A Cat is Fine, Too - Let's Play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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god that's an ugly title screen. ok here we go bitches. this game has a cool guy with a big sword on the cover so i guess it's gonna be like zelda for adults. plus, i was pleased to see that it's rated T (for titties). big step for nintendo but i'm down

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i'm a sex haver so i picked hard mode

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the game starts with like a cartoon but it's 3d. idk how to put cartoons in my post so i'll just describe it. basically this guy tries to murder an elderly man by beating him with a stick. the senior citizen knows tie kwon do and beats the shit out of him

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as his life flashes before his eyes, he recalls his goth mommy gf and rises from the dead

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then the graphics get way shittier but it's still just people fucking talking. the blue guy is ike and this chick keeps coming on to him but ike knows 10/10s don't fw 4/10s

[Image: 4hl14g.png]
this green guy shows up and ike vows to kill him. this next part is kinda weird, like you tell your guy what to do and then you just watch him go. probably just some weird tutorial thing idk. hopefully i can turn that off later

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this time ike uses a sword made of metal instead of fucking trees so it goes much better

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indeed this is enough to kill the old guy too

[Image: 8qt3c6.png]
there's a bunch more talking and shit but i'll spare you that part. join us next time when i get to do a real battle
you better follow through with this, por is good shit
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this is the better thread.
tbh underrated thread. how tf arent more ppl replying to this? this mw poster has decided to kill ike by lets playing his game. jfc. the determination. the spirit. i honestly am too impressed to be impressed.
the 3D cartoon artstyle really sucks dick. the player portraits are better because they give you.....something of a feeling similar to avatar the last airbender but set in medieval times. it is impressive. as expected of the masters behind avatar.
finally, good luck and i forgot all about ike's mom being that hot. it's something about purple short anime hair bros.

please don't kill ike
When do you recruit Lucina?
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after the double murder ike returns home for his 4 pm pegging. life is good in hyrule

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a bunch of other shit happens but it was too boring to take pictures. basically a bunch of theives attack the village. ike and his gf are also budding criminal masterminds so they go to loot. this is a pretty smart plan since it is totally legal to steal something that was already stolen.

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by sheer dumb luck they happened to run into the only pacifist group of marauders. if anything this is a bonus for ike; he's kind of maso

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ike's gf forgets the plan and accidentally robs this teenaged girl of a precious heirloom from her dead mom. probably not worth anything unless sentimental value holds up in the resale market

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here's a pic of the squad. i drew blue circles around ike, his gf and her bf. they don't let ike ride the horses, mostly as a jape but also because ike likes to make long eye contact with the horse and it creeps everyone out

[Image: uuehdd.png]
the redhead kills this guy which i thought would beat the level, but you actually have to make ike ransack the house to win. pretty immersive gameplay honestly

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join me next time when @Arrietty rescues me from draku so i can abandon this shitty LP without getting banned
fire emblem world, where thieves steal everything, you kill them and take what they stole, and then are thanked for this by being given more things from the villagers stolen from

gigabrain double thieving indeed, ike is a criminal mastermind
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honestly goat thread. ike's gf def made my peepee hard when i first played it. i think her being a terrible person who robs civilians she's supposed to save really spoke to me as a jrpg player anime convention go-er.
ike showing no mercy as far as pegging goes is nice character foreshadowing as well.
please continue. even if MW cucks are not engaging with this top quality content i will always be here to post "yes" and great shit. great shit
Obama Machine
no this is good shit aidan. keep going and fuck what zelma says
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Great thread, Aidan! Uguu!

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titania's bro finally returns from the darkness after resubbing to ff14. they chat for a min but big T checks her phone and then mysteriously peaces out

[Image: tgzzp3.png]
rise checks his insta only to find haters talking shit on pippi longstocking's page. as a true man of honour he rounds up the squad to go fuck em up

[Image: 8t3ov5.png]
the boys turn up only to find the hater STILL cyberbullying their homie so they get ready to beat him to death. a tutorial pops up explaining that you absolutely must murder everyone on the map other than ike's squad. online toxicity is serious

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unrelated to all this, two children are chilling in a nearby house watching 50 first dates. the girl is pretty sure adam sandler can cure this chick's amnesia but the guy thinks they're never gonna get together. can't believe they let kids watch that filth

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rice tries to help but the sunlight and exercise is far too much for him. sadly he died in the hospital later that day. RIP IN PEACE BRO HOPE YOU GET YOUR SAM TO 80 IN HEAVEN Ghost

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anyway that's irrelevant b/c ike's gf shows up and starts fucking ppl up. not sure why i grabbed this screenshot actually

[Image: x3ivd1.png]
she pretty much mows down everyone with zero effort. the hater runs away pleading for mercy but ike says fuck that shit and perma bans his ass. think b4 you flame nerd

[Image: vs5mxe.png]
he makes an alt and threatens to post vegeta porn. the crew has a policy to always negotiate with terrorists so they fold instantly

rest of this update in spoilers b/c ike and all his friends are horribly murdered by the guy with anime cornrows and it's NSFW

titania is fucking ridiculous and and stays that way the entire game unlike most prepromotes

>tune in next post when i show you how to get this game

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Perfidy is a necessary evil in order to root out flaming scum, wherever they hide. All haters must be put to the sword. Titty-Anya demands it.
@Arrietty failed to save me so here's another update

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we join our heroes as they argue over who gets the spanking this week. ike is trying to be less of a coomer so he doesn't argue too much.

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today's episode is an anti-piracy PSA. do you want to be like these greasy chucklefucks, eating grubs out of your best friend's hollow skull? then don't download nintendo ROMs

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the plot thickens as master roshi demands titty-anya slay the lot of them. credits to @Amoeba for the only funny joke in this let's play

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like any red-haired american, shinon has plenty of experience shooting intellectual property rights violators and socialists.

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i also got this robot on my team which is cool. he pokes some degenerate seadog and all of the dude's blood pops out like a burst water balloon. try emulating mario party 2 in hell bitch

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she-ra princess of power flies in to remind us that pirates are a less evolved species and joins in on the genocide

[Image: ma4jgx.png]
i attempt to murder her but the laws of the PSA dictate only the software theives can suffer. not very immersive gameplay, nintendo! haven't you dipshits ever heard of morrowind?

[Image: igcb60.png]
shinon attempts to wipe out the pirate menace from a distance, having forgotten that all axes in this world are made of australium and act as boomerangs. that is not a reference to anything stop aksing if its a reference

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i parked ike's gf in the wrong spot and kim dotcom over here decided to pop in to tell her about limewire. he is swiftly vivisected and the level ends automatically. i apologize to all of our ike simps. he will have more to do next time

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this guy doesn't have any grandchildren or anything; Grandfather is his given name. he comes in at the end to question if it was worthwhile for our heroes to spend their time fighting digital piracy through mass murder. ike stumbles in and yells MAYBE NOT BUT SOMEONE'S GOTTA DO IT and everyone has a hearty laugh. iris out, roll credits

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next time we'll see a roadside battle, unlike all the previous battles that were no where near roads. see you then, ike fans!
titania just annihilating bosses on accident is the funniest shit and also a critical part of the path of radiance experience
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this game looks so ugly

i hope the weird stretching is because of emulation and that's not how it is on real hardware
(May 12, 2021 at 1:21 PM)Bigfoot Wrote: this game looks so ugly

i hope the weird stretching is because of emulation and that's not how it is on real hardware
it's a gamecube game, so it's 4:3 natively. idk why aidan is trying to run it in widescreen.

the models and such do look ugly though.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
(May 12, 2021 at 7:41 PM)Draku Wrote:
(May 12, 2021 at 1:21 PM)Bigfoot Wrote: this game looks so ugly

i hope the weird stretching is because of emulation and that's not how it is on real hardware
it's a gamecube game, so it's 4:3 natively. idk why aidan is trying to run it in widescreen.
because i'm a dumbass
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