[Image: zE9bSzA.png]

Alright everyone, look alive. That reactor’s about to blow any minute now, and on top of that we’ve got Pierce, DK West, and god knows how many ghosts. If the facility’s power is down now, that might also mean the Killing Game’s communication blocker is down though, and with some luck…

Well, I think I can arrange for a pickup. There’s just no time. We’re gonna have to hunker down somewhere and try to survive as best we can. I’ll do my best to try to hold off Pierce and that Crimson Eye ghost but…

[Image: pGQaWPj.png]

But what? You scared or something?

[Image: WBtn3DL.png]

No, actually I was gonna say it shouldn’t take too long. Pierce is the only actual threat, you’re just another weirdo in a monster suit. Do you have any idea how many of those I’ve dealt with? You don’t even have a weapon, at least one of the other costumed nutjobs had an axe.

[Image: jBl9ti2.png]

A threat, you say? Well, that’s probably an understatement, don’t kid yourself. But feel free to allow the ghost to wear you down, I still have a few bugs to swat before I deal with you.

[Image: 1not9Uh.png]

I’ve lost everything to this stupid game, everything I ever worked for, erased in a week because of some delusional girl convinced that I was responsible for the grand tragedy that ruined her life.

...Like I care about something like that. I’d do it again too. But for now… Dr. Wexlyn, Dr. Hawke… I believe we have an appointment.

[Image: 8i2mGdT.png][Image: 2QQLSZG.png]

I think this is probably going to be the moment where I admit I didn’t exactly plan anything for this situation. I didn’t exactly expect them to try and shut down the reactor so soon.

I thought you were supposed to be the plan guy? Didn’t you set up some convoluted scheme to kill off my evil coworker?

That doesn’t exactly make me any good at avalanche survival, you know. Besides, I think that whole “convoluted scheme” kind of exhausted my supply.

Besides, it’s Dr. Pierce I’m worried about. Maybe I could sacrifice myself and act as a distraction to- no, I can’t do that. I think if I let myself die, I’d probably end up traumatizing... someone, wouldn’t I? Besides, I’m not going to let Dark Souls II down.

[Image: 2DEWyKY.png][Image: 6sI3wZb.png]

Dr. Pierce can do whatever she wants, but I won’t let her hurt me, or anyone else. If anything kills me, it’ll be that avalanche.

Is that supposed to be your idea of positive thinking?

[Image: 4XxQOg8.png]

Positive thinking? Who needs it? Walt and I are all set up and ready to go. It’ll be no big deal. I’ve got my snowmobile key, I’ve got my snowmobile, and because of that, I’ve got my ticket out of here.

[Image: Bn2D1tK.png]

...And yeah, don’t look at me like that. I’m sober. I’m not stupid enough to try and ride down this mountain drunk, trust me on that one.

[Image: VPNVnS8.png]

Anyway I’ve got the formula made, the one that can power down Pierce. I’m not taking it with me, I’ll uh... leave it here. Fuck… I don’t care what happens to her. I’ve just gotta let her bullshit stop controlling my life all these years later.

[Image: VPNVnS8.png]

I’m movin’ on from this Lazarin shit, but if you want to put the purple bitch down, be my gue-.

[Image: jOB1oCR.png]

Hey! Quit monologuing, Dr. Hawke! It’s happening!

[Image: 3oPr3il.png]

You hear a deep rumble from beneath the mountain as the reactor shudders to a halt. Another rumbling sound begins to echo from higher up the mountain.

The Avalanche is about to strike Nadare. The final night has begun.

Attempt to get to a safe place or escape before the Avalanche hits to survive the Killing Game. Ghosts may submit tonight if they wish to aid or inhibit the players, and due to the failed incentive, one player will die tonight.

You may be asked to make choices throughout the night or update your submission depending on how other players choose to interact with you.

[Image: ioIYiTI.png]

[Image: mWSAIVx.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: v4HUrKP.png]

Room Descriptions:

[Image: MtI8sLM.png]

room descriptions:

[Image: fDdRtvA.png]

room descriptions:


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