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Dark Souls 2 - I just feel you have an empty gap a the start of night so maybe??
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Garth Marenghi
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am i in time to vote rio
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Oh no, I'm not LATE, am I??

Uhh... uhh, Vote: Deathborn!! I've gotta be ON THE MONEY this time!
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Wait hold on, what happened? I was busy reading Slicer IV: The Blade is Back. What a total bore, put me to sleep. I can't believe you guys like this crap! Whatever happened to real literature, huh?

Oh right, the votes.

...Well, coincidentally, it looks to me like @Garth Marenghi is in the lead. Thank god, now he won't put out another one of these stinkers. Unfortunately though... that's completely wrong! Marenghi was completely innocent in every way. He just wandered out into the woods and encountered a certain extremely handsome and lovable variety of creature, which proceeded to chase him into the Outdoor Storage.

You guys were so close... almost brings a tear to my beady little eye. Oh well. Looks like the slicer is about to become the sliced, because it's punishment time!

The lights turn off in the facility suddenly, cloaking the surroundings in a pitch darkness. Garth Marenghi gropes around, until eventually he finds a flashlight, sitting on the lobby desk. His hands shaking, he clicks the button on the top, casting a beam of light that illuminates the lobby with a dim glow. He waves it around, but notices that he is now... alone.

From behind him in the Gallery, he begins to hear a scraping sound. He turns his head slowly, gulping as he looks over his shoulder. In the doorway, dragging a knife against the wall, is Monokuma, wearing a hockey mask. Monokuma continues walking towards the horror author, slowly advancing as Garth runs into the Media Library. He tries to pull open the door to the Rec Room, but find that it's locked. No shit, sherlock.

He hears a familiar scraping as Monokuma enters the Media Library, gouging a long scratch mark into the shelves as his knife continues to drag. Garth looks up at the bookshelf next to him as he pulls down several copies of Slicer II
. He hurls them, one after the other, at Monokuma as he sprints into the Lounge, then down into the Gift Shop.

Garth cowers behind the front counter, trying as hard as he can to not make a sound. The scraping... never resumes though. After what feels like forever, Garth peers up, exhaling a sigh of relief and wiping sweat from his clammy, pale forehead upon seeing the room empty once he waves his flashlight around. He climbs out from behind the counter, when suddenly Monokuma bursts out from underneath a stack of signed copies of Slicer IV
, plunging his blade into Garth's back.

Blood splatters across the face of his lookalike cardboard cutout as Garth falls forward, dead.

The lights flicker back on, and Monokuma walks out to the Gallery to greet the rest of the players. He tosses his bloody hockey mask on the ground, and without hesitation, tosses his knife directly at Dark Souls II's forehead. The knife sticks clean in, and the... video game? falls over, dissolving into nothingness as the words "YOU DIED" appear in red text over their body.

Outside in the Courtyard, Dark Souls II slowly fades back into existence by the Bonfire, which snuffs itself out. Springing up, Dark Souls II uses their last Human Effigy to fully restore their form, but find themselves stuck in the arm with long, nasty needle as they do. Monokuma is standing next to them, and pushes down on the plunger of the syringe he is holding, injecting Dark Souls II with... something.

Dark Souls II's eyes begin to tear up as they realize what just happened. They feel all their power... leaving them suddenly. They sink to their knees, howling in despair as Monokuma laughs.

@Dark Souls II has survived the kill with their bonfire, as the incentive specified that they would be "killed", not lynched. However, they have been injected with a Role Nullifier, and will no longer have a role for the duration of the game.

Bond levels will still apply.

@Garth Marenghi was lynched for the murder of @Hu Tao. He was, however, completely INNOCENT. He did spend most of his night in the woods before climbing up on the rooftop to kill with... pizza. He had no involvement whatsoever in the murder.

His role was the Ultimate Mysterious Traveler, with the following traits and abilities:

role description:

The role he selected was the Ultimate Director, from Awards Killing Game 2

role description:

@Dark Souls II has had their role removed from the game, therefore it shall be revealed too. Their role was the Ultimate... Dark Souls II, with the following traits and abilities:

role description:
i kept telling you all that i'm dark souls ii

videogames dont lie
Dark Souls II
who the fuck is that

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