KGVania: Despair of the Unknown (Sign-ups now open!)

Lord Dracula
Rise....rise from your eternal slumber and bask in the holy night....

Hmhmhm....ironic hearing it come from me, isn't it?

I bid you fair greetings, my esteemed guests. You may be witnessing the figure before you and be reminded of the unspeakable evil your mothers weaved bedtide stories out of, the great force many a cleric rabidly warned of to keep their followers in line.....and indeed, the tales are true. I am the Prince of Darkness, the Scourge of God, the Impaler of Transylvania...but above all else, you may call me Lord Dracula. And Castlevania.

If this setting is not to your liking, it is no use attempting to escape back to Wallachia from whence you all hailed. Unless, of course, you would prefer to stay in a charred skeleton of a land. For you see, the last remnants of Wallachia are all in this room; my demonic legions have made fine work of turning the region to cinder, slaughtering every man, woman, and child their eyes fell upon. There is nothing for you to return to. My revenge on mankind and his putrid follies has been satisfied at long last, and what is about to happen is an afterparty, of sorts. I will not ask of you to serve in my unholy army or otherwise serve me for the rest of my eternal reign. No, all I would want you to do is....amuse me.

It is at this point where I must admit something: not everyone in this room is as human as they appear. Among a select few of you, I have injected the essences of a selection of the creatures that serve under me, ranging from the lowliest of cannon fodder to my finest of lieutenants. You may resist all you like, but soon, even if your exteriors may seem human enough. you will soon find yourself to be possessors of rather...beastly abilities. I will still grant you permission to ally yourselves with the feeble non-gifted humans, but if you're so inclined, I guarantee you'll be more than capable of staining the castle walls with red.

Even if you're able to control your killer instincts, however, I'm afraid that bloodshed isn't as avoidable as you'd like. As it stands, the Marble Gallery is the only area currently accessible to you. But with the death of each of the hybrids lying among you, a relic will be dropped from their ashes, each with the power of unlocking a new part of the castle that was once beyond your reach. As more and more of Castlevania opens up to you, the Throne Room will eventually be in your grasp, and.....well, let's say blood will get to be spilt in the confrontation against me that would follow. Whether it will be mine or yours is for you to decide.

Either way, it is only by vanquishing those with demonic blood in their veins will any chance of escape be within your grasp. Will your aim be true as you vanquish these monstrosities with god-given accuracy? Or will you crumble in despair when your lack of judgment leads you to snuffing out innocent lives one after the other? Regardless of which path is taken, the outcome will be sure to be of great enjoyment to me. And to ensure nothing will get in the way of this conflict, I've also taken it upon myself to vacate the grounds of all monsters which call this castle their home. You may call me many things, but uncharitable isn't one of them.

In spite of all of this, I understand that some of you may still prefer to take the white poppy stem over the sword and refuse to kill if the risk of your friends' demises is present. And rest assured, I can reunite you with your loved ones instead....but you'd best hope Hell has vacancies. Otherwise, all you have to do is trust my ability to be the most hospitable of hosts. Whether you shrivel in fear like a cornered lamb or hunt for your survival like a noble wolf is of no concern to this, the seed of Adam's final act, only me, the playwright, could be the ultimate victor.

So please, make yourself comfortable. I hope you enjoy your stay at Castlevania......your soul will depend on it.


KGVania: Despair of the Unknown is a shortform Killing Game inspired by the Metroidvania genre, chiefly the classic Castlevania series. The game takes place in that very castle, full of frightening twists and turns for you to discover. At the start, only the starter Marble Gallery area is accessible, but as the game progresses, players may come across special items that will help you unlock new areas that are otherwise out of your reach, such as the dank Underground Caverns, the bubbling Alchemy Labratory, the treacherous Clock Tower, and more. With enough Relics, the players may even be able to climb to the Throne Room, where you would get the chance to do battle against Dracula himself and carve your own fate.

As for how to collect those Relics, there will be a certain percentage of you who will be given Monster roles, with abilities based on iconic Castlevania enemies and bosses. Those with these roles will be naturally more adept at killing, but it won't hurt to be too careful; with the death of each Monster player, a Relic will be dropped, meaning that the rest of the players (those with Human roles) would have extra incentive to go after these hybrids in order to expand the map. The game will end no matter how many players of either category are alive after a certain amount of nights, but if all Monster players have been killed and all Relics collected, a new ending may be possible if Dracula is defeated. There's also the possibility of a special ending if there are no more Human players left, so I encourage Monster players to deduce who each other are and collaborate.

Once sign-ups are complete, the game will start up in early-to-mid June. I have already begun crafting roles and room descriptions, so the risk of delay should be minimal. Let me know if you have any questions, but otherwise, I hope you look forward to this first game of mine I am dearly excited to present.

Now then, I demand you all introduce yourselves. There's no dishonor more venomous than meeting your end at a stranger's blade, yes?

Sign-Ups (15/15)
1. @Yrrzy (Arrow From Youtube Thumbnails)
2. @Elyk (Logan Paul)
3. @Superchao (Hollywood Bowl)
4. @Two_Finger
5. @Reeb
6. @MCD (Falconhoof)
7. @Smasher
8. @Dude
9. @Hearts (Emperor)
10. @Jetamo (Maitre D'eath)
11. @Fun with Despair (The Merchant)
12. @Kabuto (Komaeda)
13. @Amoeba
14. @sealelement
15. @Goose
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Logan Paul
Hey guys it's me.
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Count me in, Count.
Hollywood Bowl
You know, I used to think show business contracts would at least end with death.

Then they got their hands on Lazarin.
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You're watching Adventure Call. My name is Falconhoof, and I will be your guide on your quest.
dupe at some point

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you know it
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Maitre D'eath
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I'm sure some of you will have absolutely fine obituaries.
Fun With Despair
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I'm in, dupe to be decided
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Here I am again on my own...going down the only road I've ever known...
The Merchant
Got some rare things on sale, stranger....
Big E's on the scene. Think you can kill two birds with one stone?
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You march with the Emperor, you best not goose-step.

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