Going through Charlie Murder and enjoying it

Gonna play TMNT Turtles In Time, after that, any good beat em ups , Steam, Retro, or elsewhere?
my favorite ever is the alien vs predator one. really fun variety where the main girl feels like you're playing marvel vs capcom 2 and the other characters are more beefy or focused on guns. it just never gets boring.
other than that i think modern ones are usually better because they focus on replayability and choice. everyone mentions scott pilgrim, streets of rage 4, fight n rage etc. i'll shill double dragon neon. feels very classic but you have assloads of moves and great customization. the special dodge move is a lot of fun and the dialogue is legitimately great too.
I recommend beating up @MFan168 either verbally or physically.
Usually gives me 5-10min of enjoyment.
underrated ones that are def worth playing -

violent storm - basically konami taking the piss out of final fight. legitimately one of the most kickass soundtracks ever also, its full on 90s cheese and it rules
ninja baseball batman - its gotten more attention bc of avgn, still really good tho. it's one of those games thats wacky and crazy but it believes in itself 1000%
battletoads - the arcade battletoads. surprisingly a lot more violent and bloody than the console battletoads games but thats a lot of what makes it so good
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I unironically like how the 3DS Senran Kagura games play.
(Yesterday at 4:00 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: I unironically like how the 3DS Senran Kagura games play.
sk2 is great esp with coop but the first one is pretty ass imo
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