Gordon Ramsay
The moon hangs in the sky, as on the ground below, the gleam of Project Flavor shines brightly through the holes in the ground. The restless dead float around, finding their own goals to pursue.

Floating through the basement, Pohatu can see it. The beginnings of revenge. The chance to pay everyone back for his humiliation! He will ensure nobody escapes alive!

Then the monster lasagna chomps down on him, exorcising Pohatu once more. It roars loudly as it tries to seek out more prey, but it still can't find a way out of the basement...

Up on the surface, Angie Yonaga prays in the Chapel. She knows that Atua's guidance is upon her. She knows that she is meant to succeed here. She quickly stands up when Gregg Wallace enters, but he raises his hand and explains that he's here to strike a deal. If they avoid each other until the others are dead, a duel at the end. A proper settling of the Killing Game. Until then, though, there are four others to deal with.

Angie smiles, and agrees.

Immortal Tatsu sits on his bed. He rummages around, and finds some crab cakes he made. Popping them into his mouth, Tatsu chews, swallows, and feels his body changing, crab armor forming over his body. After all, with the power to borrow the abilities of any dead chef, using the capabilities of the Ultimate Gastronomist had been incredibly easy. He stands, exiting out the north to reach his destination - the hell pit, created to cremate Kaga so long ago.

Meanwhile, Gordon stands in the Breakroom of the Staff Building, tapping his foot nervously. Tsumugi exits the dorms, quickly waving to him. Gordon sighs as he realizes she is still not wearing pants, but ignores it. His plan is pretty simple - the best way to escape the ravine is on foot, and while it's heavily damaged, the food truck in the basement is still functional. It's just a matter of getting it out of there without the lasagna tearing it apart. He'll need a bodyguard.

Tsumugi gulps.

Luthier joins them. The three of them start discussing, and with the basics of a plan figured out, they leave the Breakroom, to step into the courtyard and all the dangers that await...
Gordon Ramsay
As Gordon and his two sidekicks approach Garfield's oven, and begin to pick up Garfield's weapons, Tatsu notices them. They're not looking at him. Perfect chance. Tatsu hoists himself out of the hell pit and begins to sneak over towards Gordon and his group...

Gordon turns around, and sees Tatsu approaching. He quickly holds up a shotgun he got from the security room.

"DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!" Tatsu says, waving. Gordon still holds him at gunpoint, but holds off on pulling the trigger as he listens to Tatsu explain. It took him some thinking, but he decided the right way to go was to help the escape team. Gordon still looks suspicious of him, as does Luthier, but Tsumugi decides to give Tatsu a chance. She sticks out a hand for a handshake.

Tatsu says he won't shake hands with a pisser. Tsumugi looks deflated.

Before any of them can collaborate, though, a crossbow bolt flies through the air and slams into Tatsu. It doesn't penetrate his armor, but it does make everyone look at the source.

Gregg Wallace. Holding a crossbow, an axe strapped to his back, and with a huge grin on his face.

"Hello, chefs!"

"SCATTER!" Gordon yells, quickly running off. Tatsu, Luthier, and Tsumugi all run in different directions, Gregg watching them go with his ever-present grin. Where to start, where to start... as he asks himself that, he turns around to notice a shopping cart rocking towards him, King Radical watching as it blows up next to Gregg.

The smoke begins to clear, and a few bolts fire out, narrowly missing King Radical. Gregg walks out, some of his cake armor damaged but otherwise unharmed, hefting his axe. He swings down, King Radical unprepared and getting sliced in half, vanishing. Gregg looks around. Tsumugi, Tatsu, and Gordon, he's lost track of. But Luthier... he saw where Luthier went.

Gregg whistles as he starts to head around to the other side of the Staff Building.

Meanwhile, Angie sits up. She's communed with her god for long enough. She turns to leave the chapel, only to find Pizza standing there, flanked by Ainsley Harriott in full pizza armor.

"Oh, so the ghosts have decided to disrupt Atua's grand plans, hmm? That's okay. He'll welcome you back once you've returned, with open arms!"
Gordon Ramsay
In the Set Building, Gordon runs through the Dining Room, ignoring Hannibal sitting at a table and gloomily failing to eat some pot roast. He's closely followed by Tsumugi, the two of them sticking together as Tsumugi holds a knife and a dumbbell to use as weapons. They run down the Kitchen Set's stairs, and through the Set Utilities.

Gordon stops at the corridor. They can hear the roars of the lasagna, as well as a strange smashing sound from upstairs. It's just a matter of being careful - this wall is reinforced, and the lasagna wasn't able to knock it down. Where is it right now, though? How to get past it...

Before Gordon can finish formulating a plan, Garfield floats downstairs, having smashed Hannibal's head into the table until the latter disappeared. He grins as he floats right past them, even as Tsumugi tries to swing at him with the dumbbell. Garfield continues to wave to the lasagna, whistling to it, and tempting it. He floats out of the way as it slams into the wall repeatedly, and Gordon notices with concern that it's beginning to crack. The instability caused by Project Flavor is weakening the entire building!

Gordon and Tsumugi quickly turn tail, right as the Monster Lasagna smashes through into Utilities, devouring the ghost of Sheamus Finweather as he finally sets a cabbage alight, and begins to rampage upstairs...

On the second floor of the Set Building, Tatsu quickly catches his breath. He looks out the window of the Greenhouse. Angie emerges from the chapel with a smile, neither Pizza nor Pizza Knight to be seen - though the huge cut down half of her face leaves a testament to their efforts. He takes aim through the window. A quick shot... and then he notices the ghost approaching him.

Makoto. The person he killed. Tatsu turns, and apologizes. Makoto floats there, unanswering... until she whips out a fishing rod, snags the gun, and runs off with it. Tatsu curses, and prepares to chase, only for the entire greenhouse to flash into flame. Annie emerges from the flames, snickering, until Tatsu stabs her with his cleaver and purges her. He simply lurks in the flames, currently immune to them thanks to the power of Sheamus Finweather.

His waiting is rewarded. He can hear movement outside. Movement that can only be Angie Yonaga. Leaping out, Tatsu stabs her in the back - not literally, but he does stab her in the back of the thigh. Angie collapses, but before Tatsu can follow up, she twists her body around at an impossible angle and slams him in the chest with the shovel, forcing Tatsu to fall back.

Down in the basement, meanwhile, Luthier finishes putting together the Spectral Salsa. He tapes it under his chest, and slowly sneaks out of the wreckage of the Paranormal Pantry... only to suddenly be hit in the legs by something. Luthier collapses, Draku laughing and getting shot in the face for his troubles. Still, it wasn't that bad for Luthier. After all, it just delayed him for a minute.

Unfortunately, that minute is long enough that the door opens to reveal Gregg Wallace. Luthier quickly grabs his own chef hat and tosses it aside, with an imperceptable nod. As Gregg confronts Luthier, Stuart Little scampers away with the sample of Project Flavor. Gregg, meanwhile, just starts shooting. That minute sealed Luthier's decisions, as the bolts slam into his arms, keeping him from pulling out a crepe in self-defense.

Another couple bolts take out his legs. Gregg walks over. Luthier can't run, can't hide, and can't crepe. Gregg raises the axe.

"So this is how it ends again, after my hubris playing Mila..."

The axe descends.

@Luthier has been killed! He was the ULTIMATE GOURMET CHEF

Gordon Ramsay
Downstairs, Gordon and Tsumugi run out of the Set Building, deciding to approach from the Staff Building instead. The monster lasagna roars behind them as it forces its way up the stairs, smashing through the building. Gordon narrowly jumps to the side in time as Project Flavor erupts, a beam blasting out of the ground and annihilating Nemechef as he t-poses in the courtyard. The monster lasagna bursts out of the Dining Room, the Exterior Stairs collapsing as it's suddenly body checked by Guy Fieri, who shouts "HERE COMES THE FLAVOR TRAIN!"

It gets him munched by the lasagna, but it held it back for a minute. It's the thought that counts.

More materially, as Gordon keeps running, he finds a spirit joining him. It's none other than Saul Goodman. As the only one who hired Goodman, Gordon is now receiving legal assistance even in the afterlife.

Downstairs, Gregg begins to walk out of the basement. Behind him, though he doesn't notice, the body of Luthier shines very slightly, and the spirit of Luthier begins to separate itself from the body. He'd used the salsa to give himself a lifeline just in case, and it was paying off.

Climbing out of the basement and into the Set Building, Gregg steps out into the courtyard, and immediately hears a roar. The Lasagna had gotten a taste for Greggs, and it's still hungry. Garfield appears, trying to entice the beast into calming down, but Gregg takes aim at him.

"No! Wait! I'm trying to-" Garfield's plea is cut off as Gregg throws a couple knives into him. They explode, purging Garfield from the world.

If only Gregg had known that Garfield supported his win. Alas. Either way, the lasagna takes advantage of this to charge forward. It chomps down on Gregg's arm, Gregg yelling in pain as it bites off half of his arm... only for a sudden being to descend from the sky, plunging something into the Lasagna's head. It roars and screams, pitching off the person as it runs away, injured.

Angie stands up and grins at Gregg. "I couldn't just let you miss our final duel, no?"

Then, she turns around and starts to run. She knows exactly where Gordon is most likely to go, and she knows how to intercept him.

Upstairs, Tatsu looks at Recording with a grimace. Angie had suddenly leapt out the window, and he was going to take the chance to regroup... but the Exterior Stairs are out. Tatsu hears a loud rumble, and he sees the Skybridge snap and collapse from the shifting of the ground, the OCGA facility falling apart every minute they stay there.

As Tatsu runs down to the Awards Gallery, he goes down to the Cafeteria. The door darkens. Gregg Wallace appears.

"Evening, Tatsu! How are you?"

"Fine, thanks."

"Good. I'm going to kill you now!"
Gordon Ramsay
Under the Staff Building, Gordon runs desperately, Tsumugi and Goodman following him. If it's still there, if it's still working... He runs into the passage, and runs up to the truck. It's heavily damaged. The front is smashed up from the collision, and a huge chunk of the side has been bitten off by the lasagna, but it works! Gordon laughs as he turns the master key, Tsumugi climbing in the back as they pull out and start driving through the holes.

A blast from Project Flavor nearly hits them, but it only sears through the wall instead. A chunk of the wall gives away, seemingly leaving them unaffected.

Up above, though, Tatsu has to dodge out of the way as a piece of the floor collapses. Gregg lunges at him with the axe, aiming for the weak point in his armor - where Gregg had hit him before. There's a crack as the axe collides with the carapace, Gregg happy to hammer away again and again if he gets the chance. Before he can, though, there's some spectral energy, as both Diona and Kaga show up to flank Tatsu.

Gregg smirks. He'd been prepared for this since the beginning, after all. He has no qualms about taking on more than one challenger! Diona floats towards the bar, while Kaga grabs a couple knives and hurls them at the broken parts of Gregg's armor, stabbing a pair of knives into Gregg. Tatsu takes the chance of a distraction to get close, uncorking his vodka and beginning to splash it all over Gregg, soaking the chef from head to toe before he can get away.

As Gregg brings his axe to bear, Diona shows up with a drink and invites him to join. It's a bluff, but it's enough to distract Gregg for a second, while Tatsu lights up his burner and prepares to ignite Gregg...

Then a fishing rod swings down, grabbing the burner and yanking it out of Tatsu's hands. Makoto smirks, here to help Gregg as best she can. Gregg takes the chance to cut Diona in half and send her back, before turning to Kaga and Tatsu. Tatsu gives Gregg a weak smile, before bringing out his best weapon - his sledgehammer.

Axe and hammer collide, the axe smashing into Tatsu's riot gear and the hammer cracking Gregg's cake armor, Kaga leaping in and grabbing the armor, finally ripping a large chunk of it off Gregg's chest and receiving an axe through the neck as a reward. Both weapons are heavy and hard to swing, but they're doing their best. Still, it's clear that Gregg has the advantage. He only has one hand, and yet he can swing the axe as well as Tatsu can wield the hammer. Makoto lurks around him, and hurls the rod again - but this time, Tatsu is ready. He grabs the rod and yanks Makoto close, before straight-arm punching her in the face with enough force to dispel her.

When his weapons fall to the ground, Tatsu grabs his gun, but Gregg takes the chance to snatch the burner. Gregg lights it up, and Tatsu opens fire, putting two bamboo shoot bullets into Gregg. Gregg staggers, as they both hear a loud roar. The wall of the Cafeteria collapses, the monster lasagna there, King of Town gnawing on it. Gregg looks at Tatsu. Tatsu looks at Gregg.

They might be fighting to death, but they can have a truce for the moment. As King of Town bites off one of its eyes, the heavily injured monster roars loudly at them, leaving its mouth wide open. Tatsu hurls a couple grenades into it, picked up from Garfield, while Gregg tosses the burner in after it. The monster screams loudly as the explosions go off and it catches on fire, burning up King of Town in the process.

But it's still alive, shuffling towards them. It roars one more time -

And several chemicals fly into its mouth, Luthier's ghost having recovered them from his corpse. The Lasagna gurgles and groans, spitting and moaning, before it finally slumps over, on fire, and burning away.

The Monster Lasagna has been destroyed!

Gregg wastes no time in resuming his assault now that their truce is over, bringing his axe up once again. Can anything stop the man of Amsterdam?
Gordon Ramsay
Gregg looms in the Cafeteria, the bloodlust practically a physical force like with Colonel Sanders. He quickly hurls knives at Luthier, trying to dispatch him before he can offer a distraction. However, with the new movement o fhis ghostly form, and knowing from how he lost his life, Luthier dodges with ease. He presents... the crepe.

Unable to resist, Gregg walks over and grabs the crepe. This leaves him close enough for Tatsu to swing in with the cleaver, putting a deep slash in Gregg's chest. Gregg winces as he finishes eating, and stumbles. The injuries are piling up, but he has no intention of changing his path now. But Tatsu's already swinging in, and the sledgehammer slams into Gregg's chest, knocking him over.

Gregg collapses, as the pig enters the room with Rubber Duck atop it. He beckons to Tatsu.

"Well, Tatsu... you got me. I have only one request..."


"Subscribe... to ShowMeFit...

So that you can get gains enough to resist death like these!"

Springing up, and nowhere nearly as down and out as he was pretending, Gregg plants the last of his exploding knives in Tatsu's chest. They go off, blowing Tatsu across the room, pieces of riot gear and crab shell trailing throughout the Cafeteria. Tatsu groans, while Luthier moves in to protect him and the Duck rides the Pig at Gregg. The pig slams into Gregg, fracturing something in his foot, but Gregg picks up the pig in response and hurls it aside. He gets hit in the head by the Duck's shield as well, but Gregg grabs the shield and uses it to fling the Duck aside, knocking it for a loop.

Gregg walks over to Luthier and Tatsu. He smiles.

"Well, it's been fun. Here's better luck next time, Tatsu-!"

Suddenly, something leaps on Gregg's back. It stabs him in the shoulder, once, twice, thrice!

Gregg reaches with his good arm, twisting and reaching, and gets his hands on the Goose. It honks in defiance, as Gregg hurls it away and cuts its head off with his axe. But that's delayed the killing blow. Picking up his axe, Gregg prepares to resume his work, but he hears... a honk. Even though he just killed the Goose's ghost. What's left to honk?

The answer is the food truck, as Gordon drives it through the wall of the Cafeteria and slams it into Gregg, shattering his cake armor and causing the man to crash into the wall. Tsumugi leaps out of the truck, and lands in front of Gregg. She points a gun at his head. Gregg blinks.


Tsumugi unloads the entire clip.

@Gregg Wallace has been killed! He was the Ultimate Pastry Chef


Tatsu groans in satisfaction, while Gordon helps the injured chef into the truck. Tsumugi commensurates with Luthier for being dead, while Saul Goodman offers Tsumugi some advice on how to properly plead self-defense. Rubber Duck floats by the hole to the Courtyard, watching in concern as the Staff Building shakes and rumbles.

And then a hand suddenly bursts through Rubber Duck's chest. The Duck disappears, as Angie grins at Gordon and his allies.

"You didn't think you could rest yet, did you, Gordon!?"
Gordon Ramsay
"Shit! Everyone in!"

Gordon quickly piles into the truck, along with Tsumugi and Saul Goodman. Luthier shakes his head, though - he's got a different plan. One that might be the only way to finish off Angie. Disappearing through the ground, Luthier heads for Central Research, while the truck starts up, Tsumugi grabbing the shotgun as Angie starts to run after them.

Tsumugi takes aim, and promptly blows off half of Angie's face with the shotgun. Angie just grins wider.

"I already told you! BULLETS DON'T WORK, TSUMUGI!"

Driving across the courtyard at the blistering pace of around 30 mph, Gordon swerves as another chunk of the courtyard collapses, the shining lights of Project Flavor hurting his eyes. Tsumugi takes aim as the corpse of King Radical suddenly latches on, but Solus, possessing the corpse, is able to make it clear that he's on their side. He climbs into the truck and sits next to Tatsu, starting to ask him about immortality.

Komaeda floats into the truck and starts pointing and laughing at Tatsu. Solus dismissively stabs Komaeda, causing him to dissipate, and hands the knife to Tatsu.

Tsumugi, meanwhile, looks out the window. There's a massive rumble, and as everyone watches, the Set Building begins to collapse. Finally too unstable from Project Flavor's devastation, the building caves in, Gordon shaking his head. The loss of the OCGA's resources and information... He'd saved as much as he could, books and files piled up beside him, and the sample of Project Flavor still with him, but seeing the OCGA's mysteries collapse with the Set Building.

If only he'd had more time. More food. Less killing.

Gordon's ruminations are cut off by a thump on the roof. Tsumugi and Tatsu look up in confusion, as the thump happens again. And then again. And then a hole opens in the roof.

Angie Yonaga looks in with her remaining half of a face, and Tsumugi screams. Tatsu sits up, but slumps down with a groan. Tsumugi pulls out her knives, and as Angie reaches in, Tsumugi slices through her arm, causing it to drop off as Gordon spins and swerves the truck. Angie falls off, while Gordon repositions himself and gets his bearings.

In the back, Angie's arm suddenly lunges for Tatsu, reaching around his throat. Solus makes to grab it, but suddenly, the ghost of Lita appears, slamming a frying pan into his face and causing him to fall out the back. He rolls into one of the holes and is struck by a Project Flavor blast, purging him. Lita shrugs as she watches Tsumugi and Tatsu fight with the arm. They finally get it off, and Goodman hurls the arm out the back, sending it down into Project Flavor as well.

As he watches Project Flavor wipe part of Angie from existence, Luthier knows what he must do. Setting dials and pushing buttons, Luthier sends Project Flavor into overdrive. The already unstable matter starts to roil violently, bolts lashing out everywhere. Luthier closes his eyes as one of them strikes him, destroying his ghostly form as well...
Gordon Ramsay
Project Flavor is completely out of control. The sphere of matter slowly expands, the unstable energy of raw flavor disintegrating everything that it touches. Central Research is already gone, and with a loud knell, the Staff Building starts to collapse as well. Gordon swerves around the crumbling pieces, the falling pool table nearly hitting the truck. There. That's the best angle.

"Everyone hold on, because we're finally getting the FUCK out of here!"

As Gordon stomps on the accelerator, though... She grabs on the back. Angie Yonaga. Missing an arm, half her face, and not letting any of that stop her. Lita looks at Angie in shock, only for Angie to simply grab her by the neck and rip her throat out, forcing Lita back to the realm of the dead. Tatsu sits up, but Angie brings her shovel around, and knocks him flat. Tsumugi scrambles backwards, Angie laughing and laughing as the truck bounds down the side of the plateau, even as the entire plateau is slowly consumed by Project Flavor.

"Atua made Angie immortal! No matter what you do, you can never kill Angie! Let the killing game flow through you, Tsumugi! All you need to do is stab Gordon and Tatsu, and you win!

It's right there! NYAHAHAHAHA!"

Angie laughs again, as Tsumugi brings up her gun... and shoots Angie in the head. Not that it does much. But it made a statement. And as Angie recovers from recoiling, Saul Goodman looks at Gordon.

"Thanks for calling Saul."

Goodman suddenly leaps towards Angie, grabbing her around the waist. She opens her mouth in shock as he uses his newfound ghost flight to carry Angie up into the air. She's heading towards the plateau - towards Project Flavor! She can't let this happen! But as she wriggles around, Hurderer appears as well. Carrying his version of Project Flavor.

Hurderer starts forcing Angie to drink the contents of the blender, while the bright rainbow light of Project Flavor grows near. Angie can't figure out what to do. There's gotta be some way out of this. Some way... aha!

"Oh, Angie needs to know! Did you remember to put explosive pineapple in this?"

"Oh. Damn. I forgot."

Hurderer pulls out the last of the explosive pineapple now that the rest has been destroyed with the facility, and Angie quickly pops it into her mouth and swallows. The explosion goes off, blasting Angie's body in half and taking out Hurderer from the proximity. Saul keeps going, carrying Angie's legs and waist, slamming right into Project Flavor and destroying himself and half of Angie. But the top half of Angie falls.

And lands right on the truck's roof. As Tatsu slowly recovers, Tsumugi yelps, and Gordon curses.

"What does it take to get rid of you? What does it fucking take?"

"Nyahahahaha! Try and find out, Gordon!"

"Fine. Fine! Tsumugi, you take the wheel!"

Tsumugi scrambles, as Gordon leaps out of the truck to confront Angie. She doesn't seem like much of a threat, with how little of her is left. But Gordon knows not to underestimate her as she climbs off the roof with her one remaining limb, and immediately hurls a knife at him with unerring speed and precision. It nails Gordon in the shoulder, and a second knife stabs him in the leg. a couple others skewering both knees. Gordon collapses, Angie crawling over and staring at him with menace. He pulls out his gun, and shoots her with all the ammo he's got left, but it doesn't even slow her down.

Grabbing his gun, Angie starts hitting him with it, laughing.

"You could have avoided all this, Gordon! Atua could see something in you! That's why He led you here! That's why Angie left you alive! But you're such a disappointment, Gordon!

Oh well. Angie will miss you! But praise be to Atua! For once again, Angie has succeeded in a Killing Game!

Glory be! Atua's light be upon her!"

As Angie starts to get wrapped up in her proselytizing, Gordon holds up something.

It's a pineapple. Angie looks at it. And she laughs.

"What, you think you can fool Angie with an explosive pineapple? Angie knows you have none left! They were all destroyed with the facility!

But Angie thanks you for the snack. Fruit's healthy!"

Giggling, Angie reaches over and takes the pineapple. She bites it. Her teeth clank on metal.


"Heh. Heh heh." Gordon smirks. "That's not a pineapple.

That's a painted grenade."

There's a flicker of shock on Angie's half-face, before the grenade blows up. What's left of her head is torn to bits, along with her remaining hand. Her body flops over, and wriggles helplessly a bit.

Gordon slowly pulls himself up, looking at Tsumugi and Tatsu in the truck. He looks back at the plateau, where Project Flavor is on the verge of a final burst.

"I sure hope that thing's got an incinerator."

@Angie Yonaga has been killed! She was the ULTIMATE DIVINE CHEF


A little while later, as the last of Angie burns away and Gordon piles the ashes into a box to bury at the bottom of the sea, Project Flavor finally bursts in a violent blast. Thankfully, they're far enough away that it just rattles the truck. The three of them - Gordon, Tsumugi, and Tatsu - look upon what used to be the plateau of the OCGA's headquarters, as the sun begins to rise...

@Gordon Ramsay has survived! He was the ULTIMATE HEAD CHEF


@Immortal Tatsu has survived! He was the ULTIMATE SOUS-CHEF


@Tsumugi Shirogane has survived! She was the ULTIMATE RECIPE BLOGGER

Gordon Ramsay
Some time later, at an airport...

"You're sure you don't want to come with us?" Gordon asks Tatsu. The three of them had all been injured by their desperate escape from the OCGA Facility, but recovery had been slow but steady. Now that he was well enough to be discharged, Gordon had scheduled the first flight out of the country. None of them really wanted to deal with the millions of questions.

Besides, now that he had the sample of Project Flavor and plenty of documents, Gordon had a lot of research to do. But Tatsu just shakes his head.

"Miku's been waiting for too long already. I've gotta show up and surprise her with the best home-cooked meal I've got. Keep in touch, though. You two ever make any progress on the Project Flavor stuff, I'll be happy to check in."

"Heh. Sounds like a plan to me." Gordon says.

"By the way... did anyone else see that rat that escaped the facility?" Tsumugi asks. Gordon nods. "Not sure where it came from, but I saw it." "Same here," Tatsu says.

Tsumugi shrugs. "Weird." Before she can say more, the airport announces a boarding call for a specific flight. Tsumugi checks her ticket. "Looks like this is our flight."

"Right then." Gordon says to his new assistant - it wasn't like Tsumugi had anywhere else to go. "We're off."

The three of them smile, before turning to go their separate ways...

[Image: Kitchen_KG_End.png]

Gregg Wallace
Gregg Wallace murdered at 57
Live reporting by DxHustler3000

The confirmation preceded a slew of allegations as the famous judge of competitive cooking reality show MasterChef was found dead in a canyon earlier today.

His death was announced as part of a mass obituary published today. The deaths of other celebrity chefs, including Ainsley Harriot and Guy Fieri, were also mentioned. All individuals confirmed to have died in the canyon were reported missing last week in connection with a top-secret media project helmed by fellow celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

After a public outcry in response to the announcement, Prime Minister ________ has announced plans to memorialise Wallace in a new national holiday. Opposition leader pledged full support to the initiative. The BBC network of channels have already begun a 24 hour blackout period, typically reserved for the deaths of royalty. Channel 5 have published all shows featuring Wallace to the public domain.

However, his legacy may not end up being the golden glory one may have hoped for previously.

An anonymous tip from someone claiming to have worked closely with the celebrity was sent to our reporters shortly after his reported disappearance, leading to several discoveries connecting Wallace and the numerous caramelised human remains found in De Wallen, Amsterdam last summer.

Wallace was filming for the Channel 5 travel show Gregg Wallace: Big Weekends Away at the time, in Amsterdam. The corresponding episode was notably delayed to the show's second season after production troubles. Reviewers criticised the episode as "too short, too many cuts, and no information on the nightlife of Amsterdam", also claiming, "Wallace appears to prefer to only film in the daylight, in stark contrast to his earlier episodes".

A spokesperson from BBC Television stated, "Posthumous trials are rare and extraordinarily cruel to the family of the deceased [Wallace]. Naturally, if the late Wallace is found to be guilty of any crimes, we will duly revise our content approach appropriately." Wallace's family have cast doubt on the allegations, though co-star John Torode urged the public to "place trust in our law system" and "always believe the victims unless proven otherwise". He later clarified he was referring to the victims of Wallace's alleged killing spree.

Gordon Ramsay has declined to comment.
my only regret is that ive not made enough pizza
Immortal Tatsu
[Image: BvqY369.png?1]

"And then he turned himself into a cake. Funniest shit I've ever seen."

"...Are you sure you've gotten enough rest, Tacchan?"

"Seven cakes."

Several days have passed since the dramatic conclusion of the Kitchen Killing Game. The Immortal Dragon, who had been forcibly restrained in the hospital to recover while demanding to see his wife, had finally returned to the comfort of his own home.

"Still, I can't believe something like that could happen. I guess it's just like you to come out alive, though. If you died I'd have to find your ghost and kill you myself."


Tatsu hadn't told his wife what he'd had to do to survive - how he killed two people in cold blood, and let two others take the fall. He'd left the yakuza behind; he was just an ordinary househusband now. His hands weren't supposed to be stained with any more blood.

"What do you think about inviting Mr. Ramsay and Ms. Shirogane over to our place sometime?"

"She pissed everywhere, babe. Like, EVERYWHERE."

"...Maybe a zoom call, then?"

Tatsu's eyes move warily to a small vessel, high up on a shelf: the sample of Project Flavor that he'd isolated and taken from the facility. It was a grim reminder of events he'd rather forget, yet he couldn't bring himself to get rid of it. Perhaps he owed it to his victims to remember the price of his survival, or perhaps he would hold onto it until the day when Gordon called on his abilities once more. For now, though, he had no need of Project Flavor or the nefarious secrets of the OCGA. He just wanted to share a simple, homecooked meal with the one he loves.

"You must be exhausted still. Why don't you let me cook dinner tonight, Tacchan? I found a new recipe for some lasagna I want to try."

"Please don't."
Saul Goodman
Tsumugi Shirogane
Tsumugi Shirogane looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was thrilled to be able to wear her outfits again. Plus, she finally remembered to put on pants!

After just trying a few things on, she prepared to get ready for bed. It was the night after her and Gordon had made it back safely, and he had let her stay over until she was able to get a place of her own. She was his new assistant, after all.

Accepting Gordon's offer was...not a difficult decision. She had basically just woken up a few days before randomly being asked to work on the "cooking show", and she had nowhere to live, barely any memory of her past, nothing. She really didn't have anywhere to go. Besides, the two had genuinely worked well together, despite her...unusual behaviors, which Gordon ultimately dismissed as the stress getting to her. Which was the right call, in the end - now that the killing game was over, she was starting to go back to being more rational. She was urinating in toilets again, which was a good start.

She felt bad for Luthier though. She really wanted both of her friends to make it out alive, but alas...it wasn't meant to be. At least Gordon made it. And Tatsu, even though they weren't quite as close at first. Though she wished he would let that one incident go already. It was just the one time. She felt bad about killing Gregg, too, he was really entertaining. She was hoping that everyone could work together to stop Angie, but it was clear early on that it had to be done. Might have been for the best, though, considering what she had heard on the news about him earlier that day...

It wasn't lost on her how lucky she'd gotten, either. Despite the constant accusations during the trials...no one ever really tried bothering to kill her at night. Ever. Heck, even on the last night, she was deemed so irrelevant that the ghosts pretty much entirely ignored her. Even Gregg went for Luthier and Tatsu and not her! As she went to bed, she questioned if she really even deserved to make it out alive. Perhaps it would have been best if she had just died, and someone people actually cared about had lived in her place...

She snapped herself out of it. Maybe it was her plan all along to be underestimated so she could sneak out with Gordon at the end. Or maybe she really was just a complete idiot who got insanely lucky. Either way, it worked. She had just wanted to live. Heck, for some reason, she felt like she had fallen in a killing game before this. Would explain why she couldn't remember anything. But if so, why was she back? For now, that will remain a mystery...

Tsumugi shrugged as she turned in for the night. She was alive, she had a few friends, and she had a purpose. And that was enough for her.

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