[Day 4 - Investigation] - Boiling Point


The second Yakuza falls, two in same night! Absurd! When backup is required for important mission, ideally you will be sending big and strong men, no? Not men who drop like flies at slightest breath. What was going through your head, sending strange rapper and ugly pink dog man instead of competent individual?

Oh, drop it, Zhukov. I have a backup plan. If the mission is suddenly in jeopardy, the solution is simple. The loss of DK West and Violent Jimin is unfortunate, but a mere setback. I'll simply have to take the initiative here and remove the Crimson Eye's forbidden actions entirely.

You underestimate me. Those disposable thugs are merely an insurance policy of sorts, one of many. I would have expected you to know this by now, but I suppose you're too wrapped up in your ledgers and finances.

Both of you, be quiet. Someone's listening in. Terminate this channel immediately.

The Great And Powerful Daniil Zhukov, Prime Minister of Glorious Nation of Qstia is not wrapped up in ledgers OR finance! I will have you know I have overworked regular minister for that! The nerve of you, Seiko Iw-



[Image: HWnGCeu.png]

[Image: z0GR90j.png]

@Jack of Spades has been found dead in the Hot Spring, wearing a swimsuit and badly burned. Her role was the Ultimate Virologist

role description:

[Image: GjENxDr.png][Image: AEt9Sm4.png]

What? No! Fuck! No!

What the fuck is wrong with you people? She was cool! She like, talked to me and shit, she was NORMAL! She had her head screwed on right, I could talk to her! How could any of you do this shit? Buncha fucking psychopaths, I swear to god. Waltar was right, about all of you! Fuck this.

I appreciate this genuine display of emotion, but you're not exactly one to talk here. You yourself are at least partially responsible for the removal of a real, human life from this game. I know why you did it, I know why everyone's doing it. I know you cared about her, but maybe use this as a learning opportunity. Consider your own actions, and consider how they might have hurt people in much the same way.

Oh piss off, Wexlyn. No one gave a shit about Violent Jimin, you and I both know that. Stop trying to use the death of someone I care about to fucking shame me, you prick. And take off that clown suit, you look like an asshole.

...It's a wizard costume, and I didn't mean to... do that. Sorry. I know you're struggling.

Fuck you.

[Image: hugbiUr.png]

...Well, while the Two Stooges bicker amongst themselves, I have an announcement to make. Thanks to the efforts of my Security Team, at least two unknown threats were repelled from the basement area. Furthermore, it has been discovered that someone broke the e-Pass reader on my office door. Well done, for once. I would give you all a raise, if you weren't volunteers.

However, this leads into my second point.

[Image: qz3bW3R.png][Image: FA0DzGt.png?1]

Unlike that pathetic Dr. Hawke, I don't have a particular attachment to most of you. Should I find out who is responsible, you'll wish you were mislynched. Do you even KNOW the sorts of things you can do to someone in a hospital while still keeping them technically alive?

Well, if you're that coat-wearing weasel OR the idiot running around with a bag on his head, step right up and find out!

Bag on his head? You mean Faust!? I knew that guy was sketchy! Why else would he have performed all that messed up surgery? He must be one of those Crimson Eye guys!

What? No, not Faust. There's another guy with a bag on his head. Why am I wasting my time explaining this to you? You're not my target audience here, get back to work.

Personally, I'm all for taking out any masked weirdos running around. Someone smacked me on the head last night, pretty badly too. I think it was Senpai, seems like the type to beat women over the head for no reason.

Oh yeah! That's right! Someone hit me too, in the lounge!

I think the only thing that hit you was the entire bottle of wine you chugged after acting in Marenghi's movie, but go off.

Enough, show me the case file.

-Jack of Spades is lying in the Hot Springs, face down
-Her clothes and belongings are next to her, outside of the Hot Springs
-She is covered in severe burns
-The remnants of a D&D game are in the Rec Room
-The Rec Room sound system is turned on, playing music
-DK West's corpse is missing
-There is a pool of blood where his corpse used to be
-All the metal objects are missing from Radiology
-There is a BONFIRE near the south end of the building in the Courtyard

-Robbydude was AFK today
-The Haunted Puppet is nowhere to be seen
-Dr. Pierce's Office has its e-Pass reader broken

[Image: ioIYiTI.png]

[Image: ghZ52Kt.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: E0ejTDw.png]

Room Descriptions:


@Kids TV Show Host
@Hank Hill
@Among Us
@The Drifter

@Professional Robuster
@Hu Tao
@Robert Winters
@ASMR Youtuber
@Rio Ranger

@Dark Souls II
@Garth Marenghi
@Mr Waltar Whité

@Dr. Morgan Pierce
@Dr. Jim Hawke
@Dr. Alexander Wexlyn

Post investigation questions in this thread, and try to post any major theories here, for the sake of ease.

The investigation will end Thursday at 8 PM PST.

Dark Souls II
terrible death

investigate the hot springs
Investigate the body.

Perhaps my mummy will obtain a friend.
Investigate the BONFIRE since Dark Souls and Deathborn are doing the cool things.
Try and make sense of the Rec Room.
[Image: VgtlkIE.png]

...I want to make a green eyepatch out of a surgical mask, then wear it over my left eye. I'll use tools from the Operating Room.
[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
Kids TV Show Host
Can we have Hawkes account for the night?
(May 5, 2021 at 2:14 AM)Dark Souls II Wrote: terrible death

investigate the hot springs
You investigate the Hot Springs. The dirt's been shoveled out for a while, but besides Jack's body, it's mostly empty in here besides the water. You notice some burn marks around the edge of the water though. You wonder what's up with that.

(May 5, 2021 at 2:15 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Investigate the body.

Perhaps my mummy will obtain a friend.
You investigate Jack's body, pulling her out of the water. All around her body are burn marks that arc around her in strange patterns, splitting her skin open at points. It's really quite a gruesome sight. Besides the burns, she doesn't seem to have any external injuries though, such as a stab wound or anything.

Dr. Hawke averts his eyes as you check her body, not wanting to look.

(May 5, 2021 at 2:17 AM)Lita Wrote: Investigate the BONFIRE since Dark Souls and Deathborn are doing the cool things.
You investigate the Bonfire.

The Bonfire is on the southeast end of the building, behind Dr. Wexlyn's office. It appears to be a constantly-burning bonfire with a spiraled metal sword sticking out of it. It also reeks quite heavily of vomit, so you stop looking at it.

(May 5, 2021 at 2:20 AM)°☆◇_Lost_In_Hogwarts◇☆° Wrote: Try and make sense of the Rec Room.

You examine the Rec Room. It's not particularly destroyed or anything. There's a dungeon map on the table, along with several copies of some sort of document signed by Garth Marenghi.


On the dungeon map are several generic player tokens along with a token that appears to be the final boss, painted black with red eyes. He is on his side next to the token of a buff owl in the middle of what is marked as a deep pit on the map. You can presume he was owned.

There's also death grips playing, for some reason. You leave the room, the sound of MC Ride's incoherent screaming starting to get to you.

(May 5, 2021 at 2:49 AM)°☆◇_Lost_In_Hogwarts◇☆° Wrote: [Image: VgtlkIE.png]

...I want to make a green eyepatch out of a surgical mask. I'll use tools from the Operating Room.
You grab a surgical mask from the Operating Room and form it roughly into an eyepatch with the use of some scalpels and some materials from some scrubs. You put it on, becoming PUNISHED LOST IN HOGWARTS.
before I pay any attention to anything else, I shall perform an autopsy
(May 5, 2021 at 3:06 AM)Faust Wrote: before I pay any attention to anything else, I shall perform an autopsy
You perform the Autopsy.

Cutting open Jack of Spades, you notice that she doesn't have any particular damage beyond her lethal burns or signs of intoxication or anything. You think you can safely say that the burns are consistent with electrical burns, however.
Dark Souls II
i hate dark souls ii: night 4

- wake up
- head to radiology to grab the crossbow bolts
- go to the vr control room to look for deathborn, pass by BIGFOOT going into the security office
- get pulled in someone, lick them, it's revealed to be DEATHBORN hiding from the mummy. i show him the metal
- deathborn goes to get the mummy's attention, when the mummy passes by vr control i shove the crossbolts down its throat
- deathborn flashes a flashlight in my eyes and runs away
- the flashlight causes me to basically become a statue for a while, i remain conscious but nothing happens and i can't move at all. after some time i'm able to move again
- head up the elevator and into the courtyard, passing by FAUST who's doing something with DK WEST's corpse and the puppet
- check on the fire i made on night 1. vomit into it because of my flu
- a booming crack and bright flash comes from the direction of hot springs and outdoor storage. as i go check to see what it is an UNKNOWN PERSON heads into equipment
- find JACK dead in the hot springs the way she is now, with HAWKE knocked out nearby
- HANK is also in the courtyard on drugs or something, he called me dale
- head to the rec room where dnd is almost over, PLAGUE DOCTOR, YOUTUBER, RIO, NEMESIS, and GARTH are playing. i'll let one of them describe it as i missed too much of it. WEXLYN ends the game shortly after i arrive
- i apologize to wexlyn for missing the game, but he forgives me. before we could have any meaningful chat YOUTUBER returns and starts blasting death grips. wexlyn isn't happy with the youtuber and says he'll talk to me tomorrow, he needs to talk to HOGWARTS tonight
- dejectedly i head to my dorm and go to sleep
[Image: aJQf2tx.png]

WAR... has changed.

It's no longer about fandom, posts, or accounts. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by SIMPS and BOTS.
WAR - and it's consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine.
WAR... has changed.
Fandom-assigned posters show fandom-approved icons, post fandom-approved art. Algorithms inside their feed DISTORT and REGULATE their content intake.
Retweets, posting history, emoji control, account control... everything is MONITORED and kept under control.
WAR... has changed.
The age of FANDOM has become the age of CONTROL, all in the name of averting DISCOURSE from sites of mass conversation, and she who controls the content, controls HISTORY.
WAR... has changed.

[Image: h8j3Bqo.png]

When the battlefield is under total CONTROL, war becomes routine.

[Image: bqyC09m.png]

Tonight, everything has changed. I'm beyond making a callout post. I am here to declare war. CAN YOU HEAR ME, THE ULTIMATE LEGAL ADVISOR? TONIGHT YOU ARE MY ENEMY, AND THIS WILL REMAIN AN UNDYING CONSTANT OF THE UNIVERSE!

Tonight, I was indicted, reducing me from girlboss almighty to just some basic bitch. No aliens, no powers, nothing. I have never felt more vulnerable, and HUMILIATED. You think this is funny?!?!?

[Image: kGl4GQR.png]

Hoooo... steady, girl. I was helpful tonight. I helped people. I helped dear Wexlyn the Wise in his efforts to host a roleplaying session. While the last time I met a roleplayer, I was faced with a hideous overweight male with bad breath and a worse kin list, this time was different. I have not yet finished my shift diary recollecting the events that TEAM DRACO went through to defeat THE DARK LORD, but I will of course provide my memories of the befores and the afters, because I am just SO. GRACIOUS!!!

Before the campaign started, I met up with FAUST, who is by far the kindest boy who doesn't live in a magical castle right now. That fucking AMOGUS guy is there too, but he doesn't say a word. Typical gamer. Me and the SURGEON have some business together! But it doesn't pan out due to a lack of compatibility between his skillset and my... physicality. I guess I'm just BUILT DIFFERENT!!

I leave the OPERATING ROOM, walking past that DRIFTER thing, and then head up to the REC ROOM. GARTH, the YOUTUBER, and of course, WEXLYN are all there already. The rest is history...

[Image: vA3mwSR.png]

GOD!!! Wexlyn did such a good job!!!! I'm so proud of him!!!!!!!!!!! I should have applauded him more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either way, once he's done, everyone leaves (but that NEMESIS goes to the TERRARIUM CONTROL.....) and I go to post-session therapy with the therapist. After that, I just go to sleep, but not before DEATHBORN comes in, panting and relieved to be sharing a dorm with me! What're you so worked up about, huh? Suffered another callout post???

[Image: qtLNqT7.png]

All in all, a TERRIBLE night. No SHIFTING, no POWERS, no SURGERY... ah, I can't stay mad when I have the closest thing here to a bitch boy on my friends list.
[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
Yesterday I was appointed to security by Dr. Pierce and given the task of making sure anybody not authorized to be on B2F is taken care of.

I wake up and head toward the security office. Dark Souls II enters the VR control room. I enter the security office and equip a security helmet and an AK-47. I load up the AK -47with rubber bullets. I exit and head toward the surgery ward. I pass by Waltar White as he exits the experiment dorms. He goes into Dr. Hawke's office. I go into the elevator shaft.

It's time to get to work patrolling the basement. I peek into the morgue and find Dr. Pierce hard at work. I check the doors to the south next. Nobody is in the room closer to the elevator. There are shelves with old files, high-tech gadgets, and weird flashlights. I move on to the next door. I can hear chanting from behind the door but my e-Pass fails to open it.

I turn around and begin to head up the hall when I see Faust looking through the glass window into the room with the mechanical arm. I point my AK-47 at him and tell him to get out. He puts his hands up and I escort him to the elevator shaft.

Now that Faust is gone, it's time to continue the patrol. I hear a noise behind me and spin around. I don't see anything. I head down the hall past the glass wall. Next I enter the door to the northwest corner. There is another hallway with a door to the north and a door to the south. The door to the north is open and I can hear sounds from inside.

I ready my gun and scan the room. There's nobody inside. Confused, I begin to look around some more. It appears to be a server room. There is a control panel on the wall with a USB slot. I hear another noise behind me. I turn around ready to fire but it's just Among Us. I update him on my patrol progress.

Then there's ANOTHER sound from the doorway. Among Us and I both look over to see somebody wearing Senpai's clothes with a bag on their head holding a taser. They are standing over an unconscious Drifter. I fire my gun at the bag person but they duck and flee. I chase bag head into the hall and continue firing. One of my bullets hits their leg. They cry out in pain and stumble but continue running. They flee to the stairwell (the one that goes to rec room) and I give up on my chase. It's just my job to make sure people stay out of B2F, not to unmask them scooby doo style.

I return to the server room. Among Us is still there and we talk about the Lion King. Then we notice a person with a wide-brimmed hat and a long coat exit from the room to the south. Their face is obscured by the dim lights. Among Us pulls out an energy gun and fires it at the coat guy. The coat guy reacts by kicking a medical cart into the way of the blast. Coat guy grabs a binder off the cart and throws it at me. It smacks into my face. I stumble backwards as I fire my gun. One of the rubber bullets ricochets off the ceiling and hits coat guy's shoulder.

Coat guy pulls out his gun and fires at me. I duck behind the doorway as they fire a red tracer round. Coat guy goes into the server room and I follow. When I enter they're gone, but I do notice a vent on the ceiling.

I turn around to find Among Us and Dr. Pierce. We explain everything to her and she tells us to return to our dorms for the night. We both do so.

Were any of Obama Machine's drugs used tonight?
(May 5, 2021 at 4:12 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: @Monokuma

Were any of Obama Machine's drugs used tonight?
Nope! Everyone's clean.

Poor old ex-president-turned-pharmacist. You guys are really letting his life's work go to waste, huh?
Hank Hill
Dearest Peggy,

Sorry if my handwriting looks like I drank myself silly, I'm pretty sure last night took 2 years off my life. Here's what happened:

-I woke up to Senpai beatboxing or something by my bed, I say good morning to him and he corrects me saying it's still night. Damn jet lag. We head to the Lobby.
-I see Garth typing at a desk, and in the Courtyard I witness Doctor Faust tearing into DK West dead's body, with a puppet by his side. Jesus.
-I grab a grill and some propane from the Outdoor Storage and place it in the Lobby. I figured I might as well host a cookout to get to know these folks better.
-After stopping by to retrieve the necessary supplies in the Cafeteria, I carry the grill through the Lounge, where I saw Senpai working on some "character sheet". I start grilling up some grub on the Patio, where Senpai tried to preach to me, a boomer, about how unhealthy meat is, and walks into the Rec Room.
-Rio Ranger and Lita come in from the lounge, with the latter taking a burger. Walter, that crackpot I told you about earlier, also comes in the Lounge and offers me some pizza, but before I could take some he yelled and threw it onto the roof, going back into the Lounge. Huh.
-Rio Ranger retreated to the Rec Room, and Monokuma (this black and white teddy bear demon) grabbed a bratwurst and immediately spit it out, throwing the rest over the ledge. I thought bears had less discriminating tastes than that.
-Lita goes back into the Rec Room, with the Kids TV Show Host coming in soon after, later followed by Jack of Spades and Dr. Hawke. Robert Winters then shows up to have one of my hot dogs. Suddenly, he screams and points at something in the distance, but I saw nothing when I looked behind me. When I looked back, he was already scrambling for the Cable Car Station.
-I decide to call the BBQ off there, noticing Luna was knocked out on the floor. I stop by the Cafeteria to grab a beer, and I once again saw Robert, talking to a chair.
-I went out to the Courtyard, where...God, how do I describe it? The sky turned purple, and the moon a deep red, and that was the least weirdest thing that happened.
-I saw someone go into Equipment Room, but somehow, he was....John Redcorn. I also saw Dale come by the side of the Building to the Glass Walkway, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he were here. But then I looked at the Hot Springs, and they were both Bobby, Peggy, our Bobby.
-Then I hear this cackle behind me, and I turn to see my dad on the river island, talking about how electric grills were superior. I wasn't even controlling myself, but the next thing I knew, I was on top of my own father and kicking his ass until there was nothing left....literally, he just, vanished. Then, Dr. Wexlyn showed up to ask if I was okay, and God, I had no idea what to say to him.
-I look around again, and whatever had me on a drug trip had apparently worn off, because I saw that Jack of Spades girl unmoving in the Hot Springs, with Dr. Hawke unconscious next to her. And then, I went to sleep.

Good lord, what is this place doing to me, Peggy? Please pray for me tonight.

Garth Marenghi
[Image: 5O3b7cq.jpg]

Horror is, in many ways, my true love. Don't tell my wife that, but it's true. In that sense, I really enjoyed taking part in tonight's Dungeons & Dragons game. I did distribute my character's origin story - a reworked script that was too hot for Darkplace, which itself was too hot for TV (and hot in this sense means "provocative". not "sexy") - but I'll provide an account of the writing process.

Quote:RICK DAGLESS is walking through the halls with a slight

This is a mistake, but deliberate. Sometimes I'll slip small mistakes into my scripts and see if the actors and crew can spot them. It's a great way to find out who's actually read through it and who's just pretending. The word that's meant to follow is "swagger", though I would probably do this naturally anyway.

Quote:Another huge shake. All scream as they are knocked to the ground, except REED who as mentioned before was sitting down in his chair at the time.

I was caught in an earthquake once, in Weston-super-Mare in 1991. As a horror author, I've got the authority to say this - it was bloody scary. I was in a cafe at the time eating an egg and beans. What you're meant to do in an earthquake is get under a table, to avoid getting clunked in the back of the head by the ceiling - but I looked at this table and it was tiny, and the floor was filthy, so I thought, I'll chance it outside. And I was only a minute away from the beach, so I just walked over there and waited till it was done, because the worst thing that can fall on your head at the beach is bird shit. So if you get caught in an earthquake, my advice is to head for the shore.

Quote:They find a jar of marmalade, sitting on the floor.

I thought marmalade would be a good fit, seeing as it's got this fiery look about it, and all the stuff inside makes it look like some kind of gem. Around the time we would have filmed this, there was a marmalade shortage all over the country, so worst come to worst we would've had to use Marmite.

Quote:SANCHEZ wrings in grief.

That's an acting thing I once learnt about at a workshop. There's others - the press, the dab, to name a few.When you're doing the wring motion, it's like you're wringing all the water out of a giant flannel. Or a towel, maybe. Usually they combine it with other movements, but I thought it felt like a poignant movement on its own, to show the machinations of grief.

Quote:SATAN continues to make strange noises and movements, but his dialogue is subtitled so we can understand where the narrative is going.

I do try to avoid subtitles wherever it's necessary. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with reading a book - but reading a book at the same time as watching the pictures, that's just a little bit intrusive. I also find sometimes that written fiction translates poorly to the screen - take those trite Harry Potter films, for instance. If I had directed that, I would have cast adults to play all the children, and then really tall adults to play all the adults. Because it's all perspective, isn't it? But on the other hand, I love Shrek.

Quote:Suddenly, he sneezes and falls to the floor – and when he gets up, the red skin, horns and wings are back, and his eyes are red.

Now, this is where he really becomes "LORD DR. RICK DAGLESS M.D. OF THE FIFTH CIRCLE OF HELL", who is the D&D character. He's a doctor, but he has dabbled so far into the dark arts that he has essentially become part-Devil. I realised that, after writing it, there were some parallels with the story of Faustus, but I don't think Rick is going to get dragged to Hell, because at the end of the day he has a good head on his shoulders. I'm not sure what in particular I based the appearance on - potentially the Bible, or an article I read about Paradise Lost - but it's what I think the Devil looks like.

I hope that answers some of your questions.
[Image: gs9q0Az.png]

Hey! I figured since I was cohosting, I'll probably have the best account of the full events of last night's session! Presenting.... THE ADVENTURES OF ADVENTURERES HERE TO SAVE THE WIZARD!!!

[Image: gdRKzs6.png]

We start our journey with a clown (ROBUSTER), a dragonlady (LITA), a demon (GARTH), a bird bard (ASMR YOUTUBER), an owl (HU TAO), and a boy (SENPAI)! These delightful dorks have found themselves captured in a dark and dreary dungeon, deep down the depths of a dismal... cave.

[Image: 48z8vtw.png]

After freeing themselves from their bonds, they combat skeletons and win!!!

[Image: EqlGfky.png]

After their victory, they venture further into the map and find an old yet beautiful woman, who commands a sense of respect and loving wherever she goes. She tells them all about how Wexlyn the Wise was a kind wizard who was imprisoned in this very dungeon by a devious being known as the DARK LORD!!! This villain is going to sacrifice our heroes, but not if they have anything to say about it!!! And they DO!!!!!

[Image: 4A4OhFy.png]

Not before the clown dies and a zombie (NEMESIS) shows up.

[Image: 1Sx1ofk.png]

The poor boy, brave as he was, later fell victim to a trap involving an absence of floor where there is normally floor!! Everyone else was smart enough to follow the demon's steps, as he exclusively stepped on the parts of the floor which contained a full floor.

[Image: UiPRfHb.png]

But then, further into the dungeon, a gross, horrible, disgusting beast made of stone and light came to life! This beast was thought to have perished years ago in a dangerous forest, but it seems our heroes strived to ensure this fact once more.

[Image: T1PH01U.png]

They vanquish the foul beast... but at what cost? The dragonlady's life. In her place rises a new hero (RIO RANGER) with flaming orange hair, once stored inside the cold stone of the now-crumbled beast. With this person now an ally to our heroes, a magical seal previously protecting the DARK LORD has now been broken. Onwards!

[Image: yBcnk85.png]

What happens when our heroes come face-to-face with a god hellbent on their own death?

[Image: Q3SqDdX.png]

Well, one of them dies and the other ragequits, of course!

[Image: b5OlNLi.png]

Luckily, the owl teams up with the other guy and throws the DARK LORD off a cliff! Nothing's more powerful than gravity, hear!!!!!

[Image: IDPTzbd.png]

And with that, our Wexlyn the Wise is saved, and this quest bears emotional fruit for the remaining three heroes. They pay respects to the dragonlady, bird bard, clown, boy and demon, and move on to greener pastures forever more.

THE END....................................................?
[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
Take a closer look at the Hot Spring burn marks.

Investigate Outdoor Storage and Equipment.

Also, look at Hank's grill setup.
explore b2f through elevator shaft
it's exactly as bigfoot and miss hogwarts have said
bigfoot kicks me right out

try to provide my services to miss hogwarts, but complications arose

retrieve the puppet from west's bag and proceed to do my job
dark soles two sees me in the act and exits glass hallawy and heads to the south end of the courtyard

grab hawke from dnd
at the time, lita, garth, youtuber, robuster, senpai, plague dr are playing dnd with wexy and hogwarts while waltar, tv host, jack, and hawke are watching

hawke and I take drugs and bang
he heads back to dnd while I clean up

I head through the lobby where I see plague dr, youtuber, hogwarts, rio, and garth leaving the media library

I hand my excelent character sheet to the trusty DM, but he tells me the game has ended
robuster is knocked out here and nemesis enters from the terrarium control room
after a little more talk, somebody with a long coat and a big hat runs in from the same location, and out through the media library


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