KGVania Night 4: Looming Horizons

Lord Dracula
Here we are, your last calm night before the storm. If you’ll allow me to be truthful, I may find myself missing your presence, once all’s said and done. With how often I’m hounded by those lowly Belmonts, it’s a treat when I have humans in my company I can take my sweet time with toying with….if only my amusement wasn’t finite.

Marble Gallery:

Hanging Gardens:


Alchemy Labratory:

You will have 48 hours to determine who your last victim should be….as long as it’s Hollywood Bowl, who is lucky enough to have been chosen as the only one among you to be invincible tonight, as per the motive from the night prior.


1. @Yrrzy (Arrow From Youtube Thumbnails)
2. @Elyk (Logan Paul)
3. @Superchao (Hollywood Bowl)
4. @Two_Finger
5. @Reeb

6. @MCD (Falconhoof)
7. @Smasher
8. @Dude

9. @Hearts (Emperor)
10. @Jetamo (Maitre D'eath)
11. @Fun with Despair (The Merchant)
12. @Kabuto (Komaeda)
13. @Amoeba
14. @sealelement
15. @Goose
Lord Dracula
In addition, Logan Paul’s…unappetizing shirts are now for sale for 10 coins a piece. If you don’t feel like the monsters have enough reason to maim you, please don’t hesitate to grab one for yourself.

And how about we make things more…interesting? The Forge, previously only known to the Merchant, can now be used by any of you. Simply pull the largest handle from the knife rack in the Kitchen to reveal the secret trap door, and you may melt down however much excess coins you possess into whatever you see fit, within reason. The more gold you have on you, the larger or more complex your creation may be.

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