[Day 8 - Investigation] - Crimson Eclipse

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>50% COMPLETE...


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Ah, now that's better.

Finally, the Primary AI... Yes, the EREBUS program will take a while to spread, but at this point we've essentially won. Excellent work, operatives. You as well, DK West. It's good to see you alive. I had my doubts about Jimin, but I was always sure you'd make a comeback. To think, Zhukov doubted the efficacy of my forces.

I was not doubting of any efficacy! He was dead! What was I supposed to be thinking? He was executed for particularly bad murder on same night as the Dog Man! Barely anyone comes back from that!

[Image: nfBXHO0.png]

Well, even loaded up with as many of your artifacts as possible, your Quartermaster served to do naught but be suspicious and die to someone's invisible leg. As far as agents go, I believe I am winning.

Bah! Quartermaster was to deliver goods, does not matter if she lives or dies. Was expendable, no big deal. Besides, EREBUS program will keep metaphorical ball rolling. By tonight, entire facility will be overridden, yes?

[Image: Mfp1nn4.gif]

...Yes... We'll be in control of everything soon enough.

But until tonight, you can all enjoy another special little gift, one that one of our operatives has delivered unto you with extreme efficiency. Perhaps you've all been wondering for some time about Shadow Plague? Well, prepare to check that little mystery off of your list:

Shadow Plague has spread to enough people in the facility to mutate into Void Fever. Everyone's Role Powers have been disabled, and they have been severely physically weakened. This effect will last until Patient Zero is killed.

Patient Zero is now invincible during the Night Phase, and has gained additional abilities. They can only be killed via Execution OR a Crimson Bullet.

[Image: Mfp1nn4.gif]

Enjoy your new subjugation, while you can.

But maybe you have something bigger to worry about too, don't you? Looks like one of your "NPCs" decided to drop dead at long last, and an important one too! Oh, this is the sort of thing that just warms my heart. Good luck, the clock's ticking. Might as well solve one more before it's all over for you.

[Image: HWnGCeu.png]

[Image: Gwk4crP.png]

@Senpai has been found dead in Containment I, on B2F. He is completely gored, his guts all over the room and its contents. His head is cut off, and his body is decimated. His role was the Ultimate Physiotherapist, with the following traits and abilities:

role description:

Additionally, Summer has been found dead on the PATIO. There are two gunshots in her chest, and she is wearing the ASMR Youtuber's clothing. Her e-Pass appears to be smashed, and her role cannot be properly determined.

role description:

[Image: dtBEyHw.png]

No... It can't be.

NO! Not the Primary AI... That means they'll have full facility control. Access Levels, lockdowns, Monokuma... Everything. I think... it might be over, for everyone.

[Image: NfWSBcB.png][Image: Mwez1OC.png]

Ha... Hahahahaha! Not! I've still got one more little secret, and on top of that, you'll never get into the Vault, you red-tinted pissants! You think you've won? You think you've even come close? Between your Shadow Plague and your "Erebus Program", you're simply wasting your time. I've come so close to successfully creating something that far exceeds even Lazarin's capabilities, and I'll sacrifice the lives of everyone here before I give that up.

What are you... talking about? You mean your killer cyborg?

You wish. They cyborgs are nothing more than glorified guard dogs, for the most part. It's a shame one of them decided to turn on me tonight... Oh well.

But at this point... I may as well lay it all out.

[Image: 9PZuAuw.png][Image: 5VXRC56.png]

The Lazarin formula was fundamentally flawed, you see. Both in concept and in effect. I thought I could save the world, Dr. Hawke and I... We thought we could produce a drug that could overcome death. But we were idiots. Lazarin would eventually require more and more doses to keep up, it was unsustainable in the end, just keeping the dead alive in a "healthy" state.

Isn't that the entire point of your experimentation though? To bring back the dead? I've looked around your Frankenstein-esque lab enough at this point to at least get the gist of it. Injecting the Void Conduit into corpses to gauge their reactions, or whatever it is you're doing with that big needle thing.

[Image: UM709D4.png]

Oh please, if it were that simple, I would have just adjusted the Lazarin formula and tried again. No, no. Void Conduit, as the name explains, is just that: a conduit. It can be used to bind souls, but it can also be used for much, much more. Lazarin simply restored, I plan to enhance. Who needs revival, when you can have immortality? Power beyond what the human body alone could contain?

The XW Corporation... We tried something like that, once. It just produced an unstable, dangerous monster. But that was simply a corrupt soul, chthonic energy, and a heaping helping of Void Conduit. With an intact body, a sound mind, and my advancements in soulbinding technology... I'll destroy the very concept death for good, mark my w-

[Image: jOB1oCR.png]

Shut up already, I didn't ask for a supervillain rant. We know you're insane, you don't need to keep rambling. There's no way you're making it out of this without going to jail at the very least, so do you mind just pretending to have your head screwed on for a few minutes? Thanks. If you want to pump people with void-juice and superpowers, be my guest, but we should both know better than anyone that it's not going to go off without a hitch.

[Image: tw9cidj.png]

The Crimson Eye taking over the Primary AI though... That's concerning, but not the end of the world. They can still be killed, no AI is going to prevent that. It's more important to deal with this "Patient Zero" character, no? Well, there's that and... the fact that your missing nurse has turned up dead.

[Image: 6sI3wZb.png]

Oh yeah... Summer...

She was annoying but... I didn't want her to die. What was she even up to? Where was she? Does this mean that Dr. Wexlyn was wrong and she wasn't the mastermind? I mean, she's dead but the game's still going, isn't it?

[Image: bJWQ08x.png]

Well, remember what I said? Killing the Mastermind might not end the game at all. Monokuma is an independent entity, after all. I also think it's pretty suspicious that her e-Pass is broken. Did she do it herself? Was it the killer? What exactly was she hiding? I guess I'm asking just as many questions as you, aren't I?

I'm glad I'm alive at least. I was sure someone would try to get rid of me. Oh well. I think Garth would have wanted me to live anyway, or at least he would have until I voted for him, right?

Yeah, maybe.

[Image: SSyjMS6.png]

But... I put that much effort into my Mastermind Thesis, and you'd better believe I'm going to do the same here. I'm too far in to just give up now, and if there's mysteries that need solving, well who am I to back away at this point? Whether we've got a dead mastermind or not, I promised to try and keep everyone safe, and I won't let someone innocent get killed again. Not like Garth.

Dr. Pierce... She really doesn't care about any of us, so someone has to fight. Might as well be me.

[Image: AsgYtC7.png]

But uh... Where's Dr. Hawke? If he's not the victim then...

[Image: 2rjN9c0.png]



Hey guys... can someone come let me out of the Holding Cell now? Pierce's stupid cyborg welded me in here.

Guys? Hello? Who died?

[Image: H5slYN6.png]

...Aw shit. At least I brought something to drink.

case files:
-Senpai is lying in Containment I on B2F
-His head is completely severed and mostly pulverized
-His body has several gaping holes in it
-His arms are missing entirely
-He is wearing a dark blue coat, now shredded up. A dark blue hat sits in the corner
-Summer is lying on the Patio
-Her body has two gunshot wounds, one of which appears to have clipped her e-Pass
-She is wearing the ASMR Youtuber's clothing
-There is no blood at the scene

other information:
-A makeshift cage has been set up in the Lobby
-There is no more Void Conduit in the XW Archives
-J4-CK has been unleashed from Dr. Pierce's control
-The ASMR Youtuber did not return to bed
-The Incinerator was used tonight

[Image: ioIYiTI.png]

[Image: S0C9fJ3.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: E0ejTDw.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: MtI8sLM.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: fDdRtvA.png]

room descriptions:


@Kids TV Show Host
@Hank Hill
@Among Us

@ASMR Youtuber
@Rio Ranger

@Dark Souls II
@Mr Waltar Whité

@Dr. Morgan Pierce
@Dr. Jim Hawke
@Dr. Alexander Wexlyn
@Nurse Luna Wayne
@Agent Liz Grayson

Post investigation questions in this thread, and try to post any major theories here, for the sake of ease.

The investigation will end July 5th at 8 PM PST.

Investigate both bodies.

Ask all five NPCs if any of them have been affected by Shadow Plague, and if so what night.
Maitre D'eath

Testimonies provided via Discord, as always, will be here.




Hmph. So my secrets have been forced out of me. A shame, but I suppose my power was becoming too risky to use at this late stage regardless.

Exiting the dorms, I knew my first destination - the shed. There, as the mummy made his latest feeble attempt on my life, I used his very own slab against him, knocking him into the river. Taking a life jacket, I used it to float the slab down the river, sending it crashing down upon my enemy. From there, I left to the south, after leaving some of my more conspicuous gear within Equipment.

Yes, for it is I, the grand evil overlord Deathborn, who was disguising as people! Fear my abilities, those of the Ultimate Chameleon! ...Though I know not who Bag Senpai was. When I reached the Relaxation Hall, I rendered Dark Souls 2 unconscious, dragging them to the bathroom. There, I added my headwrap and disguised as them, becoming DS2 in all looks!

Exiting into the History Hall, I saw Senpai, and used a gun I had obtained previously to fire at him. Sadly, I failed to even wound him, and he ran into Equipment. Liz then ran in from the fountain, and I simply threw the empty gun at her and ran - I was not so foolish as to face her in head-on combat! I escaped out to the courtyard, where I discarded my disguise, then retrieving my items from the shed. When I returned through equipment, I climbed down through the elevator shaft, and joined DK West.

I proceeded to give him a backing track, for a man powerful enough to defy death itself deserves it! He left me while he explored the costumes, but a sheet ghost did not, for they struck me on the back of the head! How DARE they?

When I woke up, I left to the hallway, seeing Faust exit the Break Room. I went to Hazardous Materials, slightly damaging the bolts in order to make it appear unstable and ready to kill someone. As I left, though, I was struck again, rendering me unconscious for the rest of the night! These fools will rue the day they crossed DEATHBORN!
(Jul 4, 2021 at 1:41 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Investigate both bodies.

Ask all five NPCs if any of them have been affected by Shadow Plague, and if so what night.
You ask the NPCs if they've gotten Shadow Plague. Dr. Hawke shouts out from his jail cell that he got the ol' plague back on the night Jack died, when he got flattened. Dr. Wexlyn claims that he got the plague... on D&D night he thinks. Luna claims she does not have it, as does Liz. Dr. Pierce begrudgingly admits that she got it tonight.

Then you go to investigate the bodies. Summer is lying out on the Patio, two gunshot wounds in her chest. They definitely... look lethal, and the bullet holes appear to go through the ASMR Youtuber's clothes that she's wearing. Her e-Pass has been shattered, though it appears as though it also has a bullet hole in it, moreso than being broken on purpose. She doesn't appear to have much else on her, besides a handgun of her own and a kitchen knife, as well as a lethal injection syringe.

You go to Containment Cell I and nervously open the door. Senpai's body lies on the ground, gored to hell and back. It looks like he's wearing an identical coat to Liz, and is completely missing his arms. You step further into the cell and spot... something very large in the far corner. Six eyes gleam a nasty, glassy sheen from the darkness. Keeping to the far wall, you also spot Senpai's head. His bottom jaw has been torn asunder, and his head is badly pummeled in general. The scraps of a dark blue hat rest on his dead.

(Jul 4, 2021 at 2:06 AM)Faust Wrote: I DO THE BIG AUTOPSY ON THE BIG VICTIMS
You perform an Autopsy on Summer first, and... it definitely seems like the gunshots killed her. Curiously though, the bullet hole in her e-Pass appears to be from a different trajectory than the ones in her chest, and it has no blood on it. This is also almost definitely Summer, as identifiable by the wounds on her arm. Speaking of... Using your surgical skills on her shoulder, it does appear as though one of the wounds was a bullet wound from several nights ago.

Next, you nervously enter the room with Senpai's body.

The several large holes in his chest appear to be... drilled in with some kind of, well, big drill. His organs are everywhere, likely shredded and pulled out by the same drill. His arms look like they were sawed off though, with something like a scalpel. His head appears to have been smashed and crushed against the walls and floor, though one of the fractures in his head appears to be long and somewhat thin, vs a large blunt object.

He also reeks of old piss, and in several of his wounds are what appear to be chunks of weathered stone. You find a handgun in his remains too, missing one bullet only.

Pierce, is that one of your things? Can you... pacify it for us, maybe?
Dr. Morgan Pierce
(Jul 4, 2021 at 3:53 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Uh.

Pierce, is that one of your things? Can you... pacify it for us, maybe?

[Image: QfTp0GH.png]

Ah, that would be the Crimson Devastator. I see you've had a formal introduction. It's deactivated though, for now.

And you're lucky too. Created from three separate cadavers, it's outfitted with cybernetics far more advanced than the other two mechanical cretins you know about. In fact, it appears as though Senpai here had a nasty run-in with it himself.

Unlike the other two cyborgs, the Crimson Devastator uses a different formula. When three corpses are fused together, a soul cannot as easily take hold of the whole if I pump it with more soulbinding formula. This allows me to directly control it, as well as activate three different modes:

[Image: UM709D4.png]

Attack Mode, which allows it to harness similar algorithms to J4-CK to hunt out the Crimson Eye. This form is autonomous, though I (and only I, even in case of an AI takeover) can assume direct control at any time.

Defense Mode, which is likely what Senpai ran into. This mode causes it to guard its current room with immense ferocity. Chances are he was tossed in with it here and gored.

And finally... Idle Mode. Idle mode renders the Crimson Devastator inactive, which is what I have left it on for the past several nights. While it is in Idle Mode, I can control it directly via a neural link if I so desire, but I haven't, and I didn't last night.

[Image: 9PZuAuw.png]

Chances are someone set it to Defense Mode manually via that panel in the pathway to B3F and tossed the stupid schoolboy in. I've reset it to idle, so you can investigate as you wish.

...Just don't touch anything else.
Look over the Crimson Devastator. Which corpses is it? Does it look like it inflicted most of the damage?

Ask Pierce if the Devastator could shred a corpse, and if so if she'd allow me to toss in a corpse to compare damage.

Ask Wexlyn who was at DND when Hawke was, and who else was at DND.
(Jul 4, 2021 at 4:22 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Look over the Crimson Devastator. Which corpses is it? Does it look like it inflicted most of the damage?

Ask Pierce if the Devastator could shred a corpse, and if so if she'd allow me to toss in a corpse to compare damage.

Ask Wexlyn who was at DND when Hawke was, and who else was at DND.
You turn on the lights in the Containment Cell and examine it. Three corpses appear to be... fused into one horrible monstrosity, six glassy lenses staring out from the eye sockets of its combined heads. You don't really recognize the corpses as any of your fellow guests though. Mounted in place of the arms on the two outer corpses are a gigantic metal arm ending in a blood-splattered drill, and an equally large appendage ending in a powerful clamp.

Machine guns sit atop its shoulders, and in place of legs, the creature has a number of spiderlike mechanical legs, each ending in a wicked blade. You don't even need to ask if it could shred a corpse, the thing is covered in blood and more of Senpai's guts. The drill looks like it could easily cause all the damage to Senpai alone.

Weakly, you shuffle out of the room and seek out Dr. Wexlyn. You ask him who was at D&D, and he thinks for a moment.

[Image: JZ6c9EY.png]

Foolish mortal! You dare question the cognitive abilities of the great WEXLYN THE WISE? Ha! The hubris of you all. Fine, I shall prove to you my power, and recall the denizens of the accursed realm of... the REC ROOM!

Lost in Hogwarts was there, as was Hu Tao, Lita, Robuster, Senpai, ASMR Youtuber, and our dearly departed Dr. Rick Dagless, M.D. Dr. Hawke was there too obviously, but so were Rio Ranger, the Kids TV Show Host, Waltar White, and Jack of Spades.

[Image: NdOhtTg.png]
It was a packed night, you know.
because one of the nurses died i am now delaying dating world another 6 months
[Image: mowunt.png]
Jack of Spades

[Image: E5bTjpuVkAUoxqM_2.png]

So much for making me your mindless bio-weapon, eh, Doctor?

[Image: J4ck_2.1_void_goo_grin_1.png]

Don't get me wrong, you're quite good at robotics. You're programming was useless though. No wonder everyone and their mother has hacked your systems. It couldn't kill one crimson eye, and it attacked people indiscriminately. If only a professional hunter had offered to take control and cleanse this place of Hu Tao and her Crimson Eye co-conspirators before they got to the Primary AI back on night 7...

[Image: J4ck_2.1_void_goo_pout_2.png]

Well, now my offers off the table! I'm not your zombie bloodhound to throw back in the kennel when you're done with me! I'm looking out for my beloved Jim, and I will kill anyone who stands in my way!!
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=20330913]
Dr. Jim Hawke
[Image: 2rjN9c0.png]

Please get me out of here.
Jack of Spades
(Jul 4, 2021 at 5:12 AM)Dr. Jim Hawke Wrote:
[Image: 2rjN9c0.png]

Please get me out of here.

Sit tight, darling. I will keep you safe... no matter what! Hihihi...

[Image: J4ck_2.1_void_goo_crazed_grin_2.png]
Jack of Spades
I would like to conduct some analysis on the virus. I have a test subject or two waiting.
Check the VR Room and VR Control Room.
Mr Waltar Whité
CHECK THE COURTYARD AND IT'S ASSOCIATED AREAS (particularly looking at the big tree blunt)
[Image: unknown.png]
(Jul 4, 2021 at 5:39 AM)Jack of Spades Wrote: I would like to conduct some analysis on the virus. I have a test subject or two waiting.
You draw some of Waltar White's blood, and investigate it in the Laboratory. You make sure to turn on a fan though, as this place seems to be full of some gas that would probably make a normal person pass out. It even makes you cough, and you don't even breathe.

Regardless, you analyze the sample...

Shadow Plague appears to be an extremely rare supernatural disease, and this particular strain seems to be strengthened, perhaps with some sort of incentive. Originally created by a "Dr. Roxanne Wexlyn" as a bioweapon, the project was supposedly cancelled. And yet, here it is.

Shadow Plague, being a supernatural disease, has a unique infection vector, namely spreading when murder is attempted by or on the infected individual. This strain's enhancement also seems to allow it to spread via KO in an identical way to the attempt vector.

Similarly, as a bioweapon, Shadow Plague has a unique symptom set. Curiously, it affects "Patient Zero" differently. When Shadow Plague is spread in high enough numbers in a contained population, their supernatural abilities and physical strength are drained away, and used to strengthen Patient Zero.

There is no cure, sans for the destruction of Patient Zero.

(Jul 4, 2021 at 5:50 AM)Deathborn Wrote: Check the VR Room and VR Control Room.
You check the Virtual Reality Room, and its corresponding Control Room. Nothing in here looks particularly out of place, in the Control Room, that is. The Virtual Reality Room is set to the Mandrill Maze. You navigate it using your expert knowledge, and eventually... you find nothing new. Hm.
Rio Ranger
...Does Garth have the Shadow Plague?

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