Disclosure: I voted once in every category, but before any other votes were cast.

Let's get this show on the road!

Best All-Round Member
@Hearts takes this one, from a close match with Kright! Hearts is pretty based, definitely deserving of the title! Nice to see an underappreciated member getting such an accolade. Fine posting!

Friendliest User
@Evil Yoshi Toes has got this one down, edging out TwoFinger! For someone so supposedly evil, they've got some nice... I'm not going to finish that sentence, dear god.

Most Helpful
@rtsmarty completely decimated this category beyond all belief! Glad he's getting the recognition he deserves for all his hard work towards keeping our patchwork of a forum running. Thank you so much!

Best Entertainer
@Fun With Despair has got this one on lock, not a huge surprise! He's got a bit of a tendency for such a role. He is a real clown after all.

Best Artist
@Kright takes the medal anew! A close bout to be sure, but Kright came out swinging this year to take the medal back after last year's, er, "upset"!

High Profile
@Yrrzy has secured the drip crown. While wearing no actual crown! Amoeba's lit profile fought well, but apparently the war between furries and scalies has a winner... for now.

Top Wizard
@Aidan got this one, with nearly no competition! C'mon guys, you all gotta get to using all that EX!

Most Missed Member
@CuteYoshiGirl has left a deep void in all our hearts! Hopefully she will someday return, just as she has before. This one was pretty close on all fronts itself, we've got several members that we all want back in on the fun!

Least Missed Member
@Stirling wins this year. CaptainSuperstition did activate Guts several times but eventually fell, whereas we can all be sure that Drei will return when we least expect it.

Most Involved
@rtsmarty takes another category based around positive activity! Again, well deserved!

Most Needed New Discord Channel
A tie! Both #council-of-vibe and #salt-mines (Public) are channels we probably (don't) need! I guess we might make better administrative calls with some vibes, admittedly...

( ) join MW
Gentleguy, please. Aid us in our time of (activity) need. Everyone wants you here!

Best Garrison
@Elyk has got this one with the amazing Survival Game! Playgrounds the Third came close, but people appreciated a fresh new forum game! I'd love to see a sequel some time!

Best Gentleguy Quote
"@gentlegod (EXTREMELY THIRSTY) So happy I get to keep being internet friends with a good friend bro. give me a hug"
[Image: modern-family-fat-kid.gif]

As much as I love the Bane one, I can definitely see why the userbase picked this one! He's just tsundere, I swear!

Best Pet Belonging to a User
@sealelement's cat Archie bowled over the competition! Sorry Mama.

Best Recycling World Thread
All three tied. Truly they are on equal ground. For being reused content, Recycling World sure has some of our best (at being the worst) posts. @Pea and @Zelma both get awards!

Goodest Sh*t
@Fun With Despair and @Kright made a great collaborative effort in posting the Goodest Sh*t of the whole year, The Calgary Stampede (Food Special)! Both will be compensated handsomely.

Here's to another fun upcoming year of Minus World, as we chug right along! I'm glad the community is still as active as it is, even without many major things like Killing Games this year. Merry Christmas (soon)!
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Congratulations to all the winners!
bane was ROBBED
Nice! Congratulations everyone!
(And thank you Draku for putting this together like always!)
aww Blush

Thanks and congrats everyone
(Dec 19, 2022 at 2:41 AM)Draku Wrote: Friendliest User
@Evil Yoshi Toes has got this one down, edging out TwoFinger! For someone so supposedly evil, they've got some nice... I'm not going to finish that sentence, dear god.

well at least i didnt rob zelma of the award i guess. recycling thread bros unite
im fresh as fuck
congratulations to all the winners man, well deserved!
here's to another year!
i'm seeing archie for christmas, so i will present his award at that time.
100% pure gamer 100%
congratulations all! every award is deserved
there's always next year
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Robert Downey Jr
i'm Robert Downey Jr
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