Blistering winds whip through the Courtyard, as snow begins to fall. Blanketing Nadare's grounds, the snowfall washes over the efforts of Hank Hill, the Anime Mother's bloody resting ground, and the small pile of dirt next to the "grave" under the tree. Snuffed out by thick, dark clouds, the twinkle of the stars and the glow of the moon are all but absent .

The monster has been slain, putting an end to the first of Nadare's mysteries. But what of the others? Password locks, access levels, strange CDs...

It appears the game is only beginning.

[Image: ah2bNbx.png]

[Image: 9vVDNZg.png][Image: a3yCB3g.png]

A Killing Game? Are you insane? You're just going to let him run wild? What about the patients? What about us? Was this whole business just some kind of setup to trap us all up here and have us fight to the death? You're no better tha-

Would you just calm down?

...It'll be fine, it's a bluff. Look who's dead as a result of this so far, the infiltrator and the fucking werewolf. Whoever's hijacked the facility AI is some kind of amateur, has to be. If it wasn't for that useless intern, we wouldn't even be properly trapped here.

Besides, if the bear was lying and he is with the Crimson Eye, why would he risk his entire squad in a death game? Use your brain.

[Image: jTSMEkh.png]

Don't know about you, but my brain's tellin' me I want to go home. Ughhh... What the hell'd you do this time, huh? You piss somebody off or something? Not only am I stuck here with you, but a... Killing Game? Christ, this shit definitely wasn't in the brochure.

at least I've got that Waltar guy, he seems to get it at least...

I knew coming here was a mistake, shoulda got my ass out of here the second I found out you were involved...

[Image: 58c9dlZ.png]

I believe Dr. Pierce is correct, staying calm is the correct course of action. There is no point in panicking, it will only lead to another murder. As far as we know, the Monokuma AI has presented no punishment for refraining from murder, therefore all we need to do is resume our activities in peace.


I'm not going in the panic room.

[Image: ioIYiTI.png]

[Image: 7cJW4uh.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: QqT7fZr.png]

Room Descriptions:


@Kids TV Show Host
@Anime Mother
@Jack of Spades
@Hank Hill
@Among Us
@The Drifter
@Obama Machine

@Professional Robuster
@Hu Tao
@Robert Winters
@ASMR Youtuber
@Rio Ranger

@DK West
@Violent Jimin
@Dark Souls II
@Garth Marenghi
@Mr Waltar Whité

@Dr. Morgan Pierce
@Dr. Jim Hawke
@Dr. Alexander Wexlyn


[Image: vmkQhA3.pngg]

You have until 12 AM PST on March 31st to submit. Late entries will be marked as AFK and you will not have an action set performed unless you notify me in advance that you will be submitting late.

If you do not submit, you will remain in your dorm. If you AFK twice, you will die unless something prevents that from occurring.
Kids TV Show Host
[Image: 91bc73353813e3d8fc83a364ed21c3d58f727fec.png]
Ha..haha….uh… anyone else just see that bear just like weirdly murder that other animal thing.......?

[Image: 9bbf41e32237df069a308faacc9b24178ad52fd3.png]
Yesterdays premiere episode might have gotten messed up, BUT Tune in Tonight for Episode 2!
it’s Arts and Crafts time!!!!

[Image: ec42b7a1f71da1be52f84dd2e03d6985fd16775f.png]

Just swing by the Cafeteria at the start of the night to join me in making some fun crafts to give to your friends and family~!
See you there~!!!!!
[Image: JMTeekr.png?1]

Oh yeah, and I see you chumps were talking in your discord channel a while back about making me into a twerking emoji! What gives? How'd you like it if I made a twerking emoji out of you, bub?

I'm supposed to be threatening! Grrr!

[Image: ob3Zp9R.png?1]

...Please submit your actions...
[Image: SDW6b2j.png]

Heheh.... I'm GLAD this cesspool at least has an internet connection. Look at what my friend sent me!

[Image: ft4cLDs.gif]

[Image: MVWQwUA.png]

Hahahah! It looks just like you!
🧙🔮🧙✨🧙she/they 🧙✨🧙🔮🧙

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Among Us
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