Hello, contestants! This, right here, is it. This is what we have been working towards. The finale! Your final exam! This event is weighed three times heavier than the previous events. And after this is done, we will finally find out the winner.

The final event is not going to be artistic. Instead, I just have five questions for all of you.

1. In a relationship, what constitutes a dealbreaker for you? A dealbreaker is something about someone that would make you not want to be with them. For instance, one of my big dealbreakers is smoking cigarettes. You can be as broad or as specific as you want, just as long as you go into some detail why.

2. If you ripped a silent fart in a crowded elevator, would you fess up to it? Would you still fess up if it were with your work colleagues in the same elevator? What about if you were with your date and other strangers? In that last one, you are not close enough with your date for her to just understand; she will be upset by the fart.

3. If your significant other was interested in or had a habit of doing something perfectly harmless, but nonetheless really bothered you in a petty way, what would you do? Would you try to make her change for you, would you learn to live with it, or would you try to accept whatever thing that is and even enjoy or do it yourself?

4. If you found yourself trapped with a dozen or so other people in an enclosed environment, and you were ordered by some overseeing entity to kill each other and get away with it after an investigation by the other entrapped individuals in order to escape, would you kill to escape? Or would you focus on solving the murders and trying to maintain order?

5. If you could ask ME one question, in the style of the questions I have asked in this Garrison, what would it be?

I know theres a lot of questions here, and I'd really like some in depth answers, so I'm giving you guys until Sunday, April 4th, at 6 PM PST. After that, the finale thread goes up! If anyone needs more time, just say so, and I'll gladly extend it! Feel free to gamble on who will win, too.

1. Aye, I find it hard to hard to stomach a lass smellin' of cardamine. Flowers, soil, fish, that dont get tae me. That brassicaceae though, that awakens a great disturbance within me.

2. Never had the wind blow in such a small space. Jealous sea skimmers make it a sport to cast a gale in one's direction when thae' see a woman with competition.

3. One must work with their crewmate when at sea, make it work amongst ye. Speak yer mind kindly and seek a solution.

4. Forewarned, a seaman who throws his mate abroad will find himself one step closer to the sea. It takes all hands to sail a ship.

5. Alas, I have considered many queries to give; favorite fish, what shade of blue be ye preferred, a simple consideration of the following idea: Ye bones have come to brittle and you hear the music of the sea callin to ye as you walk the beach, greyed hairs trailing into wisps. A deep, final breath with the one beside ye. The gentle tide of your realization of the game. Who will be the first to greet you there?
1. Grungo not like liars
Grungo accept many wrongs but only if honest about them
If lie can not trust and if not trust won't have each other's back

2. Grungo tell truth. If Grungo do bad will say so just as expect partner
If make people upset should not have done bad from start
Can not take back

3. Understand some like things Grungo do not
If something other enjoy doing Grungo will not stop
Try work with and accept
If simple habit Grungo may ask stop
But Grungo also willing change habit if bother
See as fair

4. As say earlier Grungo not lie
Grungo not bright but try help solve
Protect others from those who kill
Not kill back
Maybe if dino involved but said people

5. Family member and loved one both in danger
Can only save one or sacrifice self save both
What choose?

1. The biggest deal-breaker for me is lack of common interests. You don't like black? idk if we will mesh. More than that, it's important that we both get enough affection and not too much. And in the most basic sense of common interests, we also gotta have activities in common so we can enjoy each others company.

2. It's a human thing. One fart is not something to make or break a date, especially if you're in a situation that you can't just up and leave to the washroom from. If the date doesn't understand that, they have too high expectation.

3. Well, I'm not one to bottle my feelings up. I need to be open and honest in a relationship about things, otherwise it won't work. My significant other and I should be able to work together on these things. It's hard to say how accepting I would be of this habit without knowing what it is.

4. Like the hit video game Danganronpa? I don't know if I have it in me to take a life if it actually came down to it, let alone trying to trick a dozen people, just so you go free while they are all killed. I say I would help investigate.

5. Are you actually going to be answering these? Maybe you'd like to do the drawing this time. I would ask you to draw us on our first date together, so I can see what you think we would both enjoy after getting to know me from my answers. Or you could just type out an answer. That's fine too. You do have a few of these to go through.
1. I think the only dealbreaker for me would be my partner not appreciating my humongous tits, they're a big part of me that I just couldn't live without.

2. I simply wouldn't fart.

3. I would never ask someone to stop doing something they love. I know how I'd feel if someone asked me to stop having gigantic breasts, and I could never make someone else feel that way.

4. I would hope my uplifting spirit and giant boobs would help keep morale up among the group and motivate us to survive.

5. Do you have a favorite body part? Both in yourself and in other people.

-Sue Bazooms
Still waiting on The Big Man, Fun With Dinos, and Grizz!
Fun With Dinos here, I will not be late this time!

1. The biggest dealbreaker for me I guess would be if the other party didn't really actually want to be with me (and my dinos). If I'm going to be in a relationship I'm going to be in it more for the other party than for myself, if they're not so interested then why keep it up?

2. If somebody brought it up I would apologize, but if everybody was just ignoring it I would too.

3. Depends on the situation. Very few things get up my ass so far that they bother me significantly, but when they do I tend to call them out. I used to be really bad about it though, I'd be constantly calling people out on unconscious mannerisms that drove me up the wall, but I've stopped doing that mostly now and im less of an asshole when I do. If something bothers me enough I'll try to bring it up in a constructive manner, and only in situations where I think the person would be receptive to it, but if that fails for whatever reason then I'm fine just accepting it.

4. I don't think I could bring myself to kill for real even in such a situation. Even in self defense I'd probably try to minimize harm and die because of it.

5. How in tune with your inner dino are you? This is very important.
BTGGF, yes, I will actually answer these in addition to the usual feedback and grading! If anyone who has already posted wants to revise their question for #5 in light of this information, please feel free to- I don't mind! I will try to do art if you guys want to do that- just be aware my art skills are just MS Paint Shitpost level!
The Big Man, presenting my final answers.

1: An inability to communicate. If I am regularly being ghosted, or if I am unable to have a serious conversation, or if all efforts at bringing up important subjects are deflected, I take that as a sign to remove the relationship.

2: I generally would not fess up to it. While honesty is a good policy, there are times when too much honesty is not a good thing. Your hair looks nice when it actually doesn't, I don't mind that you forgot our anniversary was next week when I actually do... lying about major things is not sustainable or healthy, but I believe that there is room for white lies that help everyone.

3: I would likely try to at least talk about it. "Make her change" is an awkward term, but I would at least want to have a conversation about "this annoys me a lot for no reason" and see if we could perhaps reach a compromise. Maybe we attempt to dial back the habit without eliminating it? Perhaps she explains what interests her about the subject, in an effort to bridge the gap? We should talk! Communication is key.

4: Having both personal and professional experience in the art of killing others and remaining undetected, I would kill the others to escape. While it is not a pleasant answer, it is the truth.

5: What is the aspect of a partner that you find most important to a relationship? Appearance, personality, hobbies, what is it?
Grizz here!

1) I can't abide wasting food. The amount of perfectly edible food that humans throw out is just absurd. I was raised to not waste a single scrap, and I'd hope my partner does the same - or at least lets me have what they don't want.

2) Personally, I don't get what the big deal about farting is; it's part of nature. But I understand other people think differently, and I've got a good nose, so I can kinda sympathize. In any case, I don't think there's a reason to call attention to it if no one else says anything first. If they do, I'd probably apologize. If I was with my date though, they might be embarrassed about being with me if I admitted to it - so I probably wouldn't in that case.

3) Relationships are a two-way street, and sometimes that means accommodating your partner's little habits or imperfections. But it also means communicating when something is rubbing one of you the wrong way, and being open to change within reason. So if something bothered me enough, I might try to casually bring it up, but I wouldn't push it too hard.

4) To be honest, I...could probably kill people if I wanted to. Pretty easily, actually. I wouldn't be very good at covering my tracks though, so I'd get caught right away. I don't like to get violent without provocation either, so I hope I could use my strength to protect the group instead. But you can never be sure what'll happen when your survival instincts kick in. Survival of the fittest is a rule of nature.

5) If you went on a date with someone after getting to know them and found out that they previously lied about or left out an important detail about themselves, how would you respond? Would you be able to overlook it and forgive them if you loved them enough, or would it ruin any trust you could have had?
Looks like that's everyone! Alright, so between the number of questions to grade, the number crunching, making the badge for the winner, and Killing Game this week, I am going to put up the results this coming Friday or Saturday. Don't miss it! Thank you all so much for playing!
Grades coming Sunday since KG got extended. But they are coming!!

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