per discussion on discord over the past few days that keeps getting interrupted by other nonsense I think we ironed out something reasonable here:

-> Don’t post direct messages / private messages / conversations unless all parties consent. You may include them in a non-public report to staff.

This isn’t about keeping outside drama outside or whatever (I’m fine with that, and I think despite drama that comes with it, it can be for the greater good but that’s not the point here) I think there’s an expectation of privacy that people are forgetting about and it’s leasing to me reading messages I’d much rather not. I’ve done it too and I think it’s just something that we need to as a community say like “no more of this”
Fun With Despair
seconding this, even if i may have disagreed even a few days ago

clearly it's at the point where privacy isn't even on the table where some members are concerned so any level of "lol if your dms get posted it sucks to be you, shouldn't have said that!" is simply not enough when even moderation (besides me because i fucking rule) will just tell you to post it publicly if you do not like what was said
agreed, kg meta is stale
stop beefing in dms too pls
(i concede telling mfan to post a dm was a bad decision)
i agree with this now due to today.
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I say we ban DMs altogether, it's not fair to hide beef behind the scenes when some of us are starving for it
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