Negative Man takes a step forward. He gestures weakly to Draku and Aiden behind him then to the person wearing the gas mask. “Stand your ground against them, they’re dangerous. That said, I’d like to bring them along for questioning.”

“Questioning for what?” the man in the suit asks.

“The man in the wheelchair, Draku, has even more blood on his hands than I do.”

“Oh?” The man reaches into his suit and pulls out a pistol. “So is he the transporter? Or perhaps he was involved in whatever happened over there.” He lazily swings his gun in the direction of the second crash site.

“The latter. He’s a member of some sort of cult called the Receivers of the Sky People. He’s here to deliver some sort of shipment related to aliens.”

“Aliens?” The man bursts into a deep laughter.

Draku tenses and then speaks up. “It’s true, there is a base on this island. My superiors requested that I deliver a shipment of stolen CERN equipment here.”

“Ah, so that’s where it went. And what about the other two?” He points his pistol at the person wearing the gas mask. “Drop your weapon.”

The person in the gas mask complies. He then removes the gas mask and shouts “I was in fact Rad Shiba all along! Shocking truth!” Rad Shiba drops the gas mask to the ground as well. “I just returned from their super secret evil lair. I can tell you more if you take me and my spouse with you.”

“Where’s your spouse?” the man in the suit asks.

It’s Aiden’s turn to speak up. “That’s me. I know it seems weird, but can’t a man and his dog just be platonic partners to raise their adopted, unnamed child?”

“Wow, now the alien bullshit is actually starting to sound believable!” The man in the suit relaxes a bit. He turns back to Negative Man. “Anything else?”

“We should bring back some of the virus samples so we can have them investigated back home.” Negative Man requests.

“Excuse me?”

The man in the suit buries his face in his hands.

Negative Man starts to stammer, “L-like I was trying to say before-”

“Your mission was to destroy the samples!” The man in the suit angrily cuts off Negative Man. “I take it back, I shouldn’t have said I trusted you. You’ve never been able to goddamn do anything right! Where are the samples?!”

Negative Man shrinks down a bit. “I-I buried them over th-there.” He points toward the nose of the crashed plane.

The man in the suit cranes his head back in the direction of the helicopter. “SAM, GET OUT HERE.”

A rugged woman emerges from the cockpit of the helicopter. She is wearing tactical gear, a round helmet, and is holding an assault rifle. “Need somethin’, Mike?”

“Watch these three. Negative Man and I are going to go for a walk.”
Negative Man takes out a pistol. He slips his hand into his pocket and grabs a hold of his Swiss army knife. He discretely pops the knife out so he can easily grab it later. He then leads the man in the suit, now revealed to be named Mike, over to where he buried the samples on a previous night. “Th-they’re right here, sir.” He points down at the sand.

“How deep?” Mike asks.

“A-a few feet.”

“How. Deep.”

“Two feet, sir.”

Mike puts his index finger and thumb to his furrowed brow. “Dig it up.”

Negative Man gets to work, digging up the sample.

Back at the camp, Sam is perched on the side of the helicopter, her gun pointed at Rad Shiba.

“Ya’ll sit nice. No sudden movements.” she orders.

“Can I eat something? I’m starving.” Draku asks.


Negative Man finishes digging his hole. He lifts up a white paper bag and holds it out to Mike.

Mike steps back. “I don’t want to touch that shit! Go dump it out over there!”

Negative Man walks down to the water. He takes out his knife and uses it to pop open the vials one by one and dump them into the wet sand.

“We’ve been partners for so long, Negative Man. And you’ve always. Consistently. Without fail. Been a let down.”

Negative Man dumps the last vial out. He turns around to see Mike pointing his gun at him.

“And that ends now. You’ve been compromised, buddy. This whole island has.” He shoots.
Back at the camp, everyone hears a gunshot. Sam turns to look in the direction that Negative Man and Mike went. “Looks like negotiations have broken down!” exclaims Rad Shiba. He picks up his submachine gun off the ground and starts firing at the helicopter pilot. Draku ducks behind his wheelchair and takes his pistol out. Aiden, completely unarmed, gets to the ground and puts his hands over his head.

“Sunova-” Sam takes a few hits and rolls under the helicopter. Rad Shiba continues firing bursts in her direction. He runs out of ammo and starts to reload. Sam takes this chance to peek out from underneath the helicopter and take a shot at Rad Shiba. Rad Shiba gets hit mid-reload and goes down.

Draku fires some shots at the exposed pilot. His fifth shot kills. Two bullets left.

Aiden gets up and rushes over to Rad Shiba. He’s still breathing, but not in great condition. Thankfully the bullet only hit his shoulder.

“What the fuck is going on here?!” Shouts Mike as he runs over, gun drawn. Draku shoots at him and misses. Mike fires back and hits the metal of the wheelchair. Draku fires once more, his last bullet, and through either an act of God or the Sky People it lands right between Mike's eyes. He falls to the ground dead.

Draku climbs back up into his wheelchair and rolls as quickly as possible to the helicopter. “I’ll drive, I have the most experience!” He shouts, forgetting that he is the one responsible for crashing their aircraft in the first place. Aiden helps Rad Shiba onboard and starts looking for a first aid kit to bandage the bullet wound.

The helicopter takes off, and the three depart from the island.

Negative Man looks up from the ground as the helicopter flies off without him. Perhaps he wasn’t so useless after all? He bleeds out from the bullet wound in his torso.

Ameeba wakes up at the second crash site, unaware of any of the events that happened. She pulls out her notepad and draws a paper mask. She then makes her way back to the camp under the cover of the night. Along the way she stops at the stream and takes a drink.

When Ameeba reaches the camp she finds that none of her friends are present. She looks around and finds the corpse of a man in a suit and a woman in tactical gear.

Ameeba lives out the rest of her days on the island until she passes on from cancer induced by drinking the radioactive stream water.
@A Rat
Role: Transporter
Status: Dead - Killed by Morbius
A Rat was skilled at stamina related activities and could sustain an additional day without food or drink.

@Negative Man
Role: CIA Agent
Status: Dead - Killed by Mike.
Negative Man was skilled at deception and possessed minor survival knowledge.

Role: Animal Handler
Status: Dead - Perished from dehydration.
Yrrzy was skilled at handling animals and hunting. She possessed a small pet monkey that obeyed her commands.

Role: Nature Videographer
Status: Dead - Killed by Draku.
Superchao was skilled at cartography and possessed general survival knowledge.

Role: Expedition Doctor
Status: Dead - Kill by Negative Man
Morbius was skilled at treating wounds.

Role: Chef
Status: Dead - Perished from dehydration.
Moonage was skilled at foraging for food and cooking.

Role: Author
Status: Dead - Perished from cancer.
Ameeba possessed exceptional knowledge of both survival and the occult.

@Rad Shiba
Role: Psychologist
Status: Alive
Rad Shiba was skilled at minor first aid and seeing through deception.

Role: Contractor
Status: Alive
Aiden was skilled at construction and foraging for construction materials.

Role: Pilot
Status: Dead - Killed by Rad Shiba.
Two_Finger was skilled at strength and stamina related activities.

Role: Receiver of the Sky People
Status: Alive
Draku was skilled at deception and stealth.
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