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we elongate the current gimmick voting session by another 2 weeks, no new gimmicks can be entered during this time
also take off my gimmickeer sign idk if i'll be able to do more updates with my current state of affairs
i post a complicated but exciting looking gimmick and it never finishes or even starts
mw comic collab
Snufferin Snagglepuss
White Elephant Media Exchange

Have you ever really really REALLY wanted to shove your favorite anime, comic, book, etc, in someone's face and NOT feel guilty about it? Then this is the garrison for you. Anonymously submit YOUR media of choice and I will randomly sort them and assign them to willing media consumers JUST LIKE YOU! No longer will you have to talk about Symphogear by yourself and finally there will be at least one educated plebian you can discuss Dune about!
Here's the catch though; I can't make you read or watch shit! So don't vote for this if you aren't going to give the media you are randomly assigned a chance!

The main rules;
I will check all the media, if you try and send something like porn or questionable content under the guise of anonymity, no.
If it is an obscure media try to attach means of the consumer using it! I can cover small things like rent an E book or such, but don't force someone into a subscription.
When you agree to subject yourself to someone else's media, you may name some forms of media you aren't interested in. No one will make you read a book you trog.
And finally, again, while I'll organize everything it is up to YOU! THE GARRISONER to take part. If you dead fish your media I will drop your ass faster than zelma leaves mw. I'd like to have little blurb of what people thought of their media at the end so the anon can reveal themselves or just revel in their media of choice being forcefully consumed.
"Let's play our lives away!"
@Aidan and @Snufferin Snagglepuss win by default since they submitted two actual gimmicks with no competitors. let's get this shit rollin
[Image: s2n7oi.png]

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