Y'know, it's almost surreal that one of our dear, precious Robs is gone. He actually attempted too! The rest of you are just a buncha filthy pacifists, I swear.

Whatever though. Tell you what. I'll make things interesting. If you solve this case, I'll raise everyone's Access Level by 1.

There. Now don't say I never did anything nice for you.
Maitre D'eath
Another life robbed of its natural end. Business continues, however.

I will yet again tally up votes received to the best of my abilities.

PROFESSIONAL ROBUSTER - 4 - Bigfoot, Among Us, Faust, Deathborn
DRIFTER - 9 - Professional Robuster, Lost In Hogwarts, Waltar White, Dr. Hawke, Garth Marenghi, Hu Tao, Rio Ranger, Senpai, Robert Winters
DR. JIM HAWKE - 1 - Nemesis
vote: robuster

He was in the right place at the right time, could have visited kitchen or break room for knives earlier, and fumbled his alibi repeatedly.
Among Us
[Image: rE2oKTc.png]
Professional Robuster
We've got 3 primary suspects at the moment, and a fourth maybe. Myself, Drifter, Lost in Hogwarts who we just discovered did have the timing and placing to do this, and then the fourth is Hank Hill.

For the time, I am voting: Lost in Hogwarts
Professional Robuster
Changing my vote to: The Drifter.
[Image: deFlWo3.png]

Not ONLY has my SHIFT TO HOGWARTS been interrupted by some FIEND TOUCHING UP MY PROSTHETICS, I was completely LOST in that CASTLE and DRACO was nowhere to be found!! I come back to my DISABILITY being put on display to the whole AUDIENCE, and that I was suspected of a MURDER in a reality completely separate to mine!!

If there's any time to vent, it's now. I'm in the mood to cull a figure of AUTHORITY. Sayonara, shift-stealer.

Vote: Drifter

[Image: 3nX7pKl.png]
Mr Waltar Whité
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
Dr. Jim Hawke
[Image: jqQ6Acd.png]

Uh, yeah. What he said.

Voting for The Drifter, or whoever.
Garth Marenghi
Vote: Drifter

Seems there's no better option than this.
Hu Tao
Vote: Hank Hill

He bullied me in TF2
buster? I really don't think drifter did it so that decides my coinfli[p
Looks at Pierce
looks at Hawke
runs tentacle across its neck, mimicking the slit throat motion


we haven't had a good tie in a while
Hu Tao
Vote: Drifter
Rio Ranger
Whatever. Drifter. Cull the staff.
Nah Vote: Drifter please just one more level of access
Robert Winters
Dark Souls II
Vote: Robuster

gut feeling it wasnt drifter
ASMR Youtuber
who did it

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