Hello, gang! As I noted in the write up for the grades for Event #4, this is the penultimate event for the Garrison! And for this event, I've decided to go back to a "getting to know you" kind of question, but with something a little different. This is also an artsy Event, and just like last time, ANY visual medium is completely acceptable! Now, to business:

1. Draw or depict, using any visual medium of your choice, what you wanted to be when you grew up, when you were a child. You can be as abstract or realistic as you want, you can draw yourself or you can draw what you wanted for yourself, anything is fair game. If you don't really have something you wanted to be, just draw what you imagined you would be when you grew up.

2. Tell me, did you exceed what you expected when you were little? Or did you fall short? And how do you feel about it?

I'm giving you guys until Next Monday, the 22nd, at 6 PM to submit your answers, but I'm perfectly willing to extend it if needed. Good luck!
[Image: unknown.png] -Sue
Here is a genuine picture from my childhood depicting my imagined future!
I have succeeded in most of those goals - riding a ferris wheel, receiving awards for my magnificent breasts, and having a pond full of the most beautiful aquatic creatures.
The only thing I have yet to achieve... is love. :(
Submissions are closing on Monday! Please submit, even if you're scared you can't beat Sue!
[Image: KOFIGQF.png]

Grungo want grow up big strong protect family from dino
Grungo do exactly that
Now Grungo want start family of own
Want become good example for little brother
Mostly there but want go further

Well, I think a lot of kids like me wanted to grow up and be a Pokemon trainer.
[Image: z3CCJfM.png]
And so far, I haven't been able to make a career out of that, because Pokemon only exist in video games, and I have yet to go full Twitch e-girl.
Literally 1 day left people get those submissions in!

Grizz here. I drew my mom, who I looked up to more than anyone else. It was just me and her when I was growing up, but she was strong enough to take on the world for me. She was equal parts fierce and gentle - a real mama bear. Hence the way I drew her, haha. That's me behind her - I'm also a bear. For the symbolism.

I'm a simple guy, so if I could become someone as reliable and strong as my mom, that would be enough for me. As for whether I've achieved that goal, I suppose I'm halfway there. I can take care of myself well enough, and I'm definitely tough. Something's still missing, though. Until now, I've been independent - only looking after myself. I think what I lack is something or someone to protect. I hope I can change that.
Sorry, I made a mistake in my post. Here is the image.

[Image: oyyt4TC.png]
The Big Man, reporting in.

[Image: unknown.png]

That's me, with the horns. When I was younger, the one thing I wanted to be, above all else, was a professional wrestler. I wasn't ever able to pull it off, though, just because of my life's circumstances.

Ultimately... my chosen career path was similar enough to make me happy. It's very physical and allows for a lot of hands on work, and I get to use my strength to my advantage and stand tall in victory over others at the end of the day. I'm satisfied with it.
Not closed yet... but it will be closed later tonight! Get them in!
Okay no never mind I'll give one more day for Seaman and Dinos!
I think #4 killed Fun with Dinos
[Image: unknown.png]
I used to think I'd make a good teacher, but it turned out I'm too birdbrained for it! It's still something I think about though, helping others learn new things is cool.
that's Fun with Dinos. Grungo killed my family so now I must go down the path of revengance
Aye, seaman here. Was blown adrift and had to find an alternate route home, but here we are. While me ship was pushed off curse, I put together this little piece. To be a man of the sea! And aye, I feel I've made it...mostly.

Every last bit placed by me own hand:
[Image: mGwhJjq.png]
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