Food is the perfect chance to get into a more energetic mood. A nice meal is perfect for lively banter, pleasant interaction, and warm companionship. A large part of a relationship is built on friendship, after all, and this is an excellent way to forge it.

Once dinner is done, I would walk you to your door and drop you off, with a promise to meet again. While I would not mind being invited inside, it feels like this date would be too early for that. Thus, we would end it with a chaste kiss.

Additionally, here is my belated card. I apologize for its crudeness, but I have never been skilled with art. I hope my meaning comes through.

Lit, nice answer, and thank you for submitting a card! I will add the grade for your card on the grading post for this event!
Grungo not know what covid is
Thankful not part of question
Since see big rock already Grungo take lagoon and have fun swim great time
After go dinosaur grounds have Seal wait safely Grungo fight dino Seal pick hope good show
Grungo take meet family for dinner
Little brother father mother all very nice would love meet
Cook dino Grungo fight meat very tasty enough for all
Sleep under moon escort home morning

Aye, we've enjoyed fridays finely filleted fish fry fill-up

Me ship hull be filled with a thick cream so Id ask ye to help me. Grab the shaft and pull mightily lass, for the hinge pin be a bit rusty and doesn't perform easily. Then a simple twist and we be ready to let the cream gush into the open sea.

With me ship ready we depart into theh great blue. Thar be a great lighthouse of wood, bright n erect against the night sky, penetrating the taut ring of the glowing moon. A beautiful sight she is.

We shall climb the great spiraling shaft to the top. From there one may see the wonders of the sky and the ocean in all er glory. If that don't do yer good, thars a tv in the bottum an a bunch a vcr recordins of late nine-tees cartoon channels. A large sofa to sit comfy aye. While a man o dah sea I can still be a man o dah 'C'. The Couch.
This is a tough one. My answer's gonna be pretty plain.

It's Saturday afternoon, we got the whole evening ahead of us. It's a lovely cloudy day, so it's not too hot. Thank goodness, because I'm wearing all this black clothing. I take you to the amusement park. We go on all your favourite rides, and then later I get playful and tease you into going on the rides just outside your comfort zone if you're too scared of things that go upside down or too fast. Personal growth is good, and new experiences make lasting impressions. I'll even sweeten it by getting you a stuffed animal prize from the games afterwards.

Then we can go for some supper. I'm thinking sushi. Seals like sushi, right? We can get takeout so we can go to my place and relax. We can talk about our day, eat on the couch and watch something we both enjoy. The rest of the night is up to you. We can play some video games after eating too, and I can walk you home if you don't feel like staying the night. I enjoy moonlit walks anyway.

Wow, only 4 submissions. Do you guys need more time?
Alright, I'm extending the deadline to Tomorrow, the 9th, at 6 PM. Get those submissions in!
Hi, Grizz here.

I know you said "romantic evening", so this answer might be cheating a little. But once we're at home with each other's company, it's time to take things to the next level and go on an overnight camping trip together. We can go up in the mountains, farther than we've gone on any of our walks, or we can pick out a nice campground if you'd feel more comfortable a little closer to civilization. Maybe even a cabin in the woods? As long as it's just the two of us out in the wilderness, it's okay with me.

I think there's no better way to truly get to know someone than to survive with them for a night. Oh, I say "survive" but we wouldn't be in any actual danger - I can take care of that, haha. We can leave all of this technology and social media stuff behind for one night and just enjoy each other's company without any distractions. I think there are a lot of little things that people take for granted these days. The stars at night, the smell after rain, the sounds of wildlife at different times of the day - these are the kinds of things I want to share with you.

It might not be particularly flashy, but that's the point I think: just the two of us enjoying the simplicity of nature. We can catch some fish, get a campfire going, talk and share stories, gaze up at the stars...Ideally, we'd spend the whole night out there and head back in the morning, but if you have someplace you need to be the next day or if you're just not ready for that yet, I can walk you back after we've gotten some stargazing in.
fun with dinos here!
first, we have tickets to the local major sportsball show, then after that we'll go settle down at a mid level restaurant
maybe we'll make later plans to check out the local museum!
Sue Bazooms here, apologies for the wait, I had my hands full for a while!

I would take you to a boardwalk/pier for an evening of seaside entertainment! Just you, me, and my giant tits.

Firstly we would visit your choice of a number of attractions, from a rollercoaster, to a bounce house or ferris wheel.
Next we'd relax at an aquarium, beachfront restaurant, or my personal favourite, a hall of mirrors.
Lastly we could get a souvenir to remember our evening by; a photo on the beach, a sketch by an artist, or simply the memories made together!

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