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(Jun 2, 2021 at 7:50 PM)ASMR Youtuber Wrote: I'm voting Robuster until further notice cause i want the reward for voting if we get it right while im asleep

and cause i dont want yall voting for my besties the nurses

we didnt get it right
Aw man, you guys gotta be kidding me. You lynched the last Rob?

But we... didn't we JUST have three of the fuckers? What are you gonna do now that you don't have any inactive chumps to sacrifice huh? Maybe you'll have to start actually trying to kill real people with real motivations. What a tragedy... I love it! Finally, some real action is coming up. About time too, with this many Robs, it felt like watching... something with a bunch of guys named Rob in it.

Look, my creativity's shot here, okay? Do you know how many jokes have already been made about the name "Rob" so far? I could say we've been robbed, I could get punny and call it "robicide", I could do a lotta shit that involves the name "Rob", and none of it would be original.

So, it is with extreme pleasure that I pronounce the @Professional Robuster to be INNOCENT. He didn't do anything, he just got punched by the robot chick and thrown away like a Super Mario 64 boss fight. Who's getting robusted now, hmm?

...Well so long, gay Robert, 'cuz it's punishment time anyway!

Everyone stares at Professional Robuster, their eyes drilling into his very soul. He's been... condemned. Not because he was guilty, or even because he could have possibly done it. No, he was condemned by spite, petty and shallow.

...Or at least, that's what he thinks. In hindsight, saying that you are definitely guilty and should be lynched and begging for death... you know, probably not a good idea if you're hoping to... not be declared guilty. Nonetheless, he IS a professional. He will not allow himself to go down without a fight; that's amateur shit.

He runs into the Lobby elevator and bursts out on B1F, sprinting into the Security Office. He looks around frantically for a weapon, before noticing a pair of Uzis mounted to the gun wall. He snatches them off the wall, when Monokuma walks in, looking rather exasperated.

Monokuma sighs, and asks him to please, for the love of god, not to do anything stupid. For fuck's sake, can't someone just follow the script for once? Why's everyone gotta be cheeky and try something funny once they're being executed? Just die with dignity, come on. Accept your fate.

Professional Robuster asks what "script" Monokuma's even talking about, relaxing his grip on the pistols a bit. Monokuma sighs, and shows him the first page of a large stack of paper:

[Image: tP4SGIk.png]

Robuster's face contorts into sheer bewilderment, then into an expression of shock and pain as Monokuma slaps him upside the head with the stack, snatching one of the Uzis and kicking him into the jail cell, slamming the door. Monokuma laughs as he raises his new gun at the Robuster, a laugh cut short as Professional Robuster unloads his gun into the bear's torso through the bars.

The robotic bear sparks and twitches, crashing to the ground. Robuster goes to open the cell door, but finds it locked. He rattles it, to no avail.

Robuster, locked up though he is, breathes a sigh of relief, holstering his weapon. That was a close one, but... he survived. Suddenly, a metal object collides with the back of his head, and he slumps to the floor unconscious. A second Monokuma, having popped out from underneath the cell's bench, holds his crowbar triumphantly. He crouches down over the Robuster, and begins to smash his head over and over again, beating it down to a bloody mess of nothing but brain chunks, assorted gore, and skull fragments.

Monokuma tosses the crowbar aside and stands up. He tries the cell door, but finds himself now locked in too. He waddles over to the bench and sits down, picking up the newspaper until someone comes to save him.

Eventually, a third Monokuma comes in and lets him out, leaving Robuster to rot in the cell.

@Professional Robuster was executed. He was INNOCENT. He did not kill Robert Winters, having woken up far too late to do so. Indeed, his plan was to kill Dr. Wexlyn, but he was "rudely" interrupted by Lost in Hogwarts before he could carry out his evil plan.

He was diagnosed with The Flu, with the following traits and abilities:

role description:

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