Santa and an elf walk up to the party. "What the fuck are you all still doing here? Christmas was a week ago! Get out of my house." Santa yells. The elf chimes in and informs you all "The POWERUP PIPE has been knocked outside the facility. You may escape by warping through the ENEMY PIPE. Be careful though, BOWSER has spawned from the pipe."

Tonight is the ESCAPE PHASE. Any number of kills can happen tonight. Your primary goal is to escape the facility alive.

[Image: 0rmCn5R.png]

Room Descriptions:
Please let me know if any of the rooms listed here are inaccurate and I will update the list.

Game Rules
-A murder must happen every night. If nobody submits to attempt one will happen "by accident".
-All players will start in their rooms each night regardless of where they ended on the previous night.
-No unarmed kills unless your role says otherwise.
-If you attempt to steal a player's stocking it will be delivered to their room at the start of the next phase.

Living Participants
@kim kardashian-west
@Mr Blobby
@Kids TV Show Host

Submissions are due Monday at 10:00 pm EST
kim kardashian-west
please kill the clown thing #ItPartTwo

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