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wow! that tastes like SHIT! see you tomorrow night!
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Onto the rules and general this is how its going down.

I am rating these drinks based on a Grossness scale of 1-10. 1 is very tasty would add to my drink rotation and 10 is very nasty makes me want to die (and puke)

I am also cross referencing the original meme to make sure they at least sort of fit the name (no drink names really do anyway)

[Image: Tumblr_l_110496116651545.jpg]
(Baja gold isn't on there so its going to use the Live Wire line, Pineapple and orange are basically the same anyway.)

I also haven't had any of these before so you're getting my opinion on the base drink too.

[Image: 20220923_214418.jpg]

Here is my selection as i am a filthy Canadian and we don't get all the cool kid flavours and colours you Americans do.
(original, spark, melon, voltage, baja blast and baja gold for reference)

I am mixing all of these in shot glasses to save my wallet, liver and sanity. I was taking pictures but then i realized they all look the same so just imagine they all look like this but in their respective flavour colour.

[Image: 20220923_190354.jpg]

I also can't mix drinks to save my life and am doing all of the same alcohol in a row so no promises on any consistency here.
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The Classic Dew - I'm not a big dew fan. its alright and ill drink some if its around but ill usually exhaust other options first.
The Classic + Vodka - 5/10 Its aight. It doesn't wow me or offend me, its really the plain Jane of dews with the plain Jane of booze.
Forum Ban - See now this name really inspired me, on its own the dew combo really wasn't deserving of such a name but i thought i would spice it up a bit.
Or... salt it up a bit.

[Image: 20220923_190949.jpg]
(Thats a rim of salt)
It was a solid 9/10 absolutely revolting! but had this weird after taste that wasn't bad till it became worse. I don't recommend it.

Spark - Has to be my favourite of the dews, its amazingly not tooth rottingly sweet and actually quite a bit tangy! strange for a dew but very welcome.
Spark + Vodka - A solid 1/10 it went down amazingly smooth and was an absolute delight. Would have again.
Speedway Special - Now this is where it loses me, this name just feels odd for this kind of drink. Maybe I'm just uncultured but this name really aint doing it for me, i feel like it needs a more special name to really show off how lovely it is.

Voltage - Smells like blue, I am immediately on edge. It is sweet but really bland otherwise, like sugar water with some added dye.
Voltage + Vodka - 8/10 bleh not good, the voltage is too weak to properly cover the vodka so its just. Sweet vodka. Better than straight vodka but not by much.
Gamer's remorse - Perfect, i regret drinking this.

Major Melon - Smells sour oh no. Tastes like a shittier spark. Too strong in all the worst places, could be more melony and less sweet.
Melon + Vodka - 10/10 tried to kill me.
But actually more of a 3/10, the sweetness works in its favour here covering the vodka but still tastes like sugar death.
Kirby's Piss - I don't like the idea of drinking piss but i suppose if i have to pick a flavour, sure.

Baja Blast - This is awful what the fuck. Tastes like chemicals and eating Kool-Aid powder straight from the jar.
Baja + Vodka - 10/10 the Baja makes the vodka taste worse and almost made me hurl. Absolutely revolting.
Gidget's Revenge - Whos Gidget?
[Image: 220px-Gidget_Taco_Bell_chihuahua.jpg]
Ah i see now. Makes perfect sense.

Baja Gold - Pineapple always holds a special place in my heart, and my nightmares. Hits you with the pineapple smell but whiffs the delivery. The pineapple taste is stronger but the sugar drowns it once again.
Gold + Vodka - 7/10 Whiffs the landing, two very distinct flavours are present and while neither of them are awful i want the soda to cover the vodka taste.
Alcohol tastes bad sue me.
Corn Syrup Screwdriver - Whats a screwdriver? Vodka and orange juice, but you can make one with pineapple so it wins this one.
thank you for your sacrifice.

you've officially made me interested in trying spark, as someone who thinks mtn dew is bizarrely disgusting.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
thank you for mountain dewing this for us
As much as I like Voodew, I think being unable to find it actually works in your favor because I can't imagine it being remotely palatable with any kind of alcohol
I've heard the original Mountain Dew was actually created as a mixer for whisky, and it works well, so I think you'll enjoy the Tennessee Tussle at least

In fact whisky in general will mix well with pretty much any citrusy soda beverage. You'll more or less end up with a 7 and 7

Vodka is trickier because it just tastes like fucking rubbing alcohol, so if you're just adding it to a mixer with no other ingredients, all it does is make the mixer taste slightly worse

Rum and Tequila should be fine with most of these, I don't really like tequila but some of these will taste close enough to a margarita to be fun

Wine is the real wildcard here, it really depends what type of wine you're talking about. I feel like a Moscato would work fine with all of these because it already tastes like soda

Suggestion: if you've got some Gin too, you should finish this challenge by making the ultimate Long Island Iced Tea. Instead of Coke and sweet-and-sour, top it off with every flavor of Mountain Dew. You could probably switch out the triple sec for LiveWire too, and throw in an extra half-shot of alcohol to make sure you still regret drinking it. That drink is such a busy mess that it will probably taste exactly the same as a normal one, but I'm curious if it also ends up the same color
[Image: O7N9eYD.png]
how did a rat drink an entire shot glass and not drown
100% pure gamer 100%

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