Hey again! Great work on those very original landscapes! Our Gallery has some beautiful scenic images now decorating the walls! We always have more space for more masterpieces though, and I've heard some people talking about this, so I think we might get a couple new Michelangelos showing up to our sequel art time! ( cough, cough, @Kright )

...Although honestly, Raphael was always my favourite. Mostly cuz red was my favourite colour. Katanas are definitely the best weapons of the group's though.

Yeah, so I was also suggested some new locale for the next event. Turns out putting each of us on our own space stations to paint in solitude wasn't quite interactive as people were hoping for. My bad. Next time we'll do something more casual. Party-game-style art. I know you guys know how to have fun with that. I've been to a MW TeeKO session. Shudders

Anyway, here's the next form to enter your time suggestions. Please submit them at your earliest convenience or be ready to make room for your schedules after everyone else does it and the host doesn't want to wait on you anymore... Killing Game style.


Also, please submit a screenshot of your artworks from the previous Paint Night to my thread over in Arts and Crafts!


Happy Canada Day!
Thanks for the inputs, everyone! It seems that everyone can make it this Friday, the 9th, @ 6 PM (GMT-6) ! So that's when we'll have this!
@Draku @Elyk @Hearts @Kright @couch delivery man @Aidan and anyone else who wants to pop in and join us!
Hope to see you all there!

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