Dr. Morgan Pierce
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Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn

Does this do anything? Come on, it worked for that guy five years ago!
Maitre D'eath
(Jul 6, 2021 at 4:10 AM)Dr. Morgan Pierce Wrote:
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Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn

Does this do anything? Come on, it worked for that guy five years ago!

Among Us
im voting gray doc i dont have time to make another funny vote image
Hank Hill
unvote, Wexlyn

Strike my first vote. Nobody tells me what to do.
(Jul 6, 2021 at 4:10 AM)Dr. Morgan Pierce Wrote:
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Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn
Vote: Dr. Wexlyn

Does this do anything? Come on, it worked for that guy five years ago!

Maybe don't install a rogue AI next time.
Dr. Hawke has voted for Dr. Pierce
Jack of Spades
I will vote for whoever my beloved Jim votes for in the matter of Summer's murder. I trust you to make the right decision, dear.
DK West
Honestly, I still think DK West should be president. He's got the winning smile.
Dark Souls II
please set me on fire
Maitre D'eath
(Jul 6, 2021 at 4:32 AM)Dark Souls II Wrote: please set me on fire

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Oh yeah... Punishment time... right??

Wait, no. I haven't talked about the cases. That's supposed to be step one, isn't it? Who died again...


Oh! @Senpai, wasn't it? Well, good riddance to that guy, huh? Now it's all coming back to me, of course. What a sadsack. Well, you all placed your votes for @Bigfoot, and as it turns out, he was Guilty! You probably all knew that by now, but... hm. Something about this feels weird. Was there something about Bigfoot that I was supposed to remember?

Hmmm... Nah.

Whatever it was, I'm sure it wasn't important. Nothing to do with those Crimson Eyes, right? I'm feeling... weirdly fond of those guys now. Anyway Bigfoot tried to lure that chick with the gun into the basement and bash her brains out, but... That moron Senpai knocked her out, stole her clothes, and went around looking for his dead little girlfriend. How romantic!

He walked right into Bigfoot's trap, and wound up covered in piss before... whack! Crowbar to the head! Real nasty business.

But wait... wasn't there something else I had to do too?

Well, I suppose I'll get to that later. For now, it's punishment time! Puhuhuhuhu!

Monokuma and Bigfoot stare each other down in Advanced Chthonics, the latter feeling no fear despite the circumstances. This wasn't the first time Bigfoot has danced with death, and at this rate, it might not be the last. As the Crimson Eye Reanimator, death was somewhat of an old friend to Bigfoot. An old friend that he was once again ready to meet with.

The bear slowly begins to walk towards Bigfoot, but with a flick of Bigfoot's wrist, a crowbar is planted in Monokuma's eye. His head clangs against the chair in the center of the room as he sinks to the floor.

Bigfoot pulls his AK-47 from his back, and unloads a full clip into the remains, just to make sure. Yeah, no. Pierce's diary got one thing right; giving up is for chumps. Unlike some of these other clowns, Bigfoot was packing heat, loaded with safety gear, and there was about fuck all that anyone could do to him. Execution? Go ahead and try. People tried running away from these, suicide, sitting down and just taking it, but really, this bear guy wasn't so tough.

Squatting down, he wrenches his crowbar out of Monokuma's head, sticking it back in his coat before downing the second Monokuma secretly lying in wait in the corner with a direct gunshot to the face.

Bigfoot blows the smoke from his gun and re-holsters it. Sure, they may have lost Sugar, but that was a minor setback. Hu Tao too, they still had her gear, they didn't need her. Time to just go mask off here, put a couple bullets in Monokuma's dumb ass whenever another one of them pops up, brute force his way into that vault, easy.

He heads for the doorway, when a sound behind him makes him pause. Six yellow eyes illuminate the darkness behind him, and the light whirring of a drill hums through the air. A third Monokuma stands at the control panel in the Research Lab, snickering to himself.

Bigfoot pulls his gun from his back, but a flurry of bullets from the machine guns mounted on the Crimson Devastator tears his arm off, spraying black fluid across the wall. A tube dangles out from the inside of Bigfoot's severed arm, his prized AK-47 now lying in a cold, dead hand.

The Crimson Eye Reanimator decides to make a tactical retreat.

Kicking open the door to the hall, he runs for the elevator, but the doors slam shut. He sticks his crowbar into the gap and goes to pry them open, but another burst of gunfire from inside Advanced Chthonics makes him drop the crowbar and abandon the concept. Instead, he runs for the stairwell, only to have the doors similarly slam shut. Cursing to himself, he keeps running, rounding the corner.

As he passes in front of the window, The Devastator's drill smashes through the window, driving clean through Bigfoot and pinning him to the far wall. Void Conduit splashes messily around the hallway as Bigfoot twitches and squirms. The drill continues to tear through the various tubes and modules inside the long-dead corpse of Bigfoot, sustaining him this whole time.

The Crimson Devastator withdraws its drill, and Bigfoot crumples to the floor, finally dying his second death.

@Bigfoot was lynched for the murder of @Senpai. He was GUILTY, and killed Senpai in the place of Liz because Senpai performed quite possibly the worst action set that he possibly could have tonight.

Bigfoot was a member of the Crimson Eye. He was the Crimson Eye Reanimator, with the following traits and abilities:

role description:

Wait... I must be forgetting something still...

But... what?
[Image: MkupWys.png]

So even Bigfoot was a Crimson Eye, was he?

A shame, it appears I can't trust anyone anymore. Not even the people I entrusted with privleges, allowed into my fold... I see how it is with you people. A bunch of worthless, selfish fools. To think the Crimson Eye member was one of the few to actually stand up for me. Truly a disappointment.

...Well, get to it then. Execute that traitor Wexlyn. He was the guilty party, after all. We may have tied, but he certainly has the stronger case against him, doesn't he?

[Image: B02zynK.png]

Actually... I believe we have a use for Dr. Wexlyn. He is quite beloved, and several people here would be willing to give everything just to keep him alive.

You on the other hand... Well, we need the Lazarin sample, but we certainly don't need you to get it, do we? Even if it is locked behind that vault of yours, it would certainly be more prudent to brute force it open than it would be to keep a dangerous interference like yourself around.

[Image: Y0RJOZr.png]

Hahahahaha! Oh, that's rich. Lazarin's a flawed a product, why do you want that anyway? You kill me, and you take all of my research with you. All of my progress, all of my developments, gone with this stupid execution!

[Image: oZaViQd.png]

Your current research? Well, that is a prospect of amusement, is it not? The better question is why we would be wanting THAT. Reviving the dead isn't the point, can't you see? Lazarin holds its value specifically as product with flaws!

Everyone is desperate to be escaping death, and there's many, many people with much, much power reaching twilight years. What good would it do us to just keep these people alive forever when we can keep them in life-or-death servitude instead?

[Image: Mfp1nn4.gif]

Yes indeed. Lazarin's flaws are where its brilliance truly lies. Imagine, if you will... A future where the wealthy, politicians, scientists, and public figures are all reliant on Lazarin to continue stretching out their miserable lives for another few months.

The revenue stream would be beyond significant, and the amount of control our organization would have would be unparalleled in human history. You, Pierce, were always an expendable element in this little operation.

[Image: dtBEyHw.png]

W-what? No, you can't!

[Image: Fbs1a0U.png]

Actually, we can! Control of facility is almost complete! We can be doing whatever we want, and in this case what I will be doing is quoting monochromatic bear: It is punishment time, Dr. Morgan Pierce!

Several Monokuma units surround Dr. Morgan Pierce, grabbing her arms and legs as she tries to fight back. Harshly, they force her into the chair in Advanced Chthonics, the chair's bindings closing around her limbs and pinning her to the bloodstained seat where a countless number of her experiments sat before. She struggles against the clamps keeping her strapped down as something above her begins to move.

The mechanical arm tipped with the foot-long needle slowly begins to move, drawing closer and closer to Dr. Pierce, the dim lights overhead glinting off of the needle as it lazily moves through the air.

The arm rears backwards, and with a single, smooth motion, impales Dr. Pierce through the stomach. She shrieks in pain, blood erupting out of her mouth as she jerks around in the chair, every nerve in her body screaming with pain. Eventually... she goes limp. Monokuma approaches the chair, climbing up to examine her, when suddenly...


The lights flicker briefly, and Monokuma seizes up as the facility's AI is rebooted after its "update". The bindings on the operating chair open once again, and her eyes snap open. With the last of her strength, she slams her hand down on a button on the side of the bloody seat.

The arm and needle hum to life again as black fluid rushes through the tubes overhead and down the arm's length. Dr. Pierce's body convulses and shakes in the chair as she gasps and screams, screams that give way to laughter as she grips the arm with one hand, and tears it clean from the ceiling, showering the room in sparks.
Among Us
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come back to us dr. p

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