cool thread (ZELMA IS NOT ALLOWED)

in this thread, we are cool and discuss cool things. in this context, cool means trendy or hip, not popsicle chat. i'll start us off by setting the mood to way past cool:

as a first topic of discussion: taco bell nacho fries. why do people like them? i had them. the cheese is waxy, and the fries were way undercooked. i feel they should be disqualified from being cool; instead, we can replace them with a superior fast food, like those crispy chicken sandwiches at mcdonalds that my co worker likes.

friendly reminder that zelma is not allowed in this thread after what he said to that thot on vacation about my drunk posting. zelma's posting is disallowed, and not cool anyways. please strive to be a better poster than zelma. thank you for your time.
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this is the reason anyone will go to bat for them


anyways everything from taco bell is immensely poor quality so im not sure what you were expecting

i do like that chicken sandwiches suddenly became a competition even though no one can remotely beat cfa's, i at least appreciate the option being there when group ordering with others and the various offerings are at least pretty good.
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