A Rat
So instead of preparing for my DND session i decided to drink mountain dew mixed with tequila. You know, like a normal person.

[Image: 20221025_201312.jpg]
Tequila is very expensive so I searched everywhere for whatever was the cheapest and it was still almost $20

Tequila- Oh boy am i making mistakes. Tequila is my favorite though (because i can barely taste it) so I'm hoping for good things.

Tequila + Original- Smells. Funny. Tastes. Funnier. 2/10. Its inoffensively drinkable but makes me very uncomfortable.
Redneck margarita - Wait this is the combo that's an actual thing? It just tastes like off mountain dew. I guess it fits?

Tequila + Voltage- 1/10 The tequila showing its fabulous mixing skills makes the voltage really shine here. Delightful.
Gamer's Delight - Hoo fuck yea baby it is

Tequila + Spark- 4/10. Not revolting but the sourness of the spark works against it again. It amplifies that alcoholy flavour and bleh.
Farm use diesel - Wow. Yea it sure is. Its a bit tastier but not far off.

Tequila + Melon- 8/10 blegh glech beck. Bad. Doesn't cover the alcohol just dances with it into a nasty tango. Very yuck.
El Kirby's piss - Hell yea it is. Nasty.

Tequila + Baja- At this point i realize that most of these combos are heavily swayed by their soda's likability and i dread my very imminent future. Alas here i am.
I threw up. 11/10
Hell at the bell - FUCK YEA IT IS.

Tequila+gold- 9/10 not bad. The citrusy taste is surprisingly welcome and its sweet enough to cover the taste. But both of those also make it hell on my poor abused stomach. More of a 4/10 if i wasn't reeling from its regular counterpart.
Final sunrise- What? Sure i like its vibes.

This also marks the halfway point of my mountain dew journey. Only the halfway point.
i say thank you for doing this but im not sure if the knowledge gained is worth the suffering
godspeed, cocktail scientist
I like how this started nice and then devolved into actually throwing up. Holy fuck.

The names seem pretty fitting for this round, huh.

how does kirby pee anyway
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
im not surprised mountain dew and tequila made you vomit but i am sad for you
Kirby scientifically, cannot pee. He consumes, but never excretes. A living black hole.
can rats vomit?
100% pure gamer 100%
A Rat
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Send help.

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