Kid's TV Show Host wakes up in her dilapidated bedroom. She retrieves all of the items from her stocking and walks into Evil Miku's bedroom. "MIKU MIKU EE-OO-EE" plays. A trail of Totino's Pizza Rolls can be found in her wake.

Mr Blobby wakes up in his bedroom. He removes all of his clothing and exits into the Tatami Room.

Hypnos wakes up in his bedroom, still in his Green Goblin costume. He grabs his katana and walks over to his stocking. He reaches inside and pulls out a 1996 Ford Mondeo, a tube of super glue, and a copy of Slicer IV: The Blade is Back. He hops into the car and smashes it through the wall into the Blade Armory. He then hops out. He finds a dagger and superglues it to the cover of the book. Now it REALLY lives up to its name.

Kim Kardashian-West jolts awake from the sound of the nearby crash. She climbs out of bed and walks over to her stocking. She pulls out a man wearing a wendigo mask. They lock lips and begin making out. They exit to the Summoning Circle and start making their way to the exit.

AngelLime wakes up. He reaches into his stocking and retrieves a V-Card. He attaches it to his chest so everyone will know that he is a virgin, just in case the lightsaber in his hands wasn't enough of a clue. He ignores the X-Box body wash that is also in his stocking. He walks into Two_Finger's bedroom.

Finally, Maushold awakens in Cesare's bedroom. They climb out of bed and take a peek into their stocking. They quickly shut it and remove it from the wall. Daikokuten is still asleep in the corner of the room on top of a kotatsu. Maushold lifts up the kotatsu, awakening Daikokuten.

Mr Blobby arrives in the Storage Room. He grabs a torch and then uses the hole that was cut in the wall on a previous night to enter the Electric Box. He throws the breaker and shuts off all of the lights in the facility. Mr Blobby then walks back into the Storage Room. He uses his torch to rummage through the items and find a metal food tray, some socks, and some Christmas ornaments. He begins to furiously beat his meat and fill up the insides of the ornaments with his jizz. During this he is completely silent. He doesn't even moan.
AngelLime enters the Library. He starts searching through the rubble, looking for his old friend, the battle droid. The moonlight helps to illuminate the room. He eventually manages to find the droid, however only its head remains intact. He picks up the head and leaves, passing by the Green Goblin in the Pizza Oven. Hypnos enters the Library and begins to create a staircase of books up to the roof.

Kim Kardashian-West arrives in Turb's bedroom. She is still making out with the man in the wendigo mask but stops when they both notice something is blocking their path. Bowser roars and lights up the room with his flames. The man says "Oh, hey Bowser. What's up buddy? How have the battles with Mario been treating you? Did you ever get Princess Peach to pay that child support for the Koopalings?" Bowser roars again and breathes fire towards the pair. The wendigo mask goes up in flames, revealing the man to be Doug Walker. Kim doesn't even notice, her stare is locked on Bowser's bare toes. They're big, strong, furry, Bubsy toes. She thinks about how good it would feel to be crushed by them.

Kids TV Show Host enter's Cesare's bedroom. Maushold turns to look at her. "The cheddar of meeting you has been all ours. Arrivecdesqueak." Together they all enter Turb's bedroom. Doug Walker pulls out his gun and starts shooting at Bowser. Maushold drops down Daikokuten and orders him to battle. Maushold then kicks the barrel in Turb's bedroom into Cesare's bedroom. Bowser breathes fire once more, incinerating both Kim Kardashian-West and Doug Walker.

@kim kardashian-west has died. She was the Ultimate Mortified Spirit [Legendary]
+Can cause a blackout for the entire building once per game. Blackout does not last all night.
-If you see another player's bare feet, you MUST take an extended, close up look at them and ask for feet pics. If you have a camera, you MUST take a picture
+You are immune to bleeding out.
-Everyone looks like bubsy to you

Daikokuten slams Bowser with his hammer. Bowser staggers and turns around to face the new threat. Kids TV Show Host reaches into her bag and grabs her Pym Particle Inhaler. She takes a deep breath and shrinks down to about the size of a mouse. Maushold grabs her hand and they jump into the pipe together. Right before they warp away, Kids TV Show Host activates her powers to coat the floor of Turb's bedroom with a thin sheet of ice. They emerge outside of the facility. Maushold asks her if she would like to go to Olive Garden with them. She says sure. Together they begin walking down the street.

@Maushold has escaped. They were the Ultimate Late Murder [Good]
+You can enter other players' dreams to gain minor details about their actions that they have performed, but the trauma of committing murder will prevent you from finding details about murders, only timelining
-You start the game wearing a trenchcoat. If it is removed you will die.
-Must visit 4 unique rooms each night

@Kids TV Show Host has escaped. She was the Ultimate Sentimental Present [Legendary]
+Make any location suddenly extra slipper, even to you, but it's washed away by water
-You can only breathe underwater. Start with a fishbowl filled with water affixed to your head.
+Give someone a high five to gain a random attribute from their role for the rest of that night. Works once per night.
-You continuously generate Totino's Pizza Rolls.
AngelLime finally arrives at Turb's bedroom. There he sees an oversized Japanese man engaged in combat with Bowser. The man is swinging a large wooden mallet with one hand and carrying an empty sack in the other. Bowser breathes fire once more, igniting the mallet. The hulking man stumbles and slips on the ice. Bowser swipes at him and he vanishes into a golden mist. Bowser then turns to look at AngelLime.

Mr Blobby finishes masturbating and returns to his bedroom. He grabs his stuff and tosses it all through the door to the Round Up Room, including a grappling hook freshly pulled from his Christmas stocking. He walks through and begins dressing himself. He slips the metal food tray under his shirt and puts on the beekeeper's suit. He then heads into the Library.

Hypnos completes his staircase of books and climbs onto the roof. He looks down and sees that it is actually quite a drop to the ground outside. He hears a noise behind him. He turns to see a grappling hook affixed to the torn metal. A beekeeper climbs up the rope and onto the roof. The beekeeper bends down and coils the rope up. Mr Blobby then stands up and notices that he is being watched by the Green Goblin. He shines his torch into the Green Goblin's eyes in an attempt to stun him then pulls out a machete.

Back in Turb's bedroom, AngelLime readies his lightsaber. He throws it sideways like a frisbee towards Bowser. Bowser tries to quickly step to the side but the slippery floor causes him to fall. The spinning lightsaber cuts into Bower's neck, taking his head clean off. AngelLime rushes toward the pipe. He hops inside and is warped to outside the facility.

@AngelLime has escaped. He was the Ultimate Lively Attention [Strong]
+You're obscenely wealthy
-Every night that you don't kill, one of your favourite celebrities dies irl
+Can climb roofs and walls with ease
Hypnos shields his eyes and takes out his copy of Slicer IV. He throws it at the beekeeper. It strikes him right in the chest but he hears a metal thud as it bounces off. The beekeeper pulls out a Christmas ornament and throws it at Hypnos' feet. It bursts into a puddle of sticky semen, planting him in place.

The Green Goblin struggles to move. Mr Blobby then runs around the backside of the Green Goblin and jumps at him. The Green Goblin takes out his katana and attempts to parry the attack behind him. He fails.

@Hypnos has died. He was the Ultimate Jubilant Output [Legendary]
+Your keen sense of smell can identify who a puddle of piss belongs to.
-You must kiss a dead body to activate your powers (doesn't have to be on the lips that would be weird)
+Quit while you're ahead: At the beginning of any night but the final, specify that you'd like to quit while you're ahead. You will retreat to your room at the first sign of danger and not leave or let anyone in for the rest of the night
-Can never be knocked out or sleep outside of room in consequence of death

Mr Blobby bends down and places a shovel next to the corpse. He then uses his grappling hook to descend down the side of the building. He then walks over to the powerup pipe and takes out the remaining Christmas ornaments. He tosses them all at the entrance to the pipe, gumming it shut. He then turns and walks off into the night.

@Mr Blobby has escaped. He was the Ultimate Offensive Golf [Strong]
+The GM will tell you one secret each night.
-After a murder or knockout a possession of yours must be left with the victim
+Your cum is really sticky and can be used to glue things together and/or make traps.
-Cannot leave own room wearing any clothes or carrying any bags

Mr Blobby hears a whisper in his ear. "Maushold must visit 4 unique rooms each night."
Maushold and Kids TV Show Host are seated at Olive Garden. Together they are enjoying a delicious meal of unlimited breadsticks and unlimited pizza rolls. Suddenly, Maushold remembers something. They count the number of rooms they visited that night on their fingers. Cesare's bedroom, Turb's bedroom, Olive Garden's dining room, oh no...

Maushold begins choking. Their faces turn purple and they fall to the floor. Kids TV Show Host stands up in shock, ready to help. Maushold mutters "La Familia" and passes on.

@Maushold has died.

Santa walks into the Poison Room. He reaches into Superchao's pocket and retrieves the vial of Deer Fever. He crushes it under his feet.

This concludes the 4th Randomizer Killing Game. Thank you for playing.
(Jan 9, 2023 at 2:27 AM)Elyk Wrote: -Every night that you don't kill, one of your favourite celebrities dies irl

who died
(Jan 9, 2023 at 2:46 AM)Pea Wrote:
(Jan 9, 2023 at 2:27 AM)Elyk Wrote: -Every night that you don't kill, one of your favourite celebrities dies irl

who died
Pope Francis and Frank Welker.
kim kardashian-west
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Kids TV Show Host
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