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In the events following the Containment Breach and the resulting release of over one-thousand previously contained variable-class paranormal items and entities, a group of dangerous criminals has formed, capitalizing on the newfound public interest in the supernatural following the Breach.

That group is known as the Crimson Eye. Utilizing primarily supernatural artifacts and items recovered from the XW Corporation after their dissolution, the Crimson Eye act as smugglers, thieves, enforcers, and black market dealers. They have also been recently sighted with strange, manufactured weaponry that combines the supernatural with advanced technology.

Interactions with Crimson Eye operatives should be cautioned due to the unpredictable nature of their arsenal. Despite resembling XW technology, it does not match any of the items seized after their collapse.

To serve these ends, the Crimson Eye seemingly has close ties with the Japanese Yakuza, as well as the Eastern-European nation of Qstia, a small country that has recently experienced an economic boom due to their lax financial and trade laws, becoming a popular tax haven.

The Crimson Eye is believed to be led by three individuals. Our internal suspects are:

SEIKO IWASAKI, board member of the Moirai Fashion Company based out of Tokyo, Japan. Rumored to have deep-running Yakuza connections, she both possesses an easy front for smuggling, as well as access to the resources required to operate in the criminal underworld. Furthermore, several of the Moirai Fashion Company’s employees have been confirmed as Crimson Eye Operatives.

DANIIL ZHUKOV, current Prime Minister of Qstia. Qstia is a hotspot for the wealthy to conduct underground activities due to the nature of their lenience regarding these subjects. The XW Corporation previously had a deal with Zhukov, allowing for the storage of items that would be banned in most nations. It stands to reason that Zhukov could very well be supplying these items to the Crimson Eye, as well as potentially granting them safe haven in his country.

The “Third Partner” is unknown, having never been sighted or interacted with by anyone outside of the inner circles of the Crimson Eye. They appear to be an expert in occultic technologies, and are likely behind the production of new materials and weaponry for the Crimson Eye. Various rumors circle the underworld about the nature of the Third Partner, such as [REDACTED] but they ultimately remain in obscurity.

All three of these individuals are closely guarded, and any engagement with them is extremely dangerous. Instead, curbing the rise of the Crimson Eye will be conducted from the bottom up, categorically eliminating their lower level agents until the upper echelons of the organization begin to slip up.

Your assignment is twofold.

A new medical facility is being opened in the Japanese Alps. Titled “Nadare”, it is the brainchild of ex-XW research lead Dr. Morgan Pierce. We believe that the Crimson Eye will target Nadare, either in search of old XW technology she may have in her possession, or for the last remaining sample of [REDACTED], a drug with otherworldly capabilities, and a bloodstained past.

First and foremost, find and eliminate the Crimson Eye members dispatched to the site. For operations of this scale, the Crimson Eye typically dispatches about five members. We have preemptively identified at least one of them via prior surveillance, a woman known to be a self-professed “master of disguise” possessing a W-Type Monster Suit.

[Image: NMgSW9V.png]

Seiko Iwasaki may also be sending two Yakuza members to act as backup in case the operation goes badly, keep eyes peeled for them. They are every bit as unpredictable and dangerous as the Crimson Eye themselves.

Secondly, observe Dr. Pierce’s experiments from the shadows. Morgan Pierce has a history of dangerous and unconventional experimentation regarding medicine, the human body, and restricted chthonic materials such as [REDACTED].

To summarize, the Crimson Eye want something Dr. Pierce has, and the Yakuza may be with them, though it is unclear whether they know the specifics as the proper Crimson Eye members do. Meanwhile, Dr. Pierce is potentially up to something extremely dangerous and requires observation.

Take care to avoid identification. Eliminate the Crimson Eye.

various lore shit i have learned from my escapades

- Interpol made a division called the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation to deal with supernatural entities large and small, including but not limited to cursed objects, ghosts, various monsters, supernatural stuff.
- They were involved in the downfall of the XW Corporation and other high profile cases.
- However they have downsized due in part to a containment breach and some deaths.
- Pierce and Hawke worked together, but their project "went bad. Real bad." according to Hawke.
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NPC Lore is lore, right?

"Interview 1 - Dr. Pierce":

"Interview 2 - Nurses":

"Interview 3 - Dr. Wexlyn":

"Interview 3 - Dr. Hawke":
B2F (map according to current player understanding; will be filled in over time. Definitely not to scale):

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B2F Room descriptions:
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A note in the security office warns that in the case of a breach on B2F, the deployment of flashbangs is highly recommended.
Quote:A teenage girl runs down a hallway, alarms and red warning lights blaring in the background. In her hand is an ornate staff, adorned with a carved, reptilian head and red jewels laid into its eyes. The girl continues running, her brown hair streaming out behind her. She stops at a door, a sign reading STAFF ONLY mounted above it.

“Shit, what do I do?” the girl says out loud, panicked.

“There’s a door right there, what do you mean? Open it!” A voice emanates from the staff in her hand, its eyes glowing red as it speaks.

“But… the sign! It says...”

If the object in her hands could roll its eyes, it would. “Yes, the sign says STAFF ONLY. And I’m a staff, so hurry up and open the door. We’re running out of time, you idiot.”

The girl nods, and opens the door, running through. Suddenly, a voice rings out from further down the hall, yelling at her to freeze. A black haired woman steps into view, pointing a gun at the girl and her staff.

“I should have known you’d be involved with this. Either way, your fun ends here.”

“Involved?” The voice from the staff replies, “No, I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I’m simply an opportunist, Agent Grayson. And this happens to be quite the opportunity.”

“Clever, but the jig’s up. We’ve got this breach almost under control. You’re not going anywhere.”

“Oh, do you now?” The staff’s voice laughs, before growing cold. “We’ll see about that. Do it,” the staff signals to its wielder.

The girl takes a deep breath, and the black haired woman’s eyes widen in realization. “No, don’t”, she says, but it is too late. The girl swings the staff at full force against the wall, and with a cracking noise, the memory abruptly ends.

The vision seen in a Flashback Light lens.
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Flashback Light Wrote:Two men dressed in BUREAU OF PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION uniforms are sitting in front of a SECURITY DESK, though not NADARE’s. One turns to the other and asks how their STOCK PORTFOLIO’s doing this week, trying to make small talk. The other man shrugs, and says that his KAMTECH is really shitting the bed lately, just keeps dropping.

The first man laughs, and says that KAMTECH is a horrible investment. Is probably gonna take another hundred years for that shit to go anywhere. The second man remarks that at least he didn’t invest in XW right before they went under.

The first man scowls. Evidently that cuts deep. Still, that seems to remind him of something, and he turns to look at the security cameras. One of the camera feeds cuts out, and the second man squints, tapping the monitor in hopes it’ll come back on.

One by one, each of the feeds blinks out. The men begin to panic, yelling something over a radio. You can’t make it out though… as the memory fades.
- The file folder with all this info in it was found in Hawke's locker. (? I guess?)
- Dr. Hawke and Dr. Pierce oversaw this project over a decade ago, about 2011.

File folder contents:

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Found this file left open in the XW Archive

Quote:November 28, 2019
Subject: [NAME REDACTED], 44 years old
Experiment Conducted by Dr. R. Wexlyn

Immunocompromised subject was injected with Shadow Plague sample. No symptoms detected, even after two weeks of allotted incubation time. No sign of mutation into Void Fever.

Subject terminated. The risk of keeping a Shadow Plague “Patient Zero” alive is too great.

Conclusion: As expected, Shadow Plague seems to lie dormant until a high volume of the immediate population is infected. Impractical for weaponization, except in isolated communities.
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found this during the night

Victims - Lazarin Project Wrote:The file appears to contain a list of people who died as a result of the Lazarin Project. It seems as though the vast majority of the test subjects partaking wound up dying as a result of Lazarin’s occult ingredients overtaking their body’s natural functions, turning them from living people into souls possessing empty shells.

Many of these people became reliant on Lazarin to live, and the prohibitive costs resulted in fifteen known deaths as a result, with more predicted to be unknown, having been misdiagnosed upon death.


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